New Dragon Ball Super 2020 Movie Coming Soon!


When Will Dragon Ball Super Return?

The return Dragon Ball Super date is not set, production of the anime is currently delayed until future notice. Dragon Ball Super season 2 might Announce its return date at the upcoming Jump Festa which is only a few months away.

Hello guys, we have some exciting news for all you dragon Ball Super Fans, there is 100% confirmation of a new Dragon Ball Super 2020 movie coming.

So basically what happened is the Japanese DVD version of Dragon Ball Super had this recent interview.

The producer of Dragon Ball Super Broly meaning the head of the Dragon Ball producers and a couple of people, pretty much what they said, and I quote.

Goku and Vegeta
Goku and Vegeta

”We’re working steadily on the next Dragon Ball movie since it was way too strong. I think maybe next time we’ll head in a different direction this time around.

With the last he Broly movie we raise the bar with so many different portions. So, we’re trying not to burn out from here on out. I think Dragon Ball will continue, so please look forward to it for the Movie. We came to realize a few things.

The Staffing casting and various other things for the movie were so good that we can’t get any better than this, but due to this experience will make things even better next time.” End quote.

So there you have a guy’s. If you remember a year or two ago when they bought the website domain for the Dragon Ball Super Broly movie for 2018.

They also bought the domains for 2019 and 2020. There was a lot of speculation from fans, a lot of people were saying, does that mean we’re getting three movies?

Dragon Ball Super 2020 Movie
Dragon Ball Super 2020 Movie

Even I thought it looks like we’ll probably get three movies. I don’t know if we’re going to get the movie this year.

However, I think they’re potentially is time to release one late this year. I think that we would get a trailer pretty much any day now or at least a teaser.

New Dragon Ball Super 2020 Movie

Dragon Ball Super 2020
Dragon Ball Super 2020 Movie

My guess is, I think we’re probably going to get the movie next year from this description from this interview.

It sounds like they want to take their time because Broly was such an insane project animation that is why. Nobody can argue that the animation was bad. The Movie was 11 out of 10 and with super Broly. 

Toei really pulled out the big guns with that movie. Compared to Dragon Ball Super, Dragon Ball Broly was just phenomenally better in like just about every aspect, art, animation, sound, and design Direction.

Everything was just off-the-charts. So, they probably killed themselves to make a movie of that caliber.

There has not been a single Dragon Ball movie that has been the caliber of Broly. They don’t want to burn out all of their staff. So it looks like they made enough money off Broly.

I’m getting this sense that they almost feel comfortable now that they can take their time. Broly made them over a 100 hundred million dollar$ in profit.

So that’s that means we can sit comfortably and they don’t have to rush. I guess the Broly movie was rushed.

However, I didn’t see any flaws in the movie besides just some story things and some plot points like power scaling and stuff.

The Next Dragon Ball Super Movie

However, in terms of the actual production, I didn’t see any flaws in it. Now, with that level of space to play around with different things and hopefully take a lot of the stress off of the staff.

I think that’s what I’m getting here. So, what they’re saying is, “We killed it with Broly. We’re not sure that we could compete with that again, so with the next Dragon Ball movie, we’re going to take it in a different direction.”

Whatever that means maybe it won’t be as intensive in terms of action. Maybe it’ll be some sort of like Journey sort of thing with a little me boss at the end.

They brought back Frieza and they brought back Broly. Could they be bringing back someone else like Cooler, Cell, or something one like that?

Who knows. As we get more information obviously we’ll talk about it, but this is really really exciting news.

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