Dragon Ball Super Broly Movie Trailer Preview and Breakdown

Dragon Ball Super Broly Movie Trailer Preview stunned and shocked fans. One thing major to notice about Broly is that he actually has five different forms.

Yeah, you heard that right. He has five different forms, we’re going to talk about these and break them down.

All five of these forms at least the information that we know about them so far. And here we have is actually Transformations, but he has five models.

Dragon Ball Super Broly Movie Trailer Preview
Dragon Ball Super Broly Movie Trailer Preview

The first one I believe is actually a flashback. We’re actually not going to see that version of Broly fighting against Goku and Vegeta.

I think that this is when he was first recruited into the Frieza’s force. As you can see that his clothes changed.

He doesn’t really go through any physical changes. This is pretty much this is his base form and he looks somewhat strong.

kind of the Statue of Goku but right as he Powers up his muscles bulk up, his hair grows upwards almost as if it’s a False Super Saiyan.

He’s quite simply just a bigger stature, so this is actually his first transformation which is pretty much just a buff form.

Dragon Ball Super Broly Movie Trailer Preview

Or it’s almost like a false Super Saiyan form out of Broly. It’s also important to note here that he’s pushing back Vegeta in Super Saiyan into the wall.

Dragon Ball Super Broly Movie Trailer Preview
Broly Vs Vegeta

But his eyes are still black. The next transformation his eyes will actually be yellow as I’m about to go over in a second.

So now his first transformation is a buff form of his base form. He seems stronger than Vegeta Super Saiyan at least it looks like from the trailer.

Dragon Ball Super Broly Movie Trailer Preview Breakdown

However, he does manage to go one step further in this form. I guess he kind of transforms again.

Pretty much his eyes are eventually going to change color to yellow.

Dragon Ball Super Broly Movie Trailer Preview

That we saw from the original teaser, and if you look closely in some of these cuts from the animated trailer.

You can see that Broly’s eye, in fact,t yellow while he maintains that non-Super Saiyan buff stature.

That itself is some sort of transformation, it may have to do something with some genetic properties.

Dragon Ball Super Broly Movie Trailer Preview

There’s a lot of speculation that Broly actually was genetically created to be a super-powered Saiyan.

As we got a lot of these montages of baby sand, and these test tubes. There are actually three Saiyans there.

You can see that Broly’s is actually green which is the legendary energy color.

So this is his third form, and also his second transformation. It’s kind of strange that the eyes just turned gold like that.

Hopefully, they’ll explain exactly what that means. My theory is that has something to do with the genetic manipulation of Broly.

Goku turns Super Saiyan but he still loses to Broly’s yellow-eyed form.

Even in Super Saiyan God form because then we see him transform into Super Saiyan blue in order to continue fighting this guy.

Dragon Ball Super Broly Movie Trailer Preview
Dragon Ball Super Broly Movie Trailer Preview

But then Broly transforms into Super Saiyan. So I guess in Super Saiyan Blue Goku was able to beat Broly’s yellow-eyed form.

Dragon Ball Super Broly Movie Trailer Preview
Dragon Ball Super Broly Movie Trailer Preview

Then Broly is going to transform into Super Saiyan, but I don’t know if he’ll be in it that form very long.

Maybe he transforms into Super Saiyan and then he’s actually able to start hurting Goku pretty bad and winning the fight

If Goku uses Kaioken maybe he’s actually able to turn the tables pushing Broly to go into his legendary form.

We didn’t get to see too much of the Super Saiyan form come out of Broly but it does look freaking amazing.

Broly Super Saiyan transformation from this promotional art looks like he will not have any pupil.

Dragon Ball Super Broly Movie Trailer Preview
Dragon Ball Super Broly Movie Trailer Preview

I guess his yellow eyes will disappear, his hair grows up he turns Super Saiyan, he buffs up a little bit more, and there you go that’s Super Saiyan Broly.

Which I’m guessing is going to be stronger than Super Saiyan Blue Goku, but not as strong as Kaioken Super Saiyan blue Goku.

Causing Broly to transform into his state which is the final form out of Broly or so we think.

You never know he could have something even more than that. He’s going to Roar. and he’s going to expand his energy even more.

Dragon Ball Super Broly Movie Trailer Preview
Dragon Ball Super Broly Movie Trailer Preview

His armor is going to blow up and then we may get the main Broly that we know and love with gigantic muscles.

That is bound to be his final form. Unfortunately, we didn’t get any visuals of that form in the trailer.

But we have seen plenty of visuals from character sheets for what he’s going to look like.

And he looks menacing as hell. So there you have it guys five forms out of Broly, four of those being a transformation that we know of so far.

The only way Goku’s going to win is with ultra Instinct. There is no doubt in my mind that we’re going to see an ultra Instinct Goku in this movie.

I’d really like to see Beerus step up to the plate as well, but as we know the Gods don’t really like to interfere with Mortal issues.

So somehow, it appears that Broly was genetically created to be this super Warrior.

Maybe he uses the Legendary Super Saiyan on top of his genetic enhancements.

Just making him a complete monster. I’m wondering if there’s going to be references to kale and her a legendary form.

It would be good with more berserk Saiyan formed in this movie.

Could we possibly have kale come in and fight against Broly.? There are endless possibilities and still so many questions for this movie.

My question is where is Vegeta during all of this. We see Broly charging against Vegeta in the very beginning and start punching him in his Super Saiyan form.

Stating that he is learning as he’s fightings. It is very similar to in the finals of Dragon Ball Z when Goku fights Uub.

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