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Top 60 Dragon Ball Z Facts You May Not Know About

Top 60 Dragon Ball Z Facts

Hello guys, here are 60 Dragon Ball Z Facts you may not know about. So, In this post, I’m going to put together 60 facts about Dragon Ball Z. These are facts that many DBZ fans do not know about in the anime.

These only include facts from Dragon Ball, Dragon Ball Z, and Dragon Ball GT series. They will not refer to Dragon Ball Super nor any recent Dragon Ball Movie release.

Main Topics

1. Dragon Ball was written and illustrated by Akira Toriyama.

The manga ran from November 20th of 1984 to May 23rd of 1995, consisting of 519 chapters in a total of 42 volumes.

2. Dragon Ball Is One Of The Top 3 Best Selling Manga

Currently, as of making this post, Dragon ball is the third best-selling manga series of all time and it has sold over 230 million copies.

3. The Anime Was Called Dragon Ball 2 instead of Dragon Ball Z

Although both Dragon Ball and Dragon Ball Z are one and the same when it comes to the manga.

They were split into two different anime series, with Dragon Ball Z adapter in the last 325 chapters of the manga.

It was originally going to be called the Dragon Ball 2 instead of Dragon Ball Z. But apparently, the Z in Dragon Ball Z was supposed to be a 2. 

Nonetheless, they ended up mistaking a Z  and just kind of went with it after that.

4. Dragon Ball anime first aired on February 26th, 1986

The original Dragon Ball anime first aired on February 26th, 1986 and it ended on April 12th of 1989 consisting of 153 episodes in total.

DragonBall Z
Dragon Ball Z facts

5. Dragon Ball Z anime ended on January 31st, 1996

After Dragon Ball Z anime first aired on April 26th of 1989. It ended on January 31st, 1996 consisting of 291 episodes.

6. Dragon Ball is Approximately 35 Years Old and Counting

In just a couple weeks after uploading this post. Dragon Ball will officially be 35 years old.

7. Dragon Ball Started Off As A Journey to Key West

Dragon Ball originally began as a parody of Journey to the West.

Because of that, a lot of the characters who were first introduced are parodies of characters from Journey to the West.

These characters are Bulma, Goku, Oolong, Yamcha, and Puar.  The story of the Journey to the West followed a Buddhist monk who was on a quest to find some religious texts.

Similar to how Bulma was searching for the dragon balls. Both this Monk and Bulma come in contact with quite a few interesting characters along the way.

Of course, Dragon Ball ended up going in a completely different and serious direction down the line. But it’s still interesting to learn where it originally came from.

8. Tien Shinhan and Chiaotzu Where the Frist Characters To Fly in Dragon Ball

The First characters who were shown with the ability to fly we’re Tien and Chiaotzu.

DragonBall Z Facts
DragonBall Z Facts

9. If Wasnt For Tori Shima in Dragon Ball Kirillin Would Not Exist

The only reason Krillin was introduced into the series is that Toriyama’s editor at the time. Who is Tori Shima thought Goku was too bland and personality and because of that. He wanted another character to make things more interesting.

Someone who is also a bit smarter than Goku, so if it wasn’t for him Krillin would have never existed. 

10. All Saiyans’ Name Are Named After Vegetables

All of the Saiyans’ names have something to do with vegetables.

For instance, Goku Saiyan name Kakarot is based on a carrot. Broly is based on Broccoli. Napa is based on a type of Chinese cabbage called Napa cabbage.

Raditz is named after a reddish, and Vegeta’s name is literally just half of the word vegetable.

The reason for this is because the word Saiyan is derived from an anagram of the word Yeshi.

Which means vegetable in Japanese, except they added an N on to that. Basically, because Saiyan is base on vegetables.

So technically, when the Saiyans turn Super Saiyan, they are actually just becoming super vegetables.

11. The Six Marks On Krillin’s Head Are Incense Burns Of A Monk

Now at first glance, one might think that the six marks on Krillin’s head are birthmarks or freckles. However, they are burned out, they are actually incense burns from when he was training to be a monk.

DragonBall Z Facts

12. Toriyama’s Favorite Character Is Piccolo

Piccolo is Toriyama’s favorite character. Or at the very least he was at one point in time.

I guess Toriyama could have changed his mind by now. but I couldn’t find an update to this.

13. More 95 Dragon Ball games Have Been Released.

So I just counted and as of the release of Dragon Ball Xenoverse 2 there are currently 95 Dragon Ball games that have been released.

14. Chiaotzu Only Has One strand Of Hair On His Head

When Chiaotzu removed his hat at one point, it was revealed that he in fact, only has one strand of hair on his head.

15. King Kai’s Pet Monkey Was Referenced As Michael Jackson

King Kai’s pet monkey is named Bubbles and this is actually referenced to Michael Jackson, who also had a pet monkey named Bubbles.

16. One of Toriyama’s Least Favorite Character is Vegeta 

Vegeta is the least favorite character of Toriyama. However, although Toriyama absolutely despises him due to Vegeta’s popularity.

He is working towards making Vegeta a better character in his eyes, and giving him more of a role in the future with Dragon Ball super.

17. The Latin American Dub Chi-Chi Name Means Boobs

The Latin American dub of the anime had to change Chi-Chi’s name.

This is because Chi-Chi is slang for boobs in Spanish. So instead she was renamed milk.

18. Yamcha Gets Killed In Every Dragon Ball Saga 

Yamcha is either severely injured, killed, or dead in every Saga of Dragon Ball Z. Which makes him much worse than Krillin.

19. Trunks’ Blue Hair Was mistaken For Purple

Trunks having purple hair was actually a mistake he was originally supposed to have blue hair.

20. Frieza Was the President of the World Trade Organization

Frieza was the leader of the World Trade Organization or the galactic Frieza Army.

Frieza Evil

Basically what this Army did was forcefully take over planets and then sell them to the highest bidder.

Toriyama bases this side of Frieza on real estate speculators which Toriyama claims are the worst kind of people.

He thought it would be fitting because he wants Frieza to appear as the worst kind of person.

21. Goku Did Not Know He Was A Saiyan

The fact that Goku was a Saiyan and that Piccolo was a Namekian.

Toriyama was originally going to revealed this during the Piccolo Jr. Saga.

But Toriyama decided to wait until Raditz arrived because he couldn’t figure out a good way to implement it into that part of the story.

22. Bulma’s Hair Was Changed Much Form Blond, Purple, Blue,  and Pink

Bulma’s hair color has changed quite a bit over the course of her existence mostly due to how certain colored ink was mixed each day. But for instance, in a Shonen Jump, power level lift for hair is blond.

23. Dragon Ball and Dragon Ball Z Are Done In Different Studios 

Many of the Dragon Ball and Dragon Ball Z episodes are different quite a bit.

The animation looks and qualities this is actually due to budget issues and time constraints.

Where apparently the animation would be headed off to different Studios quite frequently.

Leading to some episodes looking really nicely done while others look not so nicely done, to say the least.

24. Baby Broly Had A Power Level of 10,000 at Birth

When Broly was born his power level was 10,000. This means that as an infant, he could have easily defeated everyone in the early sagas of Dragon Ball Z without a problem.

25. Vegeta Had Red Hair in The Anime 

During Vegeta’s first appearance in the anime. He is colored quite differently than he would be later on.

For instance, his hair is a reddish-brown color and his armor is orange and green.

Well, the reason for this is because when the anime was being adapted from the manga, Vegeta’s colors had not yet been shown in the manga.

Or if the colors were shown the anime producers weren’t aware, so they just colored him how they imagine him.

Toriyama ended up seeing this and sent over Vegeta’s correct color scheme. So they could fix their mistake, and his colors were changed shortly after.

26. Dragon Ball Z Sagas Was Only Released On Xbox

Dragon Ball Z Sagas was the only Dragon Ball Z game to be released on the original Xbox. This is rare because usually, each system gets multiple Dragon Ball Z titles.

27. Yamcha Never Wins A Fight

Yamcha has lost every single martial art during the quarterfinals.

28. Namekians Are Genderless

Namekians are not male or female and are in fact genderless. They reproduce asexually by spitting out eggs, and because of that, is the reason we have yet to see a feminine-looking Namekian. We probably never will.

29. Goku Only Bought Food One Time in Dragon Ball GT

In the Dragon Ball Goku’s granddaughter Pan, we actually saw Goku paying for food with actual money for the first time out of the entire series.

Dragon Ball Z GT 

30. Gohan Was Named After Grandpa Gohan

Gohan is named after his grandpa Gohan or the first Son Gohan. He was only named this because at first when he was a baby he didn’t even have a name for a while.

Then one day after the name Gohan came into their conversation. The baby ended up laughing because he likes the name. So then Chi-Chi and Goku decided to just name him Son Gohan.

31. Goku’s Original Voice Actor is a Woman Named Masako Nozawa

Goku’s Japanese voice actor is actually a Woman by the name of Masako Nozawa.

In addition to Goku, she also voices Gohan and Goten among a few other characters.

32. Dragon Ball Z had a Total Of 187 Fights

Throughout Dragonball and Dragonball Z there have been a total of 187 fights. Now that is quite a bit.

33. Frieza Own 79 Planet And His Older Brother Cooler Own 259 Planets

When Frieza was at the top of his game, he owned roughly 79 planets. now that may seem like quite a lot.

But Frieza is older brother Cooler Knox that number out of the park because he owns around 259 planets.

34. Bulma’s First and Last Name are based on Women’ Underwear 

Bulma’s name is based on Bloomers, which is another word or type of women’s underwear. And to keep that thing going trunks it’s literally named after Tunks.

Her future daughter Bulla is named after a bra and to make matters even worse. Bulma’s last name is Brief.

35. Android 19 And 20 Was Supposed The Be The Villans in The Android Saga

Originally both Android 19 and 20 were supposed to be the main villains of the Android Saga.

and they would have been the Androids that took over and terrorized Future Trunks timeline.

However, Toriyama’s former editor Torishima claimed that the two Androids were outdated and ridiculous. Which then led to the creation of Android 17 and 18.

36. If it Wasn’t For Torishima Cell, Android 17 and 18 Would not Exist 

In addition to the last fact, Torishima also wasn’t a fan of Android 17 and 18 either.

Which led Toriyama to create Cell. So if it was not for Toriyama’s former editor.

A lot of really great characters would have never been conceived.

37. Toriyama Forgets That The Kamehameha Wave Be Used with Feet

Although most people forget about this or don’t know about it’s begin with. Chances are Toriyama I probably forget this was possible that Kamehameha can actually be produced from someone’s feet.

As it was demonstrated by Goku when he was up against Piccolo in the World Martial Arts Tournament.

38. Goku Has Only Win One World Martial Arts Tournament So Far

Goku has only been the victor of one World Martial Arts Tournament. So far he has participated in a total of six of them from what we get to see.

 39. Frieza And Cooler Names Are Base on Low Temperatures 

Frieza and Cooler’s names are based on low temperatures. Frieza and Coolers is a refrigerator.

Frieza Evil

The whole deal was pretty obvious but I’m pretty sure there’s at least one guy out there that didn’t know that.

40. Krillin Is The Strongest Human Alive

 Although it may not seem like it, Krillin is actually good at something. He may not seem like it at first glance.

But he is actually the strongest human. Usually, this is overshadowed by the fact that he hangs around with a bunch of Saiyans, though regarding the human race itself he’s the best they’ve got.

41. The Power-Pole Can Reach 22,5744 Miles

The power pole is capable of extending a total of 36,3300 KM which is 22,5744 Miles.

42. Nappa Use To Have hair On His Head

Saiyans hairstyles were made in the exact same as how it looks when they are born.

However, their hair can be cut and styled and whatever else.

Proof of that, for instance, is the fact that Napa used to have hair and now he’s bald.

So he likely shaved his head and Goku’s hair looks exactly the same as it did when he was born.

43. Bulma Use To Smoke in Dragon Ball

 Although we don’t see it too often these days Bulma was caught smoking from time to time.

44. Android 16 Remind Dr. Gero Of His Son Who Had Died

Android 16 was designed after Dr. Gero’s son who was killed, while he was in the red ribbon Army.

No, of course, we’ll never know for sure but this could be the reason that Dr. Gero didn’t want him to be activated.

45. When Vegeta Said Goku Power Level Was 9,000 It Was Actually 8,000

The famous Dragon Ball Z meme where Vegeta says Goku’s power level is over 9,000 translation errors in the original manga.

Vegeta actually said his power level is over 8,000. It has also been said that this number was changed from 8,000 to 9,000 to better fit Vegeta’s mouth movements.

And to make matters even weirder in the remastered version of that episode on the DVD release. Vegeta says 8,000 instead of 9,000.

So I’m not sure if they realized their mistake and went back to correct it or what, but the meme Reigns Supreme.

46. Goku Has Only manage To Killed Two Villians int The entirety Of Dragon Ball

Excluding the movies, Goku has only killed two villains throughout the entirety of the series. Both of these happened to be part of the Buu saga the first was Yahcan.

This is still debated by fans on his girl who actually killed him and the second killed by Goku was Kid Buu.

47. Capsule Corpse Use To Rival The Red Ribbon Army Business

For quite a while the Red Ribbon Army was actually an avid competitor for the Capsule Corpse in the Auto industry.

The Red Ribbon Army owns about 16% of the sales, while Castle Corpse owned about 40%.

 However, the castle Corpse soon took them out of the game and now control the market.

48: Goku’s Home Address Is 439 East District

Goku’s whose address is 439 East District.

49. Master Roshi is 354 years old at the end of Dragon Ball Z

Master Roshi is 354 years old at the end of Dragon Ball Z. The only reason he is still alive at such an old age is that he drank and immortality Elixir. This allows him to live forever but he’s not invincible and because of that, he can still die.

50. Master Roshi Home Address Is NBI 8250 412 B

Although it’s practically in the middle of nowhere. Master Roshi’s house does, in fact, have an address. His address is NBI 8250 412 B.

51. Meta Cooler Was Inspired By The Terminator

Major metallization is based on or inspired by the Terminator.

52.  Master Roshi Loves To Read Nude Magazines

Master Roshi’s hobbies are reading playing video games,  Browsing internet porn sites, watching TV, and afternoon naps. You could say he has his priorities straight.

53. Pan Is One Of the Youngest Saiyans To Fly at 4 Years old

Pan is the youngest character in the series that is shown being able to fly. Also. this is when she’s 4 years old in Dragon Ball GT.

54. Dodoria’s Name Comes From a Fruit Named Durian

Dodoria’s name is a pun on the Japanese word for the Durian fruit. Zarbon’s name comes from the Japanese word for the Pomelo fruit.

55. Goten Is The Youngest character in Dagon Ball Z to Become a Super Saiyan

Goten is actually the youngest character that is known to have become a Super Saiyan. He first became one at the age of seven.

56. Bulma Had her Hairstyle Changed 17 Times Throughout Dragon Ball

Throughout Dragon Ball and Dragon Ball Z. Bulma went through a total of 17 hairstyles.

57. Toriyama implemented Star Wars into a Dragon Ball Episode

There have been quite a few different Star Wars references throughout the Dragon Ball series.

Toriyama was heavily influenced by Western media and one favorite was the Star Wars movies.

So he implements Star Wars into Dragon Ball. For instance, when Goku visits for Bulma, in the Red Ribbon Army Saga.

There were multiple Star Wars themed Gadgets in the background. Such as the land speeder Imperial shuttle, and what looks to be Artoo-detoo.

Also a couple of elements from the Frieza Saga we’re also influenced by Star Wars.

Such as the healing machine and some aspects of series.

For instance, his army is similar to the Galactic Empire, even being called the Galactic Frieza Army.

58. Bobidi’s Name is Based on a Cinderella phrase

Bibidi, Bobidi, and then Majin Buu’s names are based on the Cinderella phrase Bibbidi-Bobbidi-Boo.

59. Planet Vegeta Was Actually Called Planet Plant 

Before they took over Planet Vegeta it had a different name entirely and it was called Planet Plant.

60. King Piccolo Was The Only Villain to Get A Wish Granted 

In the manga, King Piccolo is the only villain to get his wish granted by Shenron throughout the whole series.

I hope you guys enjoyed all these 60 facts about Dragon Ball Z. I’m pretty sure there are hundreds more to learn about however, for now, this is where well stop. I will update this listing the future when we learn about more facts in Dragon Ball Z.

How many Facts do you know about Dragon Ball? If you have Some that did not make the list let us know down in the comments section below. Cheers!

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