Dragonball Heroes Manga 12 English Dub Review

With the last Dragonball Heroes Manga chapter 12 of the prison planet arc, we found out that the cunning Fu has taken fighters from various different timelines and different eras of Dragon Ball.

Dragon Ball Heroes Manga Chapter 12
DragonBall Heroes Manga 12

Then put them together on the prison planet as prisoners. Then have them fighting in a Hunger Games type scenario to gather the dragon balls. With the winner being able to escape the prison planet and all of this is being done just for Fu enjoyment.

Also, according to what he says his scientific research. So after the battle between the two Goku’s. Trunks from Dragon Ball super does awaken to find himself surrounded by various villains of the past. The manga chapter picks up with Trunks facing off against Bojack of all people in a battle for Dragon Ball. But suddenly, somebody blast Bojack right through the chest killing him instantly. So guys within the first couple of pages of this Manga chapter.

We have already seen somebody gets wiped away and the person who killed Bojack was Cooler. Cooler realize that Trunks does not currently have a Dragon Ball but he still thinks that Trunks may be useful for the future. Now, remember in the main continuity or at least the Dragon Ball anime and movies.

Trunks and Cooler have never met. Especially not this version of Trunks. So I find this to be a kind of an interesting interaction between two them. So we cut back to the green area of the prison planet and Xeno Goku is gone.

He just stormed off somewhere he vanished meanwhile Vegeta wants to go after Fu. Fu remarks that the battle has already begun and that there is already a prisoner on his way to meet them.

Dragon Ball Heroes Manga chapter 12 Raw

Suddenly, Goku and Vegeta sent very strong energy on the way, who is so strong that he already broke through the seal on his own.

Dragon Ball Heroes Manga chapter 12
Dragonball Heroes Manga 12

He rips through the Earth, like right through the ground. We have our first appearance of the evil Saiyan, of course, we know him as Cumber/Kanba. Vegeta and Goku attacks and Goku lunges in their first, but cumber releases this very strange dark energy.

He appears to be unleashing this dark energy on Mai until Goku steps in to try to take the blow for himself. Then he ends up getting a direct hit with this dark energy, and Vegeta already sent is that something is wrong. Goku begins to react very, very strangely. Screaming in pain and something is happening to him.

Dragon Ball Heroes Manga Chapter 12
Berserker Goku

Goku begins to lose control and Roars and Primal anger. Vegeta remarking that Kakarot mind is being taken over by that guy’s energy. This is, of course, it’s not Super Saiyan Berserker it’s not the transformation that Kale uses. It’s just Goku going into a berserk State and the first person he attacks is Vegeta.

So yes folks, we have yet another Goku versus Vegeta fight. But this time it’s berserk Goku against Vegeta and I don’t mind seeing a Goku and Vegeta fight again. If it has some kind of meaning when it comes to the character of Cumber/Kanba. We’ll see where that goes because we don’t have all the answers to who Cumber is or what his powers are just yet.

Goku and Vegeta do end up doing battle once more. Once Vegeta gets knocked away this berserk Goku goes after Mia.

Super Dragon Ball Heroes Manga chapter 12 Berserk Goku

Mia was about to be taken out by Goku when Trunks appears to make the save. Tunks has made it out of wherever he was at with the whole Bojack thing. But he’s not alone because we have the appearance of Cooler who was following him. Then Xeno Cooler with his tail whips Goku away. This Xeno Cooler or whatever he is. Cooler in this  Dragon Ball Heroes version is extremely more powerful than the one from the Dragon Ball Z movies.

Dragonball Heroes Manga 12

Fu, sees all of this and he actually talks about maybe he should have brought along his younger brother Frieza. That because after all, he’s the one with the stronger evolution, of course, he was referring to Golden Frieza.

Cooler in made a remark and talks about what he has been greatly underestimated. Thinking that he is inferior to Frieza, this is when Trunks first finds out that Cooler isFrieza’s brother. He says “If my little brother can do something then so can I” Then we see the emergence of a Golden Cooler for the first time the Dragon Ball Heroes manga.

Golden Cooler
Golden Cooler

It looks freaking cool. but the only issue is that because of the black and white manga. It not colored but it’s okay. We love to see it and it’s full golden colorized way in the episode that is coming out in the anime version. You will really see as the actual Golden Cooler. Either way, it’s cool to see Golden Cooler.

And of course, there is no explanation as to how this Cooler got so strong or when learns how to tap into this. Its because Heroes never explain anything dude. So we just got to go with it, and you think Dragon Ball Super is bad.? Well, Heroes really doesn’t care, then cool being a badass that he says. “I’m going to show you the overwhelming difference between my power and my brother  Frieza” He’s talking about Frieza of course.

Meanwhile Goku’s springs back in the fight again, and we have a clash of Berserk Goku vs Cooler. Cooler waste no time and repairing the gigantic death-ball.

Dragon Ball Heroes Manga Chapter 12

Remember he’s fighting Goku from Dragon Ball super. When he’s already attained God ki and you know. I don’t have to power scale it for you to figure out but this Cooler just doesn’t give a damn about anything.

He is going right for the jugular and I love it, I’m glad to see cooler back here. And for those who don’t know actually, I have a soft spot for Cooler too. Because of the two Cooler movies movie 5 & 6 of Dragon Ball Z.

Those were the first fans of the first Japanese tapes I Ever Had. So they always will have a soft spot for cooler, because he takes me back to when I was younger collecting these tapes. Also, when I was just getting into Dragon Ball Z Japanese version. I’m always I’m going to love cooler no matter what.

Cooler charges up this gigantic humongous energy ball, and he was actually able to knock Goku out of Berserk rage form.

Dragon Ball Heroes Manga Chapter 12

Right back into his freaking base form. Goku is out or at least knockdown. This should tell you just how insane golden cooler is. He One-Shots berserk Goku. Damn! that is nuts. I would say that accept that this stuff happens in Dragon Ball Heroes literally all the time. It’s still crazy to see how strong he got. Cooler sets his sights on the evil Saiyan by stating curse you wretched Saiyan.

Dragon Ball Heroes Manga Chapter 12
Dragon Ball Heroes Manga Chapter 12

And we see Cumber/Kanba there with his tail. Still in the straight jacket and it appears like the next big battle we’re going to get in chapter 3 is going to be Cooler vs Cumber. As the evil starts moving inside of Cumber. Cumber’s energy envelops him rages move.

We’re going to get a huge battle coming up battle to the Dragon Ball Heroes story. We will see Vegito blue against Cumber/Kanba in the manga. It was teased for the anime where we see in the manga.

Dragon Ball Heroes Manga Chapter 12

 Well, that’s it for Manga chapter 2 of Heroes. I think the arc is absolutely in need of some tweaking. I am not a huge huge fan of this artist whatsoever and I think that a better artist should work on it. But unfortunately, all the other artists are busy with other projects, but still there still some cool stuff to be seen here.

Some decent panels but overall chapter 2 of the heroes manga. I think is a big disappointment. There were really no great fights like Goku vs Goku in the last chapter. It was really just done to set up Cooler and Bojack and then berserk Goku gets taken out.

So there’s just not really any real back and forth at least not yet. I am hoping and I am expecting that in the future for these things in later chapters. We’re going to get some real fight, but now the Cooler versus Cumber battle appears to be happening.

Or maybe it will be Cumber against everyone will see in the animation version. Let me know what you guys think down in the comment area.

Written by Gregory

Hello, my name is Gregory, I am a huge fan of Dragon Ball and I hope you like it here. If you have any questions feel free to contact me via Email Cheers!

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