Dragon Ball Super Manga 48 English Dub Translation Review

Dragon Ball Super Manga 48

Welcome back everybody, today we’re reviewing Dragon Ball Super Manga 48 ‘Moro’s Wish.‘ Now in the last couple of chapters, we saw how Majin Buu was woken up and he started beating the crap out of Moro.

It seemed like Buu was resisting Moro’s magic and in this chapter 48, they are fighting on planet new Namek. 

Dragon Ball Super Manga 48
Dragon Ball Super Manga 48

Majin Buu continues to just literally beat the crap out of Moro and it is really satisfying to see. He’s just hopping around slamming this guy around like nothing. 

Moro looks like he’s in pain and everyone is just staring in disbelief. They can’t believe Buu is wreaking havoc when Goku and Vegeta pretty much got slaughtered by Moro.

At one point Moro even Blast Off the head of Buu and Jacko was freaking out and this is probably the best part of the whole chapter.

Buu’s head eventually pops out of his hand and Moro was just staring in disbelief. Majin Buu then punches Moro sending him flying.

So, guys, this is really satisfying after Goku and Vegeta were pretty much slaughtered. Both their ki’s were drained completely and they were really desperate at the moment.

It is refreshing to see that they actually brought back an old character and made him relevant again.

This is pretty interesting and pretty fun and refreshing because usually you know it’s just a Goku show.

However,  for a chance here we got another character of past. This character will get some Glory. It’s like having Piccolo step up to the plate again and actually being the one to do the work. I can say they did very good with the story writing.

Dragon Ball Super Manga Majin Buu Return 

Majin Buu while using his elastic leg, kicked Moro in the stomach, grabbing him by the leg and slinging Moro around in circles.

This would be really fun to see animated. So then Buu throws Moro into this rock and it looks like Morro took a ton of damage.

Dragon Ball Super Manga 48
Dragon Ball Super Manga 48

Moro was like ‘curse you if only I had my full magic I could devour this entire world.’ It seems like Moro already has plenty of magic left because right now he only uses a fraction of his magic as he stated in previous chapters.

So with only a fraction of power, he’s able to drain the planets Ki’s and he’s able to drain Goku and Vegeta’s ki. He’s insanely powerful, so if it’s only a tiny fraction is for magic what would he do with full his full capacity?

Super Dragon Ball Super Manga 48 Review

Well, we’re actually going to find that out in the next chapter. So Buu had a cocky personality coming out and he was like, ‘You’re a little weakling making excuses you suck’ Then Buu grows out four more arms while flying in and just pummeling the living snot out of Moro.

Again it’s really satisfying to see Moro take a beating like this. Goku and Vegeta knowledged that Buu seems stronger than normal as he’s definitely resistant to Moro’s Magic.

This goes to show that Majin Buu’s ki isn’t being drained because he has the Daikaioh inside of him.

Pretty much this is explaining to us that Buu is nowhere near as strong as Goku and Vegeta. However, even when Vegeta was super Saiyan blue and everything it didn’t really matter.

Why? because his ki was being drained like he wasn’t at full power. So then Buu had Moro’s hands pin down and Moro knows Buu is about to do something.

Buu says, ‘Here I go.’ I’m assuming Buu is going to use either the Daikaioh technique that he used against Kid Buu or he’s going to try and turn them into chocolate.

Presumably, its the Daikaioh technique that kind of like Lazar beam shred grid thing that he did because Moro seems to knows what it is.

I don’t think that Moro knows who Kid Buu is, so when he says ‘Oh no not that’ it’s got to be some Daikaioh ability. However, just as he’s about to finish off Moro, the sky turns dark.

We see that Cranberry has summoned Porunga so it seems Cranberry just fought some Nameks. He’s severely beaten and he’s like literally dying at this point. 

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