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Hello guys, I am back again with another Dragon Ball super discussion.

What we’re going to be talking about in this post today is the new villain Moro, and what his powers can really do in the Dragon Ball Super Series.

Dragon Ball Super Moro
Dragon Ball Super Moro

Who is Moro in Dragon Ball Super?

Moro is the newest villain in the Dragon Ball Super Series. What we do know about this character is that his main primary source of energy is from eating/absorbing planets and he’s literally regarded as the power eater.

10 million years ago Moro was one of the strongest beings ever to exist in the universe. It took the Grand Supreme Kai to take him down.

This resulted in the Grand Supreme Kai being weakened into that of Super Saiyan 3 level, which is where Super Buu actually ended up absorbing the Kai.

Thus weakening his state of power. It was the Kai’s that cause Moro to become who he is today. With Moro in this newest chapter of Dragon Ball Super according to the Galactic Patrol.

Dragon Ball Super Moro
Dragon Ball Super Moro

They’re saying that Majin Buu maybe the biggest key in defeating Moro. The person inside of Majin Buu’s body is the Grand Supreme Kai.

We did not see this guy inside of Majin Buu’s head in the past series, but we do know that he was the one that was the main factor of Buu’s fat transformation.

It’s ironic because he’s literally like the embodiment of Skinny evil Buu and he is facial expression is exactly like that of the original Skinny evil Buu.

So, Majin Buu maybe the key, and magic may have a huge role to play in this new Dragon Ball Super Manga arc. 

However, with Moro right now, we see him basically scoring off with Super Saiyan God Vegeta on Planet Namek.

Moro hasn’t trained for millions of years and his powers only returned to him about two or three years ago.

This implicates to us that depending on how this power eater absorption ability works. When he eats somebody does it give him literally a one-to-one ratio of their power?

Or is it just similar to that of a quarter of absorption? Would it work the same way that it did with Super Buu when he absorbs the Z fighters?

Moro Absorption Ability

Technically if you think about it, Super Buu plus ultimate Gohan was technically one of the strongest fused beings of Majin Buu, if not be stronger than pure raw power. We’re not talking about this indestructibility raw power.

Majin Buu was technically the strongest villain in Dragon Ball Z, not the brightest but the strongest. However, with Moro depending on how his power works.

Dragon Ball Super Moro

Even if he was able to absorb a 1/4 of the energy of a being or planets. Let’s say even if he absorbs Goku or Vegeta’s energy that’s a lot of power.

If it goes into his body and he directly gets stronger because of that he might be on another level.

However, if there’s no limit to Moro’s strength, he may be the strongest villain ever by far in Dragon Ball.

Nonetheless, if he does manage to escape and jump from planet to planet and absorb energy, let’s say he loses the fight to Z warriors on Planet Namek.

Moro could retreats and absorb other planet’s energy and return stronger. there are so many universes out there.

So, because Moro is a God he can go to every single planet universe, absorb them, come back, and fight Goku and Vegeta. 

That’s how powerful this guy Moro is. This is where things get implicated because with this much-untapped potential if there’s no limit to Moro’s Power.

Moro’s Planet Absorption Power

I’m saying he can reach the level of the Grand priest if he had no limits with that much energy in the universe.

Let’s say he defeat someone super strong like if he’s squaring up with Super Saiyan God Vegeta They would stand no chance. Why? because right now Moro is in his weakest state.

So what do you guys think about Moro’s power, let’s talk about it in the comment section down below?

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