Frieza First Form, 2nd Form, 3rd Form, And Final Form

Frieza Form
Frieza Form

How many forms does Frieza have? Do you know all of Frieza’s From? Well, if you are not sure, stick around for a little while to find out.

Frieza has 4 forms his First Form, 2nd Form, 3rd Form, And Final Form. So let us talk about them all.

When it comes to most transformation in Shonen Jump a lot of it has to do with a character hitting their limits.

While the character would go beyond that limit he/she will use their will power they unlock new and impressive abilities. These abilities will make the character much stronger.

However, with Frieza when it comes down to his transformation, that we see in the manga is quite the opposite.

Frieza Final Form 

So Frieza himself reviles that his final form, the alien from with the purple patch on his shoulders and whatnot was his final form.

However, he also revealed that it was also his base form. So, in other words, he was born in that form. As time went by, Frieza reviles he created his other 3 Transformations to suppress his powers.


Well, because he warned the Z fighters on several occasions that the higher he gets in his transformation less control he has over his body.

Frieza Form Concept in Dragon Ball

So, in the anime, it turns out that was all completely BS because when we saw Frieza in his final form, he seems to have more control?

Frieza in his final form versus Goku seems to have perfect control of his body because he was able to control the percentage of power he had.

However, that being said, I am not sure if Toriyama changed his mind and groped that whole concept of Frieza’s Final Form.

Or maybe Frieza was just cheap talking to scare the Z fighters. Either way, that’s how Frieza form works, his final form is his original form.

The first time we saw Frieza, he was in the first form in Daizenshuu 4 called ”Frieza First Form.” We saw him in his hovered chair in dragon ball on Planet Namek. that was the form that the majority of the Frieza empire has ever seen.

It is noted that only very few people have ever seen Frieza’s final form. Frieza’s small purple form whit the horns is what everyone knows and sees him as.

There is not much to say about that base form, he would just go around talking trash to everyone.

It may seem like he’s wearing a helmet, however, it is just apart of his head and whatnot.

Toriyama claims to have thought up this design from demonic beings he thought hunted him as a kid.

So the first time we actually see it was in dragon ball manga chapter 247 dragon ball z  episode 245.

Frieza’s Power Level 

There is an actual interesting story in the original movie for dragon ball z movie 3. It actually states that Frieza’s Power Level was 85,000 in his first form.


This was, of course, released before Toriyama would actually list his true power which was 500,000. That’s what Frieza’s Power Level was in his first form.

So that movie Pamflim staff assuming Frieza’a power without communicating with Toriyama.

However, if you remember his first form, Frieza was able to easily destroy all of Planet Vegeta which is always a sight to think about.

Frieza 2nd Form
Frieza 2nd Form

Frieza 2nd Form

Frieza’s 2nd form is very different from first from Frieza. The horns that he uses to have now twist and go upwards, also his a lot taller, muscular, his strength and speed also increased tremendously.

So in Frieza’s second form, he looks quite a bit like King Cold his Father. There has been some speculation amongst fans is, Frieza Second Form is a tribute to his father’s true form.

There has also been another speculation that Frieza’s father King Cold is in his second form, we don’t have an answer on that.

However, one thing we do have an answer for is how strong this Frieza is. Now, Frieza straight up tells us that fighting power and battle power is one million (1,000,000).

That was a huge deal at the time, we never saw are heard of a character that had a million power level.

Dragon Ball Z Episode 77

We first see Frieza’s 2nd form in Dragon Ball Z Episode 77 which correlates with manga chapter 296.

In the episode version, there is a very intriguing line said by the narrator, he states that Freiza’s 2nd form wheeled enough terrifying power to destroy the entire universe.

That is pretty much crazy and easily hyperbole. I do not believe Frieza was at universal tire power during this form.

I think it was the narrator just being hyperbolic here, but yeah some people are gonna say he was base on the narrator’s quote.

Frieza 3rd Form

3rd Form Frieza is the form that Toriyama obviously bases his favorite movie of all time Riddle Coats Alien. Toriyama has said in the past that this is his favorite movie of all time.

Frieza 3rd Form
Frieza 3rd Form

He also said that Frieza resembles the Alien in that film. Frieza actually states that nobody has ever Seen this form outside of his family.

Frieza’s 3rd From is a beautiful form, not only does this from allowing Frieza to get a lot stronger, but also a lot faster as well.

Frieza was losing to the fusion of Piccolo and Niel for quite some time. However, once Frieza got in his 3rd form nothing could stop him except for angry kid Gohan.

We first see Frieza’s 3rd From in Manga chapter 302 which correlates with Dragon Ball Z Episode 82.

Unfortunately, we did not see this form again until Frost did it later in Dragon Ball Super. However, it is one that I really like.

Now, unfortunately, we actually do not have an official power level for the 3rd form Frieza. None in the guide books or quotes in the manga indicate or state what his power level is.

Frieza 4th From

When it comes to Frieza 4th From, it’s a great example of Toriyama once again suspected expectations.

Frieza Form
Frieza Form


Well, because as you would watch the series, you would see Frieza’s forms scarier, bigger, and stronger.

He would end up being more intimidating as ever transformation would be revealed.

The Final Form Of Frieza 

With the final form of Frieza which is his birth form, Toriyama chose to make a more streamlined and simplified design for Frieza.

This final form is so simple with such great design that I feel was one of Toriyama’s best when it comes to creating a tyrant villain.

I love final form Frieza’s design and if you are a Frieza fan you would as well. So even though this final form may look simple than his previous forms, he wastes no time in showing how terrifying he is by killing Dende.

That was to prevent the Z fighters from using his healing abilities. We first see the final form Frieza in Dragon Ball Manga chapter 304 which correlates with Dragon Ball Z Episode 84.

However, this would not be the end of Frieza’s power-ups as we soon find out that Frieza can enhance his power.

This was while fighting Goku and Frieza was still able to suppress is power even in his final form. We also find out that Frieza was just fighting and tying with Goku for a while.

Then after Goku’s stamina runs out he revealed that he can increase his power to 50 percent. And even though we don’t have actual listed number of what Frieza’ Power Level was in his final form, we do some math we might.

It was listed in the Diazenshu that Frieza’s power Level was over 60,000,000. This would put Frieza equally near to Kaioken time 20 Goku. Even though is up for debate.

So when Frieza finally decided to get serious against Super Saiyan Goku and went 100 percent, Frieza’s power level was 120,000,000.

Mecha Frieza 

Mecha Frieza appeared in Dragon Ball Manga 329 and Dragon Ball Z 118 as he was on his to earth for revenge on Goku.

However, Future Trunks made quick work of this version of Frieza. Frieza was generally very weak when he faces off against Future Trunks.

We do know that his strength and speed did improve, but it did not matter because he was no match for a Super Saiyan.

However, we don’t know by how much. some fans thought that because they had to rebuild the lower half of his body, half his face, and parts of his chess.

That implied that he was in fact weaker, and also the fact that he was not in his 100 percent form, he back to his regular final form.

This would make you think otherwise, however, the cyborg enhancement may have made him stronger. However, its never been stated how much.

So after Trunks killed Frieza that was the last time we would see Frieza written by Toriyama. Everything after this was like an anime filler, movie, or Dragon Ball GT.

Dragon Ball Z Resurrection F/Golden Frieza

Toriyama would then come back to writing new stories for Frieza with 2015 Dragon Ball Z Resurrection F.

Dragon Ball Z Resurrection F
Dragon Ball Z Resurrection F

This is where the tyrant Frieza was resurrected and reviled he had a new evolution. And then in the first trailer, you could hear Frieza saying, ”Allow me to show you my future Evolution”, not transformation.

That statement from Frieza then was very misleading because we were not sure what he meant by that term.

We later found out that Frieza did indeed have a new form and it was called Golden Frieza.

So, if you reached this far do let me know which form is your favorite Frieza form down in the comments.

Written by Gregory

Hello, my name is Gregory, I am a huge fan of Dragon Ball and I hope you like it here. If you have any questions feel free to contact me via Email Cheers!

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