Dragon Ball Z strongest Character Vegito

Dragon Ball Z strongest Character.  Today in this post we are going to focus explicitly on the powers of Dragon Ball Z strongest character Vegito.


Basically when super Vegito fought Buuhan in the Dragon Ball Z anime. Even in the manga, Vegito could have completely destroyed Majin Buu at any time that he wanted.

During the duration of that fight, there is not a single moment in the entire fight was Vegito even remotely concerned about anything.

Buuhan was hitting him with every technique that could not hurt super Vegito. However nothing works.

Now, in the Manga Goku and Vegeta successfully were able to fuse and becoming Super Vegito.

So as far as we know, it is just classic Super Saiyan 1, with a 50 times multiplier. Now in the anime, there are extra minutes added to the fight.

We see base Vegito completely wrecking Super Buuhan’s life to the point where we even see him punched away a gigantic blast that could have easily destroyed the Earth.

Or even a bigger planet Vegito just kicks it away like nothing during the fight, Majin Buu tries every technique that he knows.

Dragon Ball Z strongest
Dragon Ball Z strongest Character Vegito

Super Buuhan even turns Vegito into candy and Vegito was so powerful and had such control over his body. That he was able to negate Majin Buu’s magic and actually control himself as a coffee candy.

Majin Buu even went so far as to go inside of him through his mouth to liquefy himself but still, Vegito was not even remotely hard harm.

The only reason why Vegito did not destroy completely was that he wanted to get absorbed.

he was waiting for Buuhan to try to absorb him so that he can go inside of Buchan’s body and free Goten Trunks Gohan and Piccolo.

Now, I’m not a power stealing professional but I would wager that Vegito may have been using less than even 25% of his power during that fight.

You have to remember Vegito could have easily used Super Saiyan 2 or 3. We saw Gotenks fusion of two kids that could only achieve ss1 use S3 as a fused being.

Can you imagine how easy it would be for Vegito with a better fusion with one of the two characters already having achieved ss3 by himself.?

Plus Vegito was really powerful during this time. Vegito could have gone SSj3 and gotten so powerful.

But that it wasn’t even necessary for him to even use that form against Buuhan.

I think the biggest means behind the incredible power of a Vegito is the scene is where Majin Buu unbelievably got angry at the fact that he can’t do anything to Vegito.

He can’t penetrate a single defense on Vegito. He can’t touch Vegito or anything while Vegito is making fun of him.

Then he becomes so enrage that Buu Powers up and begins to literally crack the fourth dimension.

Dragon Ball Z strongest
Dragon Ball Z strongest Character Vegito

 Vegito’s Strenght

Vegito is literally OP he delivers one punch, one right hand and that one right hand is enough to completely break Majin Buu’s dimensional fabric.

Really nobody stood a chance against Vegito. Vegito could have literally owned the entire universe by himself.

Dragon Ball Z strongest Character
Dragon Ball Z strongest Character Vegito

I mean it’s almost damn near impossible to figure out just how strong Vegito blue actually is.

Is Vegito Blue Dragon Ball Z Strongest Character?

Vegito blue despite the fact that the Potara fusion does have a handicap might be the strongest form yet in the anime.

We saw him use them final Kamehameha against merged Zamasu. One thing everybody has to understand the incredible power of Zamasu.

He is unquestionably the most powerful villain that the heroes have face up until this point.

You could even make an argument that he’s only second to the Omni King.

Now, obviously we’ve never got to see Beerus fight merged Zamasu or any of that, and that would be a very interesting fight to watch.

But the fact that this merged Zamasu was able to not only fuse get the Potara multiplier also Goku black was getting stronger.

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