Dragon Ball Super Characters With OP Strength

Hello BBS nation, Today we will have a look at my top 24th strongest Dragon Ball Super Characters in the anime.

So, with Dragon Ball Super anime series in the history books, It might be difficult to remember which characters stand above the rest with OP power levels.

Whether it might be The Battle of Gods, Resurrection F Frieza Arc, The intense Goku black Arc, or The long Tournament of Power Arc.

One thing is for sure, there are many powerful characters within these arcs that have been looked over and without further ado, let’s go over some of the strongest characters in Dragon Ball Super anime series.

24. Magetta 

First on the list is the robot fighter Maggetta from Universe 6. Now, although he is not the strongest character on his team, he’s powerful enough to push Vegeta into his Super Saiyan 2 state.

We all could agree that Magetta is powerful and impressive. However, he is a weak sauce compared to the other fighters on this list.

23. Cabba

The Saiyan Cabba is from the 6th universe which is the same as Magetta who despite his weak appearances is far more powerful than you think.


Cabba had a strong respect for a Vegeta as they even had a mentor-student type relationship. With Cabba’s high potential in a different evolutionary path from the universe 7 Saiyans.

Saiyan Cabba easily obtained Super Saiyan 1 and 2 in mid-battle with his mentor Vegeta. 

22. Saiyan Caulifla

Many Dragon Ball GT fans were disappointed that pan and bulla in Dragon Ball, the only female Saiyans in the series never showed off the or had their moment as a Super Saiyan.

Caulifla and Goku
Caulifla and Goku

Fortunately, Dragon Ball super brought in not one but two female Saiyan characters with high potentials.

We saw the two female Saiyans Kale and Cauifla obtained the Super Saiyan 2 transformation even quicker than Cabba. While they would grow stronger as the tournament of power progresses. 

21. Obuni

Obuni is by far one of the most underrated characters that we saw in Dragon Ball Super tournament of power, his strength was not a joke.

DragonBall Super Characters 
DragonBall Super Characters

Universe 10 was facing elimination when Obuni took it upon himself to give his Universe of fighting chance.

His strange ability to create illusions of himself pushed Gohan to unleashes his Ultimate form. So, even though Obuni lost the battle, in end he gave Ultimate Gohan a tough battle.

20. Berserker Kale

Although Broly’s appearance as a legendary Super Saiyan in Dragon Ball Z was not canon. In  Dragon Ball Super Tournament series. Saiyan Kale gave us a taste of what Broly was about.

Berserk Kale
Berserk Kale

Kale’s character appeared shy and weak looking, however, as soon as she got angry she unleashed her berserker state.

Her Berserk from/state allows her to tank a Kamehameha from a suppressed Super Saiyan blue Goku. Kale even forced Jiren to step in to stop her from wreaking havoc.

19. Trunks Rage

During the Goku black Arc, Future Trunks unleashed the plot induced power of the Super Saiyan Rage transformation. This was after Goku black was made SSJBlue Vegeta and Goku look helpless.

Trunks unlocked this bizarre transformation which allowed him to nearly kill Goku Black and the immortal Zamasu in one swoop.

18. Goku Black

In Dragon Ball Super, even though Trunks eventually got stronger. One of the producers for super stated that ‘Goku Black was the strongest non-fused character at the time.

Goku Black’s deadly ability to get stronger in mid-battle gave Goku and Vegeta a difficult battle indeed. Super Saiyan Rose was as powerful as it was beautiful on Goku Black

17. Ultimate Gohan

Ultimate Gohan was the most powerful fighter during the Dragon Ball Z era arc. However, due to his studies and becoming a father, he slacked off on his training and became very weak when compared with Goku and Vegeta.

Nonetheless, after training non-stop with his mentor Piccolo. Goku’s son Gohan became powerful enough once again to rival the power of his father Super Saiyan Blue State.

Mystic Gohan or Ultimate Gohan whichever you want to call it even managed to eliminate the faster Pride Trooper Dyspo.

16. Frieza

One of the best moments within the tournament of power was when Goku actually had the guts to recruit his arch-nemesis Frieza to save the universe.

Although he was stuck in hell for several years. Frieza became strong enough to toy with Dyspo and even push Topo to abandon his Justice as a Pride Trooper. The evil space Emperor Frieza is not to be trifled with.

15. Dyspo

Universe 11 Pride Troopers Dyspo is known as the speed Blitz Captain or Speed God. Dyspo movements were casually beyond the speed of light, which unfortunately got Goku Gohan and even Frieza by surprise.

His power may not be vastly above Gohan’s, however, his crazy speed force cased Gohan and Frieza to form an unlikely alliance in order to defeat him.

14. Assassin Hit

The legendary Universe 6 assassin Hit is well known for his unique ability to manipulate time. We learn about this when HiT and Goku had their first encounter.


Hit pushed Goku to use the 10 x Kaioken and later on was hired by Goku himself to assassinate him.

Assassin Hit’s time stop, time skip capabilities allowed them to bind Jiren in a cage of time. However, even wasn’t enough to hold Jiren, Jiren broke out of it.

Talk about overpowered, however, hit during this point was more powerful than Frieza and even Goku black as a character.

13. Aniraza

Universe 3 was one of those unique universes within the Dragon Ball Super tournament.  Since their robots had the ability to merge into one Super Humanoid Robot.

Unfortunately, even the three-way merge proved fruitless against Universe 7 which, gave birth to Aniraza.

This might be a clear throwback to the Dragon Ball Z villain. Aniraza power was so overwhelming that Frieza, Goku, Vegeta, Android 17, and Gohan engaged in an intense beam struggle against him.

12. Android 17

Back in Dragon Ball Super anime, Android 17 pushed Goku to turn into his Super Saiyan blue form during their first sparring match. Android 17 also gave the decisive blow again Aniraza.

17 even took the hits that were meant for a post-zenkai Kaioken Goku and Super Saiyan Blue Evolution Vegeta.

We maybe have underestimated him Android 17 but his attempt sacrifice himself actually stopped a powered-up attack from Jiren. 

11. Merged Zamasu

The Potara Fusion of Merged Zamasu proved too Mighty for 2 Super Saiyan Blue Saiyans to handled that they were pushed to perform Fusion themselves.

Zamasu became so powerful to a point where even a fusion final Kamehameha from Super Saiyan blue Vegito proved useless against him.

However, the threshold of power that Merged Zamasu showed was eclipsed by stronger characters on this list.

9. Vegito

When Vegito uses the Potara Fusion of Goku and Vegeta to deal with Merged Zamasu.

Although we saw Vegito’s form and first appearance in Z. He was on the brink of defeating Merged Zamasu once and for all as he was literally punching him into smoke.

However, as mighty as Vegito maybe he’s, however, pale in comparison to the power of that Goku and Vegeta obtained individually, during the tournament of power.

9. God Toppo

So, what happens when one abandons their resolve/Justice to save their Universe? Well, it’s safe to say that they get pretty much OverPowered.

God of Destruction Toppo
God of Destruction Toppo

Toppo, The Leader of the Pride Troopers decided to become a God of destruction in attempts to defeat Vegeta’s evolved Blue from. The same one that pushed Jiren to unleash more power than Merged Zamasu ever did have.

8. Vegeta Evolution 

Vegeta yet again locked the next color palette of the Super Saiyan blue transformation known as Super Saiyan Blue Evolution.

This state allowed Vegeta to be on par with Kaioken times 20 Goku and even forced to Jiren to power up more than he did against Goku’s Spirit Bomb. 

7. Kefla 

Kefla the fusion between the universe 6 female Kale and Caulifla proved to be such a huge nuisance that she reignited the ultra Instinct state within Goku.

Fused Kefla was so powerful Goku had to be cautious of how he utilized his power to deal with her.

Super Kefla was even referenced by other characters that her power might have surpassed that of ultra Instinct Goku when Goku first fought Jiren. 

6. Beerus And Champa

The two siblings Beerus and Champa may not look like much, but they are very tough. Once upon a time, Beerus or Champa tried to Duke it out to the end because of their differences.

They risk the destruction of both of their respective universes. However, due to his physique size, Berrus seems to have an advantage over his brother Champa.

Lord Beeru’s main God of destruction in Dragon Ball Super and it’s no doubt that he is one of the most powerful characters as well.

Goku and Vegeta always saw Beerus as an obstacle to eventually surpass, which seemed more and more plausible of the series. 

5. Jiren The Gray 

Jiren the gray was a hyped-up character for several months before we ever saw him fight.

However, once we did, he made an absolute laughingstock out Goku. Goku goes Kaioken times 20 and it was not nearly enough to beat Jiren.

Also with Goku’s Spirit Bomb, Jiren was even stated by several characters to be the strongest being that they ever faced.

This was before Jiren unleashing his full power or even becoming an enraged against Ultra Instinct Goku. Jiren was someone who was stronger than the Gods of Destruction.

4. Mastered Ultra Instinct Goku

After Goku realized his Universe was at stake, he unleashed the power of mastered Ultra Instinct.

Goku ultra instinct did not only granted him immense power but also changed his hair color from black to Silver.

3. The Angels Whis and Vados

The angels Whis and Vados within Dragon Ball Super are quite mysterious beings. However, they are not only the attendance to God of destruction.

They’re also their teachers, both Vados and Whis are so strong that they can knock out Beerus and Champa with a single neck chop/slap.

So, not because Ultra Instinct Goku has the same hair color as the Angels doesn’t mean he’s on their level. Let’s just say Goku won’t be surpassing Whis anytime soon.

2. The Grand Priest 

The grand priest is stated to be one of the strongest fighters in the Dragon Ball Multiverse. He’s actually the father of all the Angels.

The Grand Priest is so powerful that Whis himself stated that he stands no chance against him. The Priest’s mere glance made Beerus nervous as well in the tournament of Power.

1. The Omni King

The Omni King Zeno is the most harmless-looking character in the series Dragon Ball Super. Zeno is the strongest of them all, he might not look like much.

However, he’s able to casually erase beings like Jiren and Champa and wipeout universes with the swish of his fingers.

Zeno can even wipe out an entire timeline if he pleases with little to no effort. Let’s just hope that Goku doesn’t upset him one of these days for the multiverse’s sake.

So, there you have it, the top 24 Strongest Dragon Ball Super Characters list. Thanks for stopping by.

Written by Gregory

Hello, my name is Gregory, I am a huge fan of Dragon Ball and I hope you like it here. If you have any questions feel free to contact me via Email Cheers!

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