Dragon Ball Super Manga 46 – Moro Transforms Review

Dragon Ball Super Manga 46
Dragon Ball Super Manga 46

Hello DBS nation, we have leaks and spoilers for Dragon Ball super Manga chapter 46. Now, in the last Dragon Ball super Manga, chapter 45 to be exact, we saw that Vegeta pretty much went all out against Moro.

In the end, Moro just sucks all the energy out of Vegeta and Goku. They could not transform anymore and they were pretty much just left in their base form. Now, leading into this new chapter in the leaks that we see that Goku can’t use instantaneous movement.

Goku and Vegeta
Goku and Vegeta

That’s how low of Ki he is, so this guy Moro has literally just drained them completely dry. They don’t have any ki whatsoever. I mean, I don’t know how much ki it takes to use instantaneous movement. However, this is the first time that Goku just can’t use it because he’s out of ki. Goku could be completely out of energy before and still use instantaneous movement before.

 Moro’s Buffed Up Transformation

So, he is bone dry at this point. Now Moro has taken so much energy from Goku and Vegeta that he could be buffed up with muscles and abs

Now, this is what I assumed he would look like when he was in his prime.

Moro was in shock because he can’t believe how much his body has transformed. Also, with his words, I believe the actual word used is regenerated. I believe it’s because of the energy that he has taken from Goku and Vegeta.

So, is this permanent? That’s my real question, we don’t know that yet. The other question is can Goku and Vegeta transform any more.? If they are able to escape now and come back, are they going to be able to transform again.?

However, even if they do, Moro will just steal their energy again. Moving forward we get these images of Goku and Vegeta laying on the ground. Their eyes are completely white, they are tanked, they are on the borderline to die.

Goku and Vegeta vs Moro

At that point, it looks like Moro could if you wanted to just kill Goku and Vegeta. Also, we get a little glimpse of Beerus and Whis. Beerus is talking to the Oracle fish, they are showing Beerus what’s going on on Planet Namek with Moro Goku and Vegeta.


We’re not really sure if Beerus is actually going to get involved though. However, it’s exciting because you’d think that Beerus would be the one that comes in and fight Moro. Another thing we saw was Beerus talking to the Oracle fish.

Whis ask Beerus: ‘is it really all right to leave the current situation as it is’ and Beerus says ‘it’s fine I don’t care what happens to the planet of water drinkers one bit.’ That means he’s talking about the Namekian.

Dragon Ball Super Manga 46
Dragon Ball Super Manga 46

Then Whis just says “very well.” So, it looks like Beerus is not going to get involved in this fight with Moro.

However, what are Goku and Vegeta going to do? I mean at this point the Namekians are getting Slaughter. Goku and Vegeta are laying there on the ground pretty much just completely tanked.

Their eyes are white they’re gone at this point, so even if somebody comes by and heals them Moro will probably just steal their energy once again.

How Goku and Vegeta Will Defeat Moro?

How are they going to defeat this guy if Beerus isn’t going to get involved? I have a feeling that Toyotaro put that in this Manga chapter to show us that Beerus doesn’t want to get involved.

He’s not going to be the answer and I think that even if he was he will come by and more will probably just steal his energy too.

Maybe Beerus could Hakai Moro before could do anything. However, Moro could even eat the Haki as well, who knows.

Moro’s Magic

How are they going to beat this guy? How can you beat someone that just passively just drains all of your energy.? I really don’t see any way around it with his magic.

Now, with nobody left to stop Moro, it looks like he’s going to get his hands on the dragon balls. Then he is probably going to make a wish to become younger once more.

If he gets younger, if he gets his full Magic back plus he’s got this super Juice from absorbing Goku and Vegeta’s energy. Who can stop him now? I guess it has to be Beerus, and you know Beerus can nullify energy as well. I don’t know if that means that can protect Beerus from Moro’s magic.

I’d say probably not, but maybe that’s what it has to be. I really have no idea who can come in and save the day at this point.

I’m guessing Goku and Vegeta will probably be saved byJacco or somebody will come in and probably save them to fight another day.

You know, it’s pretty classic Dragon Ball super. Goku and Vegeta will come in the fight, they will lose and train and will figure something out. Then they will come back and they will probably fight him again and lose again. Then the third time they come back and fight him and actually end up beating Moro.

If you remembered Dragon Ball Super Arc with Goku Black and Zamasu. I was basically the same with Dragon Ball Z Cell Arc.

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