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Dragon Ball Super Manga Chapter 54 Moro Arc Review

Dragon Ball Super Manga Chapter 54

Dragon Ball Super Manga chapter 54 proves that this story arc still has a long way to go before being wrapped up.

The Manag arc is far formed over with a lot of big stuff coming up and stuff that’s being teased and I’m very excited.

So basically this manga was all fighting Toyotaro’s manga artwork definitely improved as a manga story tell.

He makes things more Dynamic and interesting. So this Manga chapter picks up where we last left off and that is Gohan vs This Android 7 3 or whatever you want to call him.

I called him 7 3 on social media like the rest of the Dragon Ball community but he’s definitely an android.

Dragon Ball Super Manga Chapter 54
Dragon Ball Super Manga Chapter 54

Who is Dragon Ball Super Manga New Android

Dragon Ball Super Manga Chapter 54 Android 7 3 is an Android that can replicate powers with the same amount of power and accuracy.

We found out in this manga this new Android is actually a lot stronger than we thought. So Gohan is fighting this Android 7 3 and the first part of the fight comes off similar to Dragon Ball fights with blasts and stuff like that.

It’ the same thing we all have seen for years and that one thing that I did like. One of the really nice awesome scenes in this Manga chapter is Gohan gets behind Android 7 3 and blast him from the back

So Gohan shoots him in back with an attack that looks like the spirit gun which I thought was really awesome.

Goku did something similar recently as well, but it was cool that Gohan can do it as well. So afterward, Gohan takes off his clothing and this guy is like a hulk of Dragon Ball super.

Moving on, if you remember in the last manga chapter Piccolo was touched in the back of his neck by the Android 7 3 was able to take his powers.

Dragon Ball Super Manga 54 Piccolo Vs Android 7 3

Now, we see him turn gigantic, so Android 7 3 is using a lot of Piccolo’s powers and turns gigantic. Also, we see him, of course, use the stretchy moves and things that Piccolo does back in Dragon Ball.

This whole section of the manga chapter was like a tribute to Goku vs Piccolo fight from Dragon Ball in the 23rd tournament.

One of my absolute favorite fights in all of Dragon Ball is Goku and Piccolo in the tournament. That fight to me really set the groundwork for what Dragon Ball Z would become.

With those kinds of scenes that tone the groundwork of Dragon Ball its a perfect Panera to Dragon Ball story.

So then Gohan and Piccolo work together until the giant Android 73 remembered that Piccolo knows this technique better than anybody.

We have some really interesting shots in this manga including Gohan firing a point-blank Kamahamaka to the face of Android 7 3.

Dragon Ball Super Manga Chapter 54
Dragon Ball Super Manga Chapter 54

I always love the point-blank Kamahamaka shot because you see the fear in the villain’s eyes when they realize they are screwed.

So, we find out something really interesting about Android 73. This guy is way stronger than we could have even imagined.

I did a post about how strong Gohan was and another one about Moro vs Gohan. So, what would happen?

Well, this guy Android 7 3 my actually be just as scary as Moro is I’m telling you straight up. Why?  because guess what when Android 73 takes your power he doesn’t just forget about it.

Dragon Ball Super Manga 54 The Android Ability

This Android can actually store your power. So maybe at one point, Moro may have willingly let himself get trapped?

Moro might allow himself to get to tap in the back of the nick and willingly given Android 7 3 his power.

Now, because of that 7 3 retain some of the abilities that moral has which is absorbing energy and things like that.

While this is going on the flunkies I guess you can say the teams are battling the Z Fighters and boy this just really shows that these villains are much stronger than we could have ever imagined.

These space villains are taking it to these the Z fights and according to my translations, there’s nothing really interesting about this.

However, again if I get any more information I’ll do an update. Future on in the fight Android 7 3 decides to retreat the fight.

We found out that Moro is about two months away from coming to Earth. So he’s about two months away from Earth and so I assume that is just via spaceship.

Remember, yeah it might take him too much time to get to the earth on a spaceship, but we have a guy working for Moro who can create a portal.

So, at any giving time Moro wants a portal to go anywhere he can have it made by android 7 3 and that’s it.

They can just go anywhere they want, so some people are probably assuming that this is going to stretch out the story longer.

I would agree too but remember this is Dragon Ball and time skip happen all the time.

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