Why Is Frieza Evil In Dragon Ball And NOT Dragon Ball Super?

Frieza Evil

Frieza is a vicious Tyrant who reigned Terror upon the 7th Universe. He ruled with an iron fist killing all those in his way and wiping away entire worlds like Planet Vegeta.

If they proved problematic. Frieza’s capacity for evil deeds smashed by his wealth of Cruelty and what his motivations are easy to understand.

One question that has largely gone unexplored in this franchise is why is Frieza this way. What caused him to become the Monstrous conqueror and deceiver. Was he born evil?

Why Is Frieza So Evil?

Well, I think this question really comes down to nature-versus-nurture. Was Frieza born with this nature and capacity to harm others and dominate them? Or he was rather influenced by external forces in nurtured into the monster fans know and love today.

This is a very difficult question to answer because Toriyama and the writers haven’t really dealt too much into Frieza’s backstory.

Throughout the decades since his first appearance. Although we know of Frieza around the time he ruled and Destroy Planet Vegeta.

But we still don’t know his time before that. We don’t even know how old he is in the Universe, because his age never appears in the manga or anime.

So this leaves open a potentially large window of time for him to have developed into what he became, by the time of Goku’s story.

But, whether the development was natural or whether he was guided to that point, is the matter at hand.


Now if we look at the natural argument that Frieza was simply born evil and negative predisposition.

Why Is Frieza Evil
Why Is Frieza Evil

There could be some evidence for this position after all. Frieza’s father King Cold was also evil.

Holding a similar position of dominance over the universe and having no problem with destroying planets. If they proved problematic and if we look beyond the main story of the Manga and Anime.

Frieza’s Evil Brother Cooler

Frieza additionally has a brother Cooler which is also evil as well. As his ancestor chilled who is evil and domineering as well.  And even if we look beyond the bounds of universe 7 to Universe 6. We look at Frieza’s doppelganger Frost while he appeared to be good at first.

Why Is Frieza Evil
Why Is Frieza Evil

He was also revealed to be evil and basically doing the same thing as Frieza. So this shows that every member of Frieza’s race in the greater anime or for all intents and purposes is evil.

What does this actually mean,? That all of them were naturally evil? I’m still not too sure about excluding Frost in the case of all of these examples I’ve listed. They all have one thing in common. They are from the same family.

In Frieza’s case, he was raised by King Cold a very evil entity and his influence very well could have affected Frieza as he was maturing. Afterall the king Clod is the one who established his Empire and conquered many of these worlds.

It only makes sense that Frieza was granted his position of political power by Cold. However, if we were to count Chilled as existing than that also implies the same could have happened with King Cold.

And he was initially influenced by his own ancestors but in these posts. I like to try and look for the answer that fits in with what Toriyama and the writer’s original intentions for the characters are.

Who they were actually written to be, so let’s look at Toriyama’s words themselves. In this interview where he briefly touched on Frieza’s race. See below.

Accordingly even saying Frieza’s race, these two or the only ones who possess an abnormal battle power and cruelty.

So what Toriyama is saying here is that in his mind only Frieza and King cold exist. As a part of what we call the Frieza race and that King Cold was a mutant with massive power.

Who passed on his power and mutant trait on to Frieza through asexual reproduction. While people always comment and say Frieza said he had Parents on Namek.

This was simply a translation error or misinterpretation and what Toriyama is saying in this interview. Actually can fit in with what Frieza was saying in the Japanese version.

Toriyama’s last answer is also very intriguing in regard to this question as he stated. Frieza and Cold are the only two who not only possessed their level of power but also cruelty.

So is Toriyama implying here that cold mutation is what caused him to be evil, and that passing those traits on a freezer resulted in him being evil?

That’s certainly up for interpretation and I’d really like to see Toriyama expand upon this in further interviews. In either case, the question remains as to whether or not Frieza became the way he is today for either nature or nurture.

I would say the answer could be both, even if Frieza was born with some natural evil passed on him from his father. It is likely that King Cold’s upbringing of Frieza is what truly cultivated this evil.

And let him to being so cruel. Even a good person under Frieza’s situation could go evil. As absolute power corrupts absolutely. It would be easy to see that someone like King Cold like Frieza who is born so overwhelmingly more powerful.

Then almost everyone in the universe could be using their power for their own gain. In a course of decades, centuries or Millennia could become so corrupted to the point, were wiping away an entire world is both unproblematic and enjoyable to them.

As well as we’ve seen in Dragon Ball, even those born like Majin Buu,  Demon King or Piccolo. Or those raised to be evil such as Vegeta still have the capacity to do good and to become good. There could still be hope for Frieza because at the end of Super.

What matters is how you choose to live your life, and what choices you make. Frieza has shown in Dragon Ball super there may still be a small sliver of hope for him yet.

Written by Gregory

Hello, my name is Gregory, I am a huge fan of Dragon Ball and I hope you like it here. If you have any questions feel free to contact me via Email Cheers!

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