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Dragon Ball Super Season 2 Release Date

Dragon Ball Super season 2
Dragon Ball Super season 2

Back in 2019 a lot of Dragon Ball fans got excited because they thought they were going to reveal the next Dragon Ball Super season 2.

Many fans were looking forward to the continuation of Dragon Ball Super Season 2 after the tournament of power.

However, we were let down, and now in 2019 with we had two Dragon Ball Super panels and still no Dragon Ball Super Season 2 announcement.

Now, what we got in return was the announcement for Dragon Ball Heroes Season 2. So as you guys probably have seen this most recent episode with Gogeta Blue vs Heart.

The very next episode will end the conclusion of the universal conflict of heroes.

So presumably, Hearts will be defeated in the next episode and then in 2020, they’re going to start season 2.

I guess they’re going to bring Fu back to Dragon Ball Heroes from this promotional image.

Dragon Ball Heroes Season 2 Promotional Cards

This is the promotional image for Dragon Ball Heroes Season 2. Now, we also got the reveal of a few new anime.

These include Dragon Quest, Dai Juju Kaizen, and I believe there’s one other.

On a particularly important note, Dragon Quest Dai is being done by Toei Animation. There is this little teaser clip where is actually animated by Naotoshi Shida.

He is one of the most prominent animators over at Toei, one of the most well-known Dragon Ball Super animators.

So now he’s going to be working on Dragon Quest Dai and he’s also additionally working on One Piece.

He just did a fantastic time for Luffy vs. Kaido in One Piece episode 915.

However, this is the interesting thing, Toei Animation is actually spreading out their are animators to various anime.

It really does not seem like they’re putting any energy or focus into Dragon Ball super season 2?

There was no announcement, there wasn’t even a little peep like we literally got nothing 🙁

Dragon Ball Super Season 2
Dragon Ball Super Season 2

It’s very peculiar that they’re trying to take up all of these other anime instead of continuing Dragon Ball super season 2.

Or maybe at least a movie?

Dragon Ball Super Season 2 Release Date

Dragon Ball Super Season 2 has been delayed after the release of Dragon Ball Super Broly Movie in 2018 -2019. Production of the anime is unknown at the moment, any new updates will most like be announced at this year Jump Festa.

Now, my main thought here is that there’s something going on behind the scenes? 

Dragon Ball Super Broly made them 90 million dollars. Dragon Ball was a fountain of cash for them it was insanely profitable over the last couple years from a business perspective.

I mean they are an animation studio but they are a business as well. They need money to run on and they’re going to be going after whatever makes them the most money.

There’s no reason for them not to continue. This leads me to believe that if they’re taking on other projects and spreading out their animators.

Maybe there’s something wrong going on in the background who knows?

There could be a plethora of different things coming, but it could also be that they’re trying to retrain their entire and machine.

Think about all the production problems that they had with Dragon Ball Super, in the beginning?

Remember everybody knows the notorious Dragon Ball Super episode 5. Maybe they’re trying to revamp an entire assembly line process for Dragon Ball Super Season 2.

I’m in a scene at the hang of it for the movie Dragon Ball Super Broly animation. Dragon Ball Super Broly was absolutely ridiculous good.

So, if they can bring that level of quality to a new anime they should write. If they can do that for the movie they should be able to bring a pretty good level of that to a new anime.

However, why aren’t they doing that? I don’t know why I can’t give you the answer.

Dragon Ball Super Main Animators 

The disheartening thing is if they’re putting their main animation staff on other anime it looks really bad for Dragon Ball Super season 2.

Dragon Ball Super Season 2
Dragon Ball Super Season 2

That only means that if they are working on Dragon Ball Super Season 2 they’re in the very early pre-planning stages.

If they haven’t even started the animation yet they’re really really in that the bare scraps of even considering it.

If Naotoshi Shishida and all these other big names are working on other anime. That only means they haven’t started keyframe animation for Dragon Ball Season 2 yet.

Or if they do start something it’s in the early pre-planning stage. I haven’t heard anything about Shintani the character who designs Broly.

He’s supposed to be the new Chief animation supervisor for Dragon Ball Super Season 2 and we haven’t heard about him.

We don’t know what he’s working on currently, so he could be tight-knit working with them in the background.

Maybe he has his own way of how he wants to process things who knows? However, maybe they’re doing a reorganization.

We really don’t know what’s going on in the background but I find this very peculiar.

I remember back when Dragon Ball Heroes had the episode with hearts the one minute cut of Goku versus hearts.

Gogeta Blue Vs Hearts Battle
Gogeta Blue Vs Hearts Battle

Dragon Ball Super Return Date? 

A lot of Dragon Ball YouTubers speculated that the anime would return somewhere around April 2020. It may be years from now literally years before the return of Dragon Ball Super Season 2.

Dragon Ball Super Season 2
Dragon Ball Super Season 2

They have so much else going on with so many other anime. Did you know they just did the One Piece Stampede movie?

Toei is extremely active and I feel like they’re very spread thin at the moment. So maybe it’s not coming back in 2020.

Maybe it’ll be 2021 or even till 20 22 I mean who knows? We still don’t have any more confirmation on a movie besides that one little tidbit that was revealed from the leader of the Dragon Ballroom.

I believe in the Dragon Ball Super Broly DVD release or Blu-ray release over in Japan. But that leads me to the next question.

What’s going on in the Dragon Ball Room? they invested a lot of time money and resources into building this Dragon Ball Room to pretty much layout future of Dragon Ball.

They’re being very quiet right now about it, they’re being extremely hush-hush with it for their own reasons whatever.

It may seem so however, they do have this Dragon Ball Room and they also moved into a brand new facility not too long ago.

This facility is really nice and big for Toei Animation. It’s supposed to be much better for their staff. I think they just have too much on their plate right now to really do Dragon Ball super Season 2.

They want to come to clean their plate off a little bit before they really get started on it.

Maybe they’re reorganizing internally with management maybe they’re rebuilding a recreating their assembly line of Animation which seems less likely.


Toei Animation Quality Improvement

So, if you look at One Piece, for example, the animation quality in one piece and just the overall look and feel has gone up dramatically.

They did pretty much in conjunction with Dragon Ball Super Broly in this new one Piece season. So it doesn’t really seem like the animation assembly line is really having too many issues.

They did the whole working on the new season of One Piece and they do One Piece Stampede.

This new style and animation are better than ever. So it seems like they have that under control. 

It’s probably something like they knew that after Broly they had all these other projects that they had to do it.

They probably had management create a timeline internally of when they’re going to do these different projects.

So the big deal now is that they’re doing Dragon Quest Dai which will be very popular over in Japan.

Dragon Quest is massive it’s like one of the hottest topics over in Japan maybe not over in the West but in Japan.

It’s a really big deal, so this anime for them is going to be really big. They have all their series planned out internally like a timeline of animations that they’re going to do.

So nonetheless, they have Dragon Ball Super Season 2 on that timeline but potentially they pushed it further down years away because they want to clean up late that’s my assumption.

Written by Gregory

Hello, my name is Gregory, I am a huge fan of Dragon Ball and I hope you like it here. If you have any questions feel free to contact me via Email Cheers!

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