10 Questions In Dragon Ball Super That Leads To A New Arc

10 Questions In Dragon Ball Super That Leads To A New Arc.

Dragon Ball Super 131 series ended and it left us with a ton of unanswered questions, that fans have been pondering about, making Fury videos on for over a year.

We thought that in this final episode maybe we would get some answers to these questions but we did not. Whether or not Dragon Ball super continues in the future right now is a mystery and these questions may be answered in the future.

If we get a continuation of Dragon Ball super or a brand new series/Arc, altogether but for now let’s dissect and break down 10 of the most important unanswered questions that came out of Dragon Ball super.

1. The Dragon God Zalama

Dragon Ball Super
10 Questions In Dragon Ball Super That Leads To A New Arc


Who is the dragon Gods Zalama in episode 32 of Dragon Ball super? Bulma goes with Jacko to meet with Zuno the man who knows everything, and in this meeting, Bulma asks about the Super Dragon Ball.

She says tell me everything you know and he says that they were created by the dragon Gods Zalama, in the 41st year of the Divine calendar.

This tells us that the dragon Gods Zalama is incredibly old.

He is seemingly a very powerful God if he’s able to create the super dragon balls, and they can wish for absolutely anything.

He seems to be on par with the Omni king or the great priest.

What is his stature in the rankings and commands of the Gods.? These questions have never been answered by drivable and left fans wondering if this guy some secret villain that’s going to appear in the future.

An incredibly strong God that appears or maybe it is some sort of story that leads into a new arc. 

Dragon Ball Super
Dragon Ball Super

Unfortunately, even in the manga and the anime we never learn anything more about the dragon Gods Zalama. This is one of the biggest mysteries of Dragon Ball super and something that I kind of hope they do approach in a future Arc, but we may sadly never get to learn anything more about this character.

2. Who Killed Jiren Parents?

Number two who is the evil-doer that killed Jiren’s parents, and is he still alive. In episode 127 of Dragon Ball super in the tournament of power, as it was reaching its climax Belmod the God of destruction, from Universe 11. Begins to tell the backstory of Jiren, and how he has a very traumatic past.

His friends and family and master were all killed by some evil to her causing him to basically live his life on a quest for revenge, and power.

He wanted to get strong, so strong that not only could he defeat this evildoer forget such absolute strength that he could essentially never be hurt again. 

Now they never said did Jiren defeat this evildoer and he never said who were they. which leads me to the next unanswered question.

3. What was Jiren’s Wish?

What is Jiren’s wish again? during the same episode and during the same episode, and during the same conversation.

Android 17 says so your wish is… And they never went into any explanation as to what’s his wish was.

Was it to resurrect his friends and family or was his wish to be able to battle this evil door or was it something even more than that.

They kind of left it open-ended with some hints through the back story but never answered this question.

4. How Did Vegeta Achieved Super Saiyan God Form?

Dragon Ball Super

How did Vegeta get God Ki.? As we saw from the Battle of Gods are canned required Goku to do the entire ritual in order to obtain a Super Saiyan God. And even in the Manga, we saw that Vegeta did have Super Saiyan God but he was never the main focus of the ritual, on screen.

This is a question, was he included in the ritual off the screen and they just never said anything about it.?

Dragon Ball Super

He was able to achieve God Ki strength alone, now Super Saiyan blue is a bit of a question itself it is seemingly a combination of both being a Super Saiyan God. Evolving that even to Super Saiyan God Super Saiyan, but it’s also supposed to be perfect for the ki control. Which Whis says explains it, Goku says that he was able to achieve this power on his own.

Seemingly to imply that Vegeta got so strong with his training that he simply became a God, and that doesn’t really make too much sense.

Super Saiyan blue has always been a gray area so how exactly did Vegeta get God Ki was it off-screen or can Saiyans just simply turn into God’s when they get strong enough.

While we’re on the subject of Vegeta let’s dive into question number 5 which is what exactly is Vegeta’s form that he evolves into.

5 What is Vegeta’s New Form vs Jiren?

Dragon Ball Super

In his battle with Jiren, the closest thing that we got was the video game Dragon Ball Heroes gave it the name Super Saiyan God, Super Saiyan Evolution, but we never got any explanation about the form, and what is multipliers were.

Dragon Ball Super

We didn’t learn anything at all. It really just seemed like he got some miniature power-boost and they left it completely unanswered for us as to know what exactly why he was able to achieve it.

What is the power boost exactly like trunks is formed which all include in the same question, which Dragon Ball Heroes also gave a name which was super Saiyan Rage.!

Dragon Ball Super
Dragon Ball Super

These forms were never named in the anime, and there were Zero explanations as to what they worth.

Now trunks are a little bit more understandable because he’s a half-breed he could have similar properties to go on in that when he just gets so far beyond his anger limit.

He explodes and unleashes some hidden potential Vegeta’s form didn’t really explain anything beyond that and this is one of the biggest questions that we’ve had and if it’s not in the anime, it’s a little hard to say what is actually Cannon and what is not.

6. What is Beerus’s Full Power?

Dragon Ball Super
What is Beerus’s Full Power

The next unanswered question is what is Beerus’ full power.? There have been a lot of myths and misconceptions flying around about the Beerus’ full power ever since the Battle of the Gods movie.

In that battle at is described as Beerus was only using 70% of his full power, but then when they redid the movie, in arc’s for Dragon Ball super Beerus said he was only using a small fraction of his power against Goku.

So it was in a sense reckoned there was also an interview with Toriyama where he was saying if Goku is at a power level of 6, beers is a 10, and  Whis is 15.

People have been using these numbers and getting them confused and the fact that matter is, we really don’t know what Beerus full power entails, and exactly how strong he is a God of destruction.

7. Toppo God of Destruction Level

Beerus his maximum potential, that is something that we have never seen unless you consider Toppo as a full power God of destruction.

Dragon Ball Super

Their arguments against that because he had just attained this form. Was he even technically a God of destruction at that point.?

That’s a question on its own how does Toppo just turn into a God of destruction so I’m going to make that question number 7. While we’re on the subject of Beerus, let’s move on to question number 8

8. Goku Ultra Instinct Vs Beerus?

Which is, could Goku now with Ultra Instinct defeat Beerus at full power.? This is something that we will never know unless it is Ties in with the beginning of the upcoming movie.

I think that would be a great opener if we get to see if Goku fight Beerus and possibly winning.

I think in my opinion that Goku is stronger than Beerus at this point, with Ultra Instinct, but we don’t know that for sure. It is still an unanswered question and it may always be that.

9. Ultra Instinct Heat?

Dragon Ball Super
Ultra Instinct Goku Heat

Ultra Instinct Goku we get all these references to the heat. What exactly is that heat.?

Now there are some theories that it’s you know kinetic energy it’s that is bodies moving so fast as generating all this heat, but that never explained.

That was never described in the anime, a skimpy theorize logically but that is a question that a lot of people had series on and fans were wondering about ever since they first described it in episode 110 when Goku first achieve Ultra Instinct Omen.

Throughout the rest of Dragon Ball super we got all of these references to this tremendous heat emanating from Goku.

In episode 116, episode 129, and Beyond but we never got an answer as to what exactly that the heat is, and why Goku generated it. In fact, the first time around everybody thought that Goku had the heat because he absorbed that Genki dama explosion.

During his battle with Kefla, the heat was described again so there’s something be on there it could be kinetic energy but it was never physically explained or answered in the anime.

10. Universes 13th Through 18th

Dragon Ball Super
Universes 13th Through 18th

The final question we have is about universes 13th thru 18th.

So as Whis told us in dragon ball super episode 47, there used to be 18 universes and in a fit of rage Zano Sama erased six of those universes.

Dragon Ball Super

Now, why did he erase them, and was there a third pairing of all the universe?

So, for example, Universe 6 & 7 are pears was the last six universes a third-set meaning could there have been a third Universe with Saiyans.

Also, because of Android 17 wish, he brings back those last 6 universes?

So I know that’s kind of like a four-part questionnaire but that is one of the biggest mysteries of all of Dragon Ball super, and could potentially be the Arc of Dragon Ball super if it continues. Comment down below if you can answer any of these questions.

Written by Gregory

Hello, my name is Gregory, I am a huge fan of Dragon Ball and I hope you like it here. If you have any questions feel free to contact me via Email Cheers!

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