Top 10 Dragon Ball Z and Dragon Ball Super Attacks Of All Time

Which attack is your favorite Dragon Ball Z Attack? I have created a list of the most common attacks known and mostly used in the Dragon Ball Z Series.

So today, I will do a quick Dragon Ball Z post about the most powerful attacks of all time.

This list is my personal top 10 most powerful Dragon Ball Z and Dragon Ball Super Attacks ever used and even Dragon Ball GT.

These are all base on my expertise knowledge in all Dragon Ball Episodes. So, if you want to share with me your input, let me know in the comments below.

Here is a List Of Dragon Ball Z Attacks   

  • Kienzan
  • Tri-Beam
  • Special Beam Cannon
  • Human Extinction Attack
  • Burning Attack
  • Full Power Death Beam
  • Super Ghost Kamikaze Attack
  • Final Flash
  • Kamehameha Wave
  • Spirit Bomb

Kienzan: This is an attack from Krillin also known as ‘Destructo Disk’. We saw him used in Dragon Ball ball against numerous villains like Nappa and Frieza when they were on planet Namek.

Tri-Beam: An exclusive attack to Tien. Tien used this attack against Semi-perfect Cell to buy time so that Android 18 and 16 could escape. This was in the Cell Saga of Dragon Ball Z

Special Beam Cannon: Only one character we know of that can do this attack and that is Piccolo. Piccolo used this attack against Raditz in Dragon Ball. However, unfortunately, Goku died along with Raditz from this attack.

Human Extinction Attack: This attack is one of Dragon Ball z most cruel attack from a villain and that villain is Super Buu. Super Buu uses this attack to wipe all the human race in an instant at Kami’s Lookout. I think he was just cocky.

Burning Attack: This is one of the most Badass attacks in Dragon Ball ever, and this attack is done by Trunks. The first time we saw Trunks doing this attack was against Frieza when Frieza and his father King Cool return to earth from planet Namek. They wanted to have revenge on Goku.

Full Power Death Beam: This attack is done by more than one character. We saw Frieza used this attack against numerous characters on Planet Namek.

Another user of this attack is Cell. We saw Cell using this attack against future Trunks in Dragon Ball Z and end up killing Trunks.

However, this was when Cell Learn about Goku’s instant Transmission move with his fight against Super Saiyan 2 Gohan.

Top Dragon Ball Z Attacks 

Super Ghost Kamikaze Attack: This attack belongs to Gotenks, we saw him used it against Super Buu in Dragon Ball Z “Buu Saga.” Also, Super Buuhan uses this attack when he absorbed Gotenks against Super Vegito.

Final Flash: This attack is underrated in Dragon Ball Z. This attack belongs to Vegeta we saw him used it against Perfect Cell in Z. Toriyama stats in an interview that this attack was strong enough to kill Cell but it didn’t.

Top 10 Dragon Ball Z Attacks
Top 10 Dragon Ball Z Attacks

Kamehameha Wave: There are a number of characters that can use this attack. To name a few you have Master Roshi, Krillin, Gohan, Goten, Yamcha, and Goku.

However, Goku uses and master this attack the most better than any other user.

Spirit Bomb: Otherwise known as Genkidama is the most powerful attack in Dragon Ball Z and even in Dragon Ball Super as well.

There are a few characters known to use this attack for a brief time apart from Goku. These characters are King Kai, Krillin, and Gohan. However, one must be pure-hearted to fully use and master this attack.

Top 10 Dragon Ball Z Attacks
Top 10 Dragon Ball Z Attacks

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