DragonBall Super Galactic Patrol Villain Unveiled

The new Arc of Dragon Ball super Manga starts already. I’m going to give you all my thoughts on this one. It’s about the Galactic Patrol prisoner Arc, and they revealed it today.

We now know who the Galactic Patrol prisoner is. Now, this was revealed on the official website for Shonen Jump of the official website.

I have different photographs for you guys that were sent to me. So, basically, the thumbnail above was revealed by V jump Magazine.

They posted it today. I want to clarify something though. Obviously, we have Goku in the front.

We have Broly on the left and on the right we have Jiren. Also, in the back, we have this new character.

I just want to clarify this because of misinformation. This does not mean that Jiren and Broly are in this Arc.

That’s not what they’re representing here. Even though they might be, that’s not what this means.

This is basically them saying okay Goku’s last two opponents you know are in the storylines were Broly and Jiren.

Those were his last two opponents the last two face off against Goku.

The one behind in the silhouette is Goku’s next opponent. Now, as of right now as I explained to you guys before.

This Arc is as of right now is manga exclusive only. That does not mean it will not get adapted into an anime.

But all we have is the Manga version of this right now until we have an announcement of the animated version.

We can’t say for sure it will be, but it makes sense that at some point probably it will be.

Now, this character right above, people in devil’s corpses server take the image and actually blow it up and brighten it.

DragonBall Super Villain Unveiled In The Manga

So, what you see here is the original image of silhouette when you brighten it up. This is what it looks like and this is a good look at the new villain.

DragonBall Super Villain Unveiled 
DragonBall Super Villain Unveiled 

We don’t know his name yet, maybe he is not the villain Because this could also be a bait-and-switch.

Remember Dragon Ball Z kind of fool us sometimes. You know like in the Majin Buu saga you think at first  Babidi going to be the main villain.

Then he ends up getting killed and then with the Android Saga you think the Androids are going to be the main Villians.

And then after Cell shows up, and then everything changes. So I don’t know if this is going to be the actual next villain.

But it’s being promoted as such. As of right now, he does not have a name, but we do know that he is indeed the escaped prisoner.

This is the escaped prisoner and he will presumably be fighting Goku.

Because if you look at this page right here. We have Goku battling the escaped prisoner that does not have a name

This right here translates to escaped prisoner Vs Goku. I saw a lot of people posting an image from Dragon Ball Heroes of a new villain this villain below.

DragonBall Super Villain Unveiled

They are saying that he the villain of this new arc. That was completely incorrect. That was a hero’s villain.

DragonBall Super Villain Unveiled 
DragonBall Super Villain Unveiled 

This goat looking villain is supposedly going to be Goku’s next opponent in the upcoming Arc.

There are all kinds of theories going around right now. I want you guys to share your thoughts down below.

What is your theory about who this is.? Is he a God of destruction for a universe.?

DragonBall Super Villain Unveiled For New Arc

Is he some type of an ancient fighter from somewhere.

Maybe he harnesses Majin Buu power or the Kiaoshin somehow. Is a sorcerer let me know what you are theorizing this character to be.

But we definitely know for sure we have this image and we have a better look here of what this guy actually looks like.

He is a very unique looking villain with a big beard. He’s a big goat man we’ve never seen a villain look quite like this before.

There are some similar ones obviously in GT and in Heroes. But this is a new villain or a new character.

Which we assume is a villain. I’m trying to be careful of my words here, but he has been introduced and revealed.

This is going to be the main character for sure of this next Arc. So, this is the escaped prisoner that Goku and Galactic Patrol is trying to in capture.

That is who it is if you miss my Dragon Ball Super Manga chapter 42 Review.

You can check it out that post, so I can fill you in on everything that happened.

Also, some spoiler in that is included in that chapter, including the end the tournament of power and the beginning of this Arc.

It has just begun in the Dragon Ball Super manga and of course, Dragon Ball Super Broly will be out in theaters in just a few months.

Depending on where you live, and this is the arc that takes place after Broly. So, the Broly event did happen in the manga continuity.

I will repeat the Broly event happen in the manga continuity, but Toyotaro chose not going to show it.

They rather skip it to this arc.

Also, there is going to be a Dragon Ball super Broly promotional manga coming out next month in Saikyo Jump magazine.

Which is one of the jumps and Shonen Jump sister magazine, that’s coming out next month.

So, we will get some kind of manga about Broly, but I don’t know if it’s Toyotaro doing it.

It could be a different artist we more information on that, but it’s separate from all this.

Nonetheless, Toyotaro decided to skip that story to tell this story about the newest Arc in Dragon Ball super.

That’s it the new arc, lots to discuss in the coming days I’m sure it. Let me know your thoughts down below.

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