Dragon Ball Super Manga 37 Chapter Review and Breakdown

Toyotaro has really been under fire from a huge portion of the Dragon Ball Super Fan community. Even though he’s not aware that the question going into Dragon Ball super Manga chapter 37.

Toyotarou turns that frown upside down and delivers a manga chapter that people are going to like. Why? Because the last couple of months have not been too kind as far as people’s opinions of Toyotarou.

Especially from fans of hit who felt like that character was very underutilized by Toyotarou arrow in the previous Manga chapter.

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Dragon Ball Super Manga 37

Well, much like with the anime version appears like the centerpiece of Team Universe 6.

The focal point going forward pass hit is the universe 6 Saiyans, Cabba, Caulifla and kale. However, the manga tells a slightly different story.

What Toyotarou has decided to do this month is put the focus on Caulifla Kale, and Cabba from universe 6. Instead of them facing off against Goku and other characters they are pitted against Frieza.

Thus the bulk of this Manga chapter is all about Frieza’s battle with universe 6 Saiyans. We find out in this Manga chapter something that I suspected for many years.

Frieza is indeed for lack of a better term a “racist” LOL even though he has no actual connection or no knowledge of any Universe. He instinctually despises that entire race no matter what Universe.

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Even if they have no connection to the one from Universe 7, he does not like them. It’s purely because they are Saiyans, so of course, he would be the perfect opponent for these guys.

The first half of this Munga chapter is Caulifla vs Frieza in their base forms at first. Later on, Frieza reveals that Caulifl is strong, she can go Super Saiyan in front of Frieza and interestingly enough.

Dragon Ball Super Manga 37
Dragon Ball Super Manga 37

Dragon Ball Super Manga Chapter 37 Online

Frieza does make a remark that Caulifla is much more powerful than the first Super Saiyan that he fought. Which of course, would be Goku.

Now obviously at this point in the series, The Power scaling is much much higher. It would make sense that Namek Saga Frieza Saga Goku couldn’t screw around with Caulifla but it just goes to show how much potential she has.

Even Frieza recognizes it so they have what I called a little fun fight. Frieza uses telekinetic Powers against Caulifla they battle.

I must say that no matter what your opinion may be a Toyotarou as an artist, I feel like with this Manga chapter he did.

He really brought the goods, the chapter is absolutely fantastic and to me, this is my favorite Toyotarou art.

In this manga since the Trunks Arc.

I think he really is back to form here when it comes to at least delivering cool fights on paper. The cool thing about the world of the void is that he doesn’t have to create backgrounds There.

So what he does sometimes is you’ll see little like sort of thumbprint looking things in the background. That’s how he represents the fighters fighting in the background.

It’s much easier to draw fights here without having to worry about the background it’s all going to be dark with some Fighters. I think he does a great job in this chapter at one point during this fight Caulifla shows just how strong she is.

She fires a huge Ki blast that looks like a Kamehameha and destroys and put the crater in the damn arena.

This is alarming enough to Frieza and where he decides to get serious. We finally see him Ascend for the first time in this Arc to Golden Frieza.

Dragon Ball Super Manga 37
Dragon Ball Super Manga 37

Dragon Ball Super Manga 37 Frieza vs Caulifla

Now, we have golden Frieza vs Caulifla now of course as much faster and much stronger than Frieza in his previous form.

He just gave Caulifla run for her money but Caulifla tries her best but golden Frieza’s too much and he’s not even going at full power.

Dragon Ball Super Manga 37
Dragon Ball Super Manga 37

This was a fun fight to read, it really was I enjoyed reading it. At one point kale tries to help out and make it a two-on-one situation but Caulifla says that she does not want any help Caulifla.

Actually tells Cabba that she wants to fight Frieza one-on-one and Cabba realizes quickly that kale is hiding her true power.

We find out that kale has a lot of love for Caulifla because at some point Caulifla apparently gave Kale a place to stay, her and the other gang member.

Dragon Ball Super Manga 37
Dragon Ball Super Manga 37

So as a result of that they have a weird kind of respect which is interesting because none of this was talked about in the anime version.

I’m wondering if Toyotarou in this version is kind of string away from me supposed Caulifla relationship with some have said is a thing.

Making it more of a platonic friendship to wear Caulifla and Kale, so that’s a very different take on the character because of the anime version.

Dragon Ball Super Manga 37
Dragon Ball Super Manga 37

We didn’t know any of this so Kale respect her wishes but boy Frieza does a number on Caulifla.

This thing looks like a death being a fireworks party. As this is going on Kale is watching the fight getting more and more angry at what is happening to Caulifla.

Dragon Ball Super Manga 37

Dragon Ball Super Manga 37 Kale  Frieza

Cabba steps in and tries to interfere but Frieza makes short work of him. So this whole thing about Caualifa won the fight Frieza on her own is dropped. Caulifla goes at Frieza two-on-one now, as this is going on Kale watching it she loses control and transforms into a Super Saiyan.

Dragon Ball Super Manga 37
Dragon Ball Super Manga 37

This version doesn’t look as both doubts as for the anime version that would be berserk. It just appears to be a regular Super Saiyan but there’s something different about it she has a bang, she does seem to be a little bit bigger.

But nowhere near as big as the anime version, so one would think that this is just a regular Super Saiyan transformation.

She’s not huge and bulky like the female Broly look or whatever that she had in the anime. However, it’s made very clear early on that this is not a regular Super Saiyan transformation.

Frieza instantly recognizes the new type of Super Saiyan but doesn’t really specify any more than that.

We do find out that Caulifla and, Cabba had no idea that Kale could do this and had this much power and, Kale goes to work on freaking Frieza.

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