Dragon Ball Super Manga Chapter 47 English Review

Dragon Ball Super Manga Chapter 47 is now in the history books. With the last Manga Goku and Vegeta are left defenseless after suffering a devastating loss by the hands of Moro.

Our heroes are left with no alternative option in stopping Moro before collecting all seven (7) of Dragon Balls.

Moro’s ultimate plan is to regain this youth and magic that the once had and to destroy all life within the universe. Moro’s ultimate goal is to gain all 7 Dragon Balls and restoring himself to what he was once before.

So, Dragon Ball super Manga chapter number 47 kickoff with Goku and Vegeta having to wake up from their slumber. Vegeta and Goku wake up and they’re well aware that Moro is beginning to kill off various Namekian on the planet.

The fuses Namekian Warrior pretty much got jobbed like it’s nobody’s business.

So, Goku and Vegeta realize that Moro is now gaining more and more power. Probably from draining the planet energy and Goku and Vegeta are very fearful of what this could mean.

However, they also realize that Moro is doing the same thing that Frieza was doing where he doesn’t have a dragon radar.

So he’s going to the Villages and presuming the Dragon Balls are there. Nonetheless, the idea is to have the Namekians scatter so that way Moro can’t trace the location of the Dragon Balls.

Dragon Ball Super Manga Chapter 47
Dragon Ball Super Manga Chapter 47

It’s also pretty cool to see that Vegeta and Goku actually get new clothes from the Namekians. Now one thing that’s really interesting about this Manga is that Vegeta has been living with a lot of guilt over what he did to the Namekian people.

Vegeta Character Development Dragon Ball Super Manga 47

Back in Dragon Ball Z, we saw him bring it up a few chapters ago and now here we are again.

Vegeta actually asked one of the Namekian Elders this, “Do you all still hold a grudge against me, like what do you think about me coming back here after what I’ve done?

The Namekian Elder replied and said, “we don’t have time to hold grudges, we just want peace to our planet.” 

So, it’s very interesting that Vegeta would say that but not only that he tells Kakarot that “if you survive, make sure restoring this plant how it once was your top priority.” So he really feels guilty and that’s interesting character development for Vegeta. Why? because we haven’t really seen Vegeta like we’ve seen them now. 

However, he somewhat felt guilty in the past especially when he realized that he became Majin Vegeta.

He believed it was the wrong thing to do at the time and that it was a very selfish thing to allow Bobbidi to take over his mind.

But at the same time you know we haven’t really seen him atone for everything. Only just a few of his sins.

I guess he’s kind of going back and saying, hey we’re back on Namek and the last time I was here I was murderer essentially. So that is why he’s feeling guilty and I like that. I actually really like that development for Vegeta. 

Dragon Ball Super Manga Chapter 47 Merus 

So as Goku and Vegeta prepare to square off one more time against Moro face-to-face. But before they’re able to fight, a giant Galactic Patrol ship shows up and Merus is there. So, Merus has arrived on-planet New Namek.

So Merus using his Blaster fires upon Moro’s ship and Moro escaped right before. So we have Merus fighting Moro essentially which kind of throws away those Merus is secretly evil and working for Moto theories.

I think that’s out the window now. Even though they could always have them turn against the Z fighters, I highly doubt they would even have him fight.

This whole thing was a big conspiracy. Now, it looks like Merus is indeed on the good side and not a secret traitor to the Galactic Patrol. So, Merus uses a  weapon that we’ve never seen before, where he creates this sort of bubblegum trap. He’s able to in fact hold down Moro and we find out from Merus that this device was developed specifically to hunt down Moro.

So it’s not like it’s the Galactic Patrol version of handcuffs. It’s just a special piece of technology or something that is able to trap Moro. I thought that was pretty cool because Moro was in there screaming and hollering.

In fact, it just goes to show that this villain can be beaten. Beaten in some of the simplest ways or at least be in check in some of the simplest ways without it being just about power. That’s one thing I am enjoying about this Arc.

Majin Buu Vs Moro 

Dragon Ball Super Manga Chapter 47
Dragon Ball Super Manga 47 Review

Now here is the fun part. Merus screams Jocko! and Jocko pushes out of the ship Majin Buu. The plan was not to trap and take him to prison. I was to hold him down for Majin Buu to do his thing. Which of course, the Grand Supreme Kai being inside of Majin Buu that’s the key according to Merus to beating Moro.

We then find out from Jocko that the galactic Patrol got a galactic license to medium hypnotist an aromatherapist.

So they got this hypnotist to be able to bring back the Grand Supreme Kai memories into Majin Buu.

However, it wasn’t that they were going to take the Supreme Kai out of Majin Buu no. Its that they were going to tap into his memories so that Majin Buu can consciously remember the power of the techniques that he used to fight Moro in the past.

Majin Buu actually says “You are the bad guy I fight way back” and then you know Moro is shock-like “Oh no! You’re the Dai Kaioshin.

Then Buu is like “You killed so many of my friends” that’s of course, Majin Buu talking not the Dai Kaioshin for the Kaioshin. However,  the Dai Kaioshin Memories are in Majin Buu and that was freaking awesome. 

I am a big fan of Majin Buu when I was in high school, he was my favorite character back then and seeing him in action again like this I think it’s very refreshing.

Majin Buu Returns In Dragon Ball Super Manga 47 

For people who have a problem with Majin Buu beating up on Moro, understand that Moro was draining Vegeta and Goku’s Powers.

That’s the thing, and for some reason, his power draining doesn’t seem to work on Majin Buu the way that it did on Goku and Vegeta.

Majin Buu lunges at Moro and Moro like fire from beams from the ground, but Buu just goes right through it and punches Moro right in the face.

That was freaking awesome! Goku and Vegeta were watching this just totally shocked and they’re like wow! Is Buu going to be the hero of this Arc?

That’s great like this is what we’ve been wanting something a little bit different.

So, Moro counters with big Ki blasts he got from summoning energy from the planet. Fires it at Majin Buu, Buu kicks it up and again it’s just such a one-sided beating.

Dragon Ball Super Manga Chapter 47
Dragon Ball Manga 47

Many of us did not expect that and Vegeta confirms that Buu’s energy level is not dropping.

So the energy absorption move from Moro is not working on Majin Buu. we have found the key to defeating Moro and that’s Majin Buu.

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