Dragon Ball Z strongest Character Vegito Explained

Dragon Ball Z strongest Character.  Today in this post we are just going to focus explicitly on the powers of Dragon Ball Z strongest character Vegito.

Bearing points during the run of the series, so we’re going back and looking at the original Source material.

The original 42 volumes of the Dragon Ball Manga and we’re going to begin the series by having a discussion about the most powerful character in the original 42 volumes of the manga.

Originally by Akira Toriyama completely from 1984 to 1995. we are going to look at Vegito, the Potara fusion of Goku and Vegeta.

I’m going to tell you that he actually maybe even stronger than you ever thought. let’s jump into it.

Dragon Ball Z strongest Character Vegito:

So what are we going to discuss is about Vegito specifically, and just the Dragon Ball Manga and the Dragon Ball Z anime later on the post.

I will be discussing Vegito blue and the differences between Vegito blue and Vegito Super Saiyan in the original manga anime.

We have to begin the discussion by really putting the focus on the power of the Potara Fusion.

I think a lot of people underrate just how powerful the Potara fusion is. I still see debates about which Fusion is stronger, and it’s clearly stated in the manga from the Elder Kai, that the Potara fusion is a better Fusion.

Not just because the pre-Dragon Ball super wreck on a state that it is, of course, more permanent, it’s also a fusion that was given to Goku from the gods themselves.

In the states that the fusion with Patara is person One X person too, I find this extremely hard to believe.

I’ve said this before my many times, I based my beliefs entirely on the performance that Vegito had against Buuhan.

I noticed a lot of Dragon Ball fans have trouble understanding what was really going on in the fight.

Basically when super Vegito fought Buuhan in the Dragon Ball Z anime. Even in the manga, Vegito could have completely destroyed Majin Buu at any time that he wanted.

During the duration of that fight, there is not a single moment in the entire fight was Vegito even remotely concerned about anything.

Buuhan was hitting him with every technique that could not hurt super Vegito. Buuhan was an epic failure.

Now, in the Manga Goku and Vegeta successfully were able to fuse and becoming Super Vegito.

Which as far as we know, it is just classic Super Saiyan 1, with a 50 times multiplier. Now in the anime, there are extra minutes added to the fight.

We see base Vegito completely wrecking Buuhan life to the point where we even see him punched away a gigantic blast that could have easily destroyed the Earth.

Or even a bigger planet Vegito just kicks it away like nothing during the fight, Majin Buu tries every technique that he knows.

Dragon Ball Z strongest
Dragon Ball Z strongest Character Vegito

Including an enhanced version of the super ghost Kamikaze attack.

So Vegito just smirks and says well it’s a kids technique but you know he wasn’t even sweating anything that boo did.

Buuhan even turns them into candy and Vegito was so powerful and had such control over his body. That he was able to negate Majin Buu’s magic and actually control himself as a coffee candy.


Majin Buu even went so far as to go inside of him through his mouth to liquefy himself but still Vegito was not even remotely hard harm.

The only reason why Vegito did not destroy completely was that he wanted to get absorbed.

he was waiting for Buuhan to try to absorb him so that he can go inside of Buuhan’ body and free Goten Trunks Gohan and Piccolo.

I don’t know why so many people forget this little detail but that’s the whole purpose of them even not killing him.

There’s even a scene where Vegito takes a piece of Majin Buu and destroys it into nothingness.

He literally it wasn’t even like an explosion he literally vaporized that part of Majin Buu into nothing.

Here’s another thing that actually goes in line with the Dragon Ball Super Vegito wasn’t even close to using his maximum power. 

Now, I’m not a power stealing professional but I would wager that Vegito may have been using less than even 25% of his power during that fight.

You have to remember Vegito could have easily used Super Saiyan 2 or 3. We saw Gotenks fusion of two kids that could only achieve ss1 use S3 as a fused being.

Can you imagine how easy it would be for Vegito with a better fusion with one of the two characters already having achieved ss3 by himself.?

Plus Vegito was really powerful during this time. Vegito could have gone SSj3 and gotten so powerful.

But that it wasn’t even necessary for him to even use that form against Buuhan.

Another thing people often forget is that Vegito having the mind of both Goku and Vegeta Knows all of the techniques that Goku and Vegeta know.

The Kamehameha obviously, we saw the Big Bang Attack in the series. He can teleport and yes Vegito can even do the Kaio Ken to multiply his power even higher if he wanted.

Yet he didn’t even need to use it against Buu arguably the strongest villain in Dragon Ball Z

I think the biggest means behind the incredible power of a Vegito is the scene.

This is where Majin Buu unbelievably got angry at the fact that he can’t do anything to Vegito.

He can’t penetrate a single defense on Vegito. He can’t touch Vegito or anything while Vegito is making fun of him.

Then he becomes so enrage that Buu Powers up and begins to literally crack the fourth dimension.

He begins to literally rip apart the dimensional Fabric. It’s even stated in the episode that if Vegito didn’t do something about this, the entire universe could collapse.

Dragon Ball Z strongest
Dragon Ball Z strongest Character Vegito

Dragon Ball Z strongest Character Vegito

Do you understand how strong that is.? So what does Vegito do, he dashes in their and penetrates through Buu’s defenses and literally Saitama’s Buu.

He literally delivers one punch, one right hand and that one right hand is enough to completely break Majin Buu’s dimensional fabric.


Ripping Buu’s power-up, so what does this mean.? We saw Gotenks scream very loud and we saw, of course, Buu get very angry and open a dimensional fabric.

What could a fully powered Vegito do, if he focuses his energy and screamed.?

We are talking about the entire implosion of the universe, in many ways maybe even multiple universes.

I haven’t even gotten to Dragon Ball super yet. If you remember has fight progress, Majin Buu’s regeneration began to fail.

Again another example of just how unfathomable Feats that Vegito can do.

So, really when you focus on the original series you know the Pre GT and Dragon Ball super, Dragonball Z and Dragon Ball Manga.

Really nobody stood a chance against Vegito. Vegito could have literally owned the entire universe by himself.

Again pre GT3 Battle of Gods, nobody could even match him, but let’s talk about Dragon Ball super.

When you combine the training that Goku and Vegeta did for many years.

The new God powers that they achieve in Dragon Ball super. The Super Saiyan God which we know for a fact has the ability to cause Ripple effects in the universe.

Then of course Super Saiyan blue which is actually more powerful significantly more powerful.

Even though we don’t have an actual multiplier about what that transformation is especially with the Potara fusion is super.

Dragon Ball Z strongest Character
Dragon Ball Z strongest Character Vegito

I mean it’s almost damn near impossible to figure out just how strong Vegito blue actually is.

Is Vegito Blue Dragon Ball Z Strongest Character?

Vegito blue despite the fact that the Potara fusion does have a handicap.

Now, with the Dragon Ball Super wreck on to where they only have an hour time limit. But if they use up a lot of power, it will drain that time.

If you remember in Dragon ball super 66 when they fought merged Zamasu the fusion was only for a few minutes.

You have to also remember that these guys are fighting at beyond the speed of light. The fight was actually not as long as it even appears in normal time.

Dragon Ball is always been kind of wonky with time, I mean you must not forget the five minutes on Namek thing.

It’s always hard to measure time in Dragonball but none the less you can’t take away from the incredible power that Vegito possesses.

Not only does he know all of Goku and Vegeta technique. Now, in addition to that in super Goku had begun to utilize the Kaio Ken a lot more.

He now knows the Mafuba. Vegeta obviously has been training his ass off for several years in the spirit and time chamber.

It’s highly possible in fact, I would say very possible that Vegito Blue could necessary even at less than full power destroy multiple universes.

We saw him use them final Kamehameha against merged Zamasu. One thing everybody has to understand the incredible power of Zamasu. He is unquestionably the most powerful villain that the heroes have face up until this point.

You could even make an argument that he’s only second to the Omni King.

Now, obviously we’ve never got to see Beerus fight merged Zamasu or any of that, and that would be a very interesting fight to watch.

But the fact that this merged Zamasu was able to not only fuse get the Potara multiplier also Goku black was getting stronger.

Also, on top of that, the Super Dragon Balls made him immortal. And when the arc was ending, he actually tried to become one with the Omniverse merged Zamasu

Heis the second most powerful character at that point to the Omni King. You can make an argument with that, maybe or maybe not.

So we may never know. Vegito blue doing his final Kamehameha the one drawback is that the final Kamehameha significantly drained Goku and Vegeta stamina. 

Toriyama in a way I guess subduing Vegito by putting limitations on the fusion with the Potara.

Onto where the final Kamehameha Little drained them of their power.

Just because it did that does not mean that Vegito blue couldn’t have destroyed multiple universes with how strong he was in Dargon ball z.


Dragon Ball Z strongest
Dragon Ball Z strongest Character Vegito

Dragon Ball Super, the same thing that merged Zamasu. Don’t forget that merged Zamasu survive that final Kamehameha attack that causes serious damage on him.

Dragon Ball Z strongest
Dragon Ball Z strongest

Then Trunks get the kill at the end of the episode. It’s just ridiculous how strong this character is and of course don’t forget Vegito’s exclusive techniques. I mention the final Kamehameha the spirits or which is a great technique.

It was good seeing it again, Vegito is without a doubt unbelievably strong but of course like I said before.

The big problem now is that the Potara fusion now has very similar limitations to the meta moran finger Fusion. Because now if you use too much power you will become diffuse.

However, I feel like against the vast majority of opponents especially that or less than God’s, Vegito wouldn’t even need to even use that much power to wipe them away.

Dragon Ball Z strongest Character
Dragon Ball Z strongest

Not even to destroy a planet much less like a solar system. I feel like Vegeta wouldn’t even have to try that hard to do it. So don’t underestimate the power of Vegito.

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