Who is The Evil Saiyan In Dragon Ball Heroes Episode?

Good day guys, we got some new spoiler information about the Evil Saiyan in Dragon Ball that will be making an appearance in Dragon Ball Heroes, the anime, and this post. 

This post is going to contain some spoilers, so spoiler warning! for you guys.

So we got the first full image of this New Saiyan and it shows that he’s actually in a straight jacket.

This guy is crazy and I guess at some point the straight jacket and The Mask will come off. I thought the jack he had on was armor from the pictures.

Original it is not armor, it is a straight jack.  It’s some sort of high power straight jacket so this guy must be some psycho super-powerful enemy.

Evil Saiyan
The Evil Saiyan In Dragon Ball Heroes

If you guys read up on my Dragon Ball Heroes anime a breakdown. What we can expect is that Goku and Company are going to be fighting this guy. 

So what is this guy capable of?

The Evil Saiyan In Dragon Ball Heroes Revealed

He can actually take control of other Saiyan’s body. in the video games, he actually does that to Goku.

So he can transform them into a Berserker mode, which is not to be confused with Kale’s Berzerk from the tournament of power.

Evil Saiyan

No. It’s different than that, he basically just injects like evil dark energy into their, body where their eyes glow red with some Black Lightning around them.


After that, the affected pretty much become a bad guy until they snapped out of it.

We also got a description of from herms98 on Twitter as well as a bunch of descriptions of all the other characters that are going to be joining in this anime.

This does give us a brief synopsis, but here it says, The evil Saiyan and the mysterious Warrior interred by Fu on the prison planet with his astonishing power.

The Unknown Evil Saiyan Break Down

Evil Saiyan
Evil Saiyan In Dragon Ball Heroes

He rampages through the prison planet and overwhelmed Goku and Company. I believe in the video game he actually was wished to be resurrected by Fu, using the dragon balls.

He wasn’t actually fighting Goku and Company on the prison planet if you take a look at the heroes anime closely. With the cutscenes, it looks like Earth, so I didn’t think that this is Prison Planet.

It might be because Prison Planet is actually a combination of a bunch of different planets.

Evil Saiyan
The Evil Saiyan In Dragon Ball Heroes

However, But, in any case, he’s going to be a very tough enemy for Goku Trunks, Vegeta, and Cooler to go up against.

And yes, Cooler will actually be a good guy in this anime. He will get a golden form whether or not he backstabs trunks, we will have to find out.

For now, we got this evil Saiyan that’s supposedly going to be resurrected and he’s going to impose a tremendous threat to Goku and Company.

Especially if he’s able to take over Goku’s body with his ability. So I don’t know if this guy himself is super strong or it’s just that you know he’s able to mutter some words or do some hand seals or something.

Evil Saiyan

He is able to take over other Saiyans,  pacifically Goku and maybe that’s why he’s in a straight jacket with a mask on.

He’s not allowed to talk or move his arms around because if he is able to he just starts taking control of all the Saiyans.

Now, is he going to take over Goku’s  Vegeta’s body? I don’t know, I mean the anime may be different than the video game.

They make kind of use the general theme in and story but warp the story around a little bit, some people might get confused because of that.

If he takes over Vegeta and Goku’s body, that would be cool, if we got a Goku versus Vegeta again.

Probably he takes over Goku but we’ll have to find out when we see the anime. We’re in for a treat guy, we got tremendous things to look forward to. We get an evil Saiyan villain, we may get some evil Goku versus Vegeta.

Even if he takes over Goku’s mind and body or whatever turns them crazy, Vegeta still very well may go up to Goku, even if Goku is the bad guys like Majin Goku for example.

That might be a really cool, so just a quickie post here.  That is all the info and spoilers we got for this post. When we get more information I’ll let you guys know.

Written by Gregory

Hello, my name is Gregory, I am a huge fan of Dragon Ball and I hope you like it here. If you have any questions feel free to contact me via Email Cheers!

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