The English Dub For Dragon Ball Super Movie Broly

English Dub For Dragon Ball Super Movie
English Dub For Dragon Ball Super Movie

English Dub For Dragon Ball Super Movie. Hello guys, We’ve got a plethora of news updates and Spoilers here to get to when it comes to Dragon Ball Super Broly. Also, the Dragon Ball super series, so first and foremost the Anime News Network drop the bombshell.

We have the official premiere of the English dub of Dragon Ball super. We know it was coming in January right to the United States. Japan gets it December 14th, we get it in January, it’s confirmed January 16th.

So guys mark that day on your calendar January 16th. This is when Dragon Ball super Broly will be opening English dub in North America US and Canada. Also, Latin America and Australia have been confirmed in January we don’t know the exact date but they’re definitely getting in January.

English Dub For Dragon Ball Super Movie
English Dub For Dragon Ball Super Movie

So if you’re in Mexico if you’re in Honduras or if you’re in South America keep an eye out for that. If you are in Australia and a lot of you guys are. January you’re getting it and the beautiful thing about your showing is that the Australians get the dub and the sub-film.

So you can go to the movie theater and watch either one. Now before that though on December 13th in Los Angeles just like how they did for Dragon Ball Z Resurrection F. At the TCL Chinese Theatre in Hollywood. The English dub World premiere will be at this event coming up December 13th.

Nonetheless, we’re going to get the English dub of the movie premiering in Los Angles Cali literally on the same day. Remember now that Japan is ahead of us by a day. So on the same day as Japan in Los Angles, this is an invite-only event as far as I know.

Dragon Ball Super Movie Broly

I don’t know exactly when they’re doing this or how someone would get into the event. I’m going to try and get in with someone because I really want to go to this huge event that they’re going to have.

English Dub For Dragon Ball Super Movie
English Dub For Dragon Ball Super Movie

The dub premiering maybe even just a few hours before Japan gets it which is massive to me.

Also, they did announce that Vic Mignogna is indeed reprising his role as Broly. There were some people questioning about why is Vic not announced yet. But you know there was probably just some behind-the-scenes contractual stuff.

I wouldn’t worry too much about that but he is returning to portray Broly. Said for Monica Rial, Jason Douglas, and Ian Sinclair. They’re all doing the FUNimation super panel at New York Comic Con along with Nozawa, Sean Schemmel, and Tatsuya Nagamine. That’s going to be massive massive event folks in New York Comic-Con. But this is Major news January 16th we get the movie in North America literally a month after it airs in Japan and that is great news. 


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