Dragon Ball Super Broly Movie New Footage Leaks and Spoilers

Dragon Ball Super Broly Movie New Footage Leaks and Spoilers. Recently over in Japan during a One Piece commercial. They show the trailer for The Broly movie on-air as we see Super Saiyan Blue Goku and Broly battling in mid-air.

The environment of the movie looks and appears to be all CGI. Very similar to Resurrection F, and Battle of Gods as we had those aerial battles. Guys we’re going to talk about this and also talked about the Landscaping of the footage.

We have Super Saiyan blue Goku fighting against a non-Super Saiyan Broly. It appears to pretty even fight as their trading and exchanging blows. It also looks like Goku slightly has the upper hand. Actually Landing some hits there on Broly and when Broly attacks Goku he is blocking the punches.

Dragon Ball Movie New Footage
Dragon Ball Movie New Footage

Broly is not Super Saiyan, Goku does slightly have the upper hand. You can see the brute power of Broly when punches Goku sending him flying.

We also get a beautiful Aura of Super Saiyan blue as Goku flies back in, and I’m guessing Goku’s either going to slightly win here or he’s going to have to pop on the KaioKen.

Dragon Ball Movie New Footage
Dragon Ball Movie New Footage

That’s going to pretty much push Broly into going Super Saiyan. Now, Ladies and Gents, how in the hell can this guy take on a God in his base form.?

Well, as I did a post recently explaining the five forms of Broly. This is actually his third form because he seems to have the Buff State. We don’t know what the yellow eyes are yet.

But it undoubtedly a power boost. Also, note here that Goku is Ki at least the top part of it the orange part is already knocked off.

Dragon Ball Movie New Footage
Dragon Ball Movie New Footage

So at some point, during their battles, Broly must have nuked the hell out of Goku. Causing him to turn into Super Saiyan blue.

Leak Dragon Ball Movie New Footage Breakdown

Let’s talk about the landscape real quick, because this landscape looks almost identical to Resurrection F. When Goku was fighting against Frieza. Now, we know that there will be a new planet in this movie.

Dragon Ball Movie New Footage
Dragon Ball Movie New Footage

I have a feeling that’s probably going to be in the very early stages of the movie. We also got a picture of some new creature that we’re going to see at the very beginning of the movie.

Undoubtedly from the new planet, but I think that this battle that’s going on right now between Goku and Broly is on Earth.

That’s why I wanted to mention that. The importance of this is why it looks so similar to Resurrection F.

They may even meet on a different planet and then meet again on Earth. I Did a theory on that earlier because you see that Goku and Vegeta in the beginning.

While they are fighting Vegeta is nowhere to be found. But I think that’s because he’s actually fighting against Frieza.

Which we had some spoiler information about that released not too long ago. That freezer is also going to get a power boost and it’s going to be tough for Goku and Vegeta.

Dragon Ball Movie New Footage

I think it’s pretty much going to have Vegeta versus Frieza and Goku vs Broly.

That could happen on Earth or it could happen on that other planet. I feel like the movie at least is going to end on Earth.

This It’s a little scary, considering how strong Broly is and if his powers are uncontrollable. He could easily nuke the entire planet.

But then again, we have Whis who we know for sure is going to be in this movie who can always revert time just like he did in Resurrection F.

Leak Dragon Ball Movie New Footage Similarities

Not only the landscape but you’ll notice that this air combat seems very similar to Goku vs Frieza as well. So in the first two movies, they used CGI for these aerial battles.  I know a lot of fans really do not like this and to be honest, it perplexes me. Why.? They chose to go for the CGI because if you’re going to do CGI of characters like this. You have to build the models and that takes a lot of time.

However, it does make it much easier when you want to move the camera around the characters. Personally, I think they actually did a really good job with the CGI. Well, It’s actually hard to tell even if it is CGI, but I’m pretty sure it is it seems like the following the same ideals and will probably get mostly 2D animation. When they decide to go in the air here with the camera spinning around the characters that’s when we will get 3D or CGI.

Dragon Ball Movie New Footage

I wouldn’t be too worried about it. I don’t think we will get too much of the CGI, and to be honest. This actually looks great! I don’t know what they mapped they may be mapped 2D on top of it or something like that.

It’s definitely an interesting technique. Now, as we know they’re trying to make this the best dragon ball movie EVER! They’re trying to revamp how it looks, and how it feels and as you can see by the impacts. These are all new types of effects that we’ve never had before in Dragon Ball.

Dragon Ball Movie New Footage

So that’s pretty cool. I really do like the impacts the style here as Goku punches. It sent shockwaves outwards through Broly’s back and the same way when Broly attacks.

Guys, it’s a different kind of art and effect that was traditionally used to out of Dragon Ball. Also, guys keep in mind the two gradients of shading.

Now, I know Dragon Ball fans they love Takahashi work. he is an artist who prides himself on Amazing 3 gradients of shading.

Which fans going crazy over in Dragon Ball super in the tournament of power Arc. That’s what we know and love.

Takahashi is working on a lot of his, and he worked on the trailer a little too. But of new footage with Goku and Vegeta right here but that’s because

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