Top 10 Best Dragon Ball Z Episodes Series From Least To Best

Hello Dragon Ball nation, today I want to share with you the most-watched Top 10 Dragon Ball Z Episodes of all time.

So, with Dragon Ball Super anime series now being license internationally and the entire franchise growing tremendously.

I thought it’d be a fun time to go back and look at what I consider the Top 10 Dragon Ball Z episodes.

This list was really hard to put together and to be honest my pics are probably going to change every couple of months.

So if you are wondering why, well that is because of how much I love Dragon Ball Z, but let’s get to it.

10. Vegito Vs. Buu Episode 270

So at number 10 on the list is Dragon Ball Z episode 270. Vegito dominating over Super Buuhan.

Dragon Ball Z Episodes
Top 10 Dragon Ball Z Episodes

Within the pages of the original 42 volumes of the manga of Dragon Ball Z. Vegito is without question the most powerful character we have ever seen before, and this episode proves it literally.

Vegito beating every single attack that Buu has to throw at him and nothing absolutely nothing that Buu tried again Vegito worked.

At one point Buu lost his mind starts to scream his ass off and actually cracked the dimensional fabric.

But that still wasn’t enough because Vegito came in there confidently and knock him on his ass. I absolutely love this episode because of the sheer dominance was shown by the fusion of Vegeta and Kakarot.

Speaking of Major League butt whipping, Dragon Ball Z episode 136 is number 9 on my list.

9. The Android Saga Episode 136

Dragon Ball Z Episodes

Android 17 and 18 completely make mincemeat out of the Z Fighters. This episode was so great because you see the brother and sister Duo literally take 2 Super Saiyan and make them into beating sticks.

You see the awesome Android 17 side headlock on Tien, you see Piccolo and everybody else get just early destroyed.

What I love about the episode is the fight was just Vegeta vs 18, then and 17 told them if anybody jumps in this fight it’s going to be your ass.

Trunks jumped in and he truly got his butt kicked and not since Napa Why the Z Fighters been smashed the way they were here.

With the Dominance of the Android Showed, the episode ends with a great Cliffhanger. How in the hell can the good guys stop these two Androids.?

So number 8 on the list is one of the most emotional moments in the series and definitely a favorite for Vegeta fans.

8. Majin Vegeta Sacrifice Episode 237

Dragon Ball Z Episodes

That’s Dragon Ball Z episode 237 when Vegeta sacrifices his life to try to stop Majin Buu.

For the first time in the entire life of Vegeta, he actually did something that was not for himself. He did it for Trunks he did it for Bulma and yes even for Goku, as he gave up everything he had for his sins of releasing Majin Buu.

Doing this he takes his own life in a gigantic explosion but even that was not enough to stop Majin Buu. Still, this episode is so incredible and without a doubt, Unforgettable.

7. Goku Vs. Vegeta Episode 31

Speaking of Vegeta, number 7 on is absolute classic Dragon Ball Z Episode 31 Goku versus Vegeta. This is the one right here, KaioKen times 3, Gallic Gun, super-duper Ultra Kaioken times four, and the Kamehameha.

One of the great beat down for these guys just slugging each other the whole episode.

Ending with a climactic key Clash what a classic episode and really, I feel an episode that literally Defines everything that made Dragon Ball So badass.

6. Goku Vs. Frieza Episode 87

Going to Planet Namek for number 6, Dragon Ball Z Episode 87 Goku vs Frieza duking it out.

Goku vs Frieza

I like this episode because neither one is really going all out there just kind of testing each other.

It becomes a real good Showcase of the different techniques and abilities that Goku and Frieza have learned.

I really enjoyed watching this because it’s almost like a game of chess where they’re trying to one-up each other without really going all out. So go back and watch this episode if you haven’t seen in a while there’s a lot of fun to watch it.

5. Super Saiyan 2 Gohan Vs. Cell Jr Episode 185

This is the episode that created a whole generation of Gohan fans, Dragon Ball Z episode 185.

Dragon Ball Z Episodes
Dragon Ball Z Episodes

184 is the episode where Gohan transforms into Super Saiyan 2, and it’s a legendary Moment The Following episode 185.

This one is the one that really showed off Gohan powers when he completely dismantled 8, not 7 Cell Juniors all by himself.

The Little Squirts that had been literally beating the hell out of all his friends.

Gohan goes in there like a boss and Destroy them with one shot each.

This was even more violent in the manga, It had to be toned down for the anime.

No matter what version you watch it, but this episode will always stand as my personal favorite Gohan episode. Because he is so damn ruthless it’s just unbelievable.

4. Trunk Vs. Meta Frieza Episode 120

So number 4 our list is Dragon Ball Z episode 120. Trunk shows up from the future without us having any clue about who he is.

Dragon Ball Z Episodes

Facing off against Meta Frieza up this is the episode where Trunks reveal that Goku’s not the only Super Saiyan. And has an epic and Unforgettable transformation all backed up by a classic Kenji Yamamoto song. Entitled battle Point Infinity Trunks transforms Frieza mess himself, tries to blow up the planet.

Trunks hold up the death ball with one hand and the episode ends with Frieza be sliced in two. This is a classic and to me every time I watch this episode I get chills every single time.

3. Kid Buu Arc Dragon Ball Z Episode 286

3rd place on the list is Dragon Ball Z episode 286. The death of Kid Buu after an incredibly long and painful Arc.

Dragon Ball Z Episodes
Dragon Ball Z Episodes

Both for the viewer and for the characters in some ways as Majin Buu thanks to a tremendous team effort from the entirety of planet Earth.

All of Planet Namek’s, Vegeta Fat Buu, Mr. Satan, everybody had to get involved here to help Goku. Finally to put an end to kid Buu, and at long last, they have stopped the threat.

But before he actually delivers the finishing blow Goku reminisces on how much of a tough Warrior Kid Buu was. He hopes that one day he’ll be reincarnated to fight another day. I just love the fact that for once the humans actually had to help Goku win,

And it wasn’t just about the good guys in the superheroes saving Earth. The Earth had to save itself and I think that’s a fantastic story they’re telling and I think the fact that it was a team effort really makes this stand out. It was just a great episode to watch a real classic if you ask me.

2. Goku Vs. Cell Episode 179

In second place on our list is Dragon Ball Z episode 179. Goku vs Cell in the Cell Games, just two words for you.

Dragon Ball Z Episodes
Dragon Ball Z Super Episodes

Studio Cockpit, this episode is one of the most beautifully animated badass fights we’ve ever seen. The series possibly in the entire series and it’s hard to argue that studio Cockpit gets hired by Toei to come in and animate this episode.

It had such an imprint on fans that some actually believe that all of Dragon Ball Z look just like this.

yeah right, this is a great fight ending with the warp Kamehameha one of the most badass moments ever. One of the great strategies from Goku lobbing off Cells had just what a fun episode this was.

Nonstop Action I enjoyed it but it’s not number one. What is my opinion on the greatest episode of Dragon Ball Z?

1. Gohan Vs. Cell Episode 191

Dragon Ball Z Episodes
Cell vs Gohan

Number one on the list is, of course, Dragon Ball Z Episode 191 Gohan when kills Cell. There’s not a single episode that captured the emotion in the Dragon Ball Z anime that this episode did. Combine with an epic score tremendous voice acting, tremendous vocal performances, and tremendous moments.

One after another Gohan struggling with Cell with the Kamehameha being urged by Goku telling his son don’t worry about the Earth being destroyed.

Dragon Ball Z Episodes
Gohan vs Cell

You have to give it your all, you can beat this guy but you’re not going all out, keep going. Then we have the Arrogant super perfect Cell pushing Gohan back telling him.

You can’t beat me, boy, we then have the help from Piccolo, Yamcha, Krillin, Tein Shinhan.

They all got involved, they all got involved because they love Goku, and they love Gohan. This was not in the manga but to me then getting involved adds another layer of greatness this episode.

Dragon Ball Z Episodes
Dragon Ball Z Episodes

Which would climax with Vegeta finally swallowing his pride getting involved blasting cell from behind?

Giving Gohan the opportunity to go all out and put an end to this freaking beast. This is an unbelievable episode, The Kikuchi score is amazing the death of Cell looks incredible.

And is truly the greatest Moment 4 Gohan as a character. Goku’s fighting Spirit was passed down to his son as he did what nobody else could do. That’s beat Perfection, those are my Top 10 episodes of Dragon Ball Z.

Which one is your favorite Dragon Ball Z Episode? Let me know in the comments below.

Written by Gregory

Hello, my name is Gregory, I am a huge fan of Dragon Ball and I hope you like it here. If you have any questions feel free to contact me via Email Cheers!

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