Dragon Ball Heroes Episode Series And Games Explained

Dragon Ball Heroes Fans, we have A lot to talk about, here is breaking news! This is about Super Dragon Ball Heroes and the arcade game. Super Dragon Ball Heroes Heroes Universe Mission will be aired in Japan on 7/1/2018. We’re not going to get it on television though.

It’s going to be broadcast at a special event in Japan and, it will soon pop up online probably right here on this website. If you look at the website over where it says ”The movie” it does not mean it’s an actual long movie. It’s more so that movies are going to be story clips and things like that.

So once the website gets updated in the coming weeks, we are going to be able to click the movie and actually watch some clips.

Maybe even the full episodes of the Super Dragon Ball Heroes anime.

Lets us get into the actual preview that we’ve gotten on the website, for the first episode.

Dragon Ball Heroes
Dragon Ball Heroes

If you go to the story on the right of the website’s official website. You already see that they are starting with episode 1. We are already getting Super Saiyan 4 vs Super Saiyan, God Super Saiyan, Super Saiyan Blue.

Now Dragon Ball Heroes in case you didn’t know it’s basically a little Cannon.

It’s not part of the main continuity, of dragon ball super though. it’s a completely different thing, nothing to do with super.

But there are elements from Super, that will be in the series obviously. So for the first time and, I think this is very historic because of how they start off.

They are going to start with for the first time in 20 years. I think this is a big deal the return of Super Saiyan 4 in anime.


Super Saiyan 4 form in Dragon Ball we’ve seen in video games, episode series, and manga. but now we’re seeing Saiyan 4 back against Blue.

Dragon Ball Heroes
Dragon Ball Heroes

They’re giving us a huge main event, to start this thing here is some early-season including an awesome little picture right there of Goku transforming.

Presumed that, of course,e Goku from Dragon Ball super. You may be wondering or saying wait a minute, why are there two Goku’s?

Super Dragon Ball Heroes Episode 1 

How can two Goku exist.?

Dragon Ball Heroes combines characters from different timelines and different continuities.

You are going to see characters from Super and from GT fighting from Xenoverse and from Legends.

You are going to see Android 21 from Fighters they are all going to be a part of this like they are in the Japanese game.

I don’t know exactly which and when but in the Japanese game they’re all mixed together if it’s a big mix.

This is going to be awesome to see on screen. So you may be wondering well what is the story behind this.

There’s a whole bunch of stuff here so I’m going to go ahead and get the translation ready for you guys.

Dragon Ball Heroes spoilers for episode 1 if you don’t want to be spoiled you know this is not the post for you.

It doesn’t really give too much away says here: This is going to be the story of Dragon Ball Heroes.

At least the prison planet Arc which I’ll get into here in a minute.

Goku and Vegeta said off the train when they’re visited Once More by Trunks from the future.

Suddenly Trunk’s vanishes and the mysterious man Fu appears.

Dragon Ball Heroes

If you have play Dragon Ball Xenoverse 2, you already kind of are familiar with Fu because he came in the recent DLC pack.

Fu is probably going to be the main antagonist in the centerpiece of the prison planet Arc was going to be the first Arc here in this new anime.

It says he says that an Uncharted an unknown Prison Planet built between the universe is the space between the universe exists.

So you got the 12universese, this planet exists in between those universes. So to free themselves they must gather the dragon balls and expect endless tremendous battles.

That’s right folks with Heroes, this could be the return of Broly, which a lot of folks are probably groaning at.

many fans may be happy with the return of Cooler because of coolers on the promotional material.

If you go over to the promotional material on the main website, cooler is there so cooler is back.

Dragon Ball Heroes
Dragon Ball Heroes Episode 1

Dragon Ball Heroes Game

Also, Super Trunks and Mai from Super all returning to the series for us to enjoy.

Will Goku and Friends be able to save Trunks and Escape from the Prison Planet?

If you want more information on what the prison planet Arc is.

I did a post called Fu in dragon ball Xenoverse which covers the entire history of Fu.

So far I will leave a link to that well as the what is Dragon Ball Heroes if you don’t know.

I know people get hung up on this, it is totally just going to be a fan service series it’s not part of the main continuity please do not stress out over Cannon.

This is not supposed to be anything like that. It supposed to be like a big Dragon Ball Multiverse.

A big sort of you knows hodgepodge of different versions of Vegeta different versions of trunks different.

I’m telling you that right now it’s not for everyone.

I don’t think so but I don’t care what anyone says. Me as a fan seeing ssj4 vs Blue an anime formula there are some previews animated previews for the video game already out.

I think it’s going to be great. I will say this, you know it is not really a spoiler here but in the game in the manga and in the game associated with Heroes.

Blue Beats Super Saiyan 4, know some folks get triggered by that but that’s pretty much what happened.

SSJ Blue does but that doesn’t mean Super Saiyan 4 goes down like a chump, SSj4 Goku still fights but Blue Beats SSj4.

Again if you’re wondering why are two Goku’s why are there multiple Goku’s.

Like I said Fu goal is to gather Warriors from different timelines different places in the timeline and the different universe are going to see mixes and matches.

The reason why there’s multiple Goku is that Super Saiyan 4 Goku is Xeno Goku or time Patrol Goku.

I’m going to break down the entire history of Xeno Goku that we know in another post. 

We have blue Goku which is the main continuity of Goku.

Or at least a version of the main conduit. So just imagine like one of those like crossover events.

I mean like The Jetsons Meet The Flintstones cartoon, that is what this is going to be but like it will be Dragon Ball.

As of right now, this series will not be airing on television, it’s going to be something that they going to be promoting the game.

So don’t expect it to be like a full-length anime series. I’m expecting it to be like shorts like 15 minutes 10 minutes.

That’s just me though, that has not been announced yet that’s just me.

I’m expecting to be not a full-length anime but it’s still some cool stuff for us to watch to help promote Dragon Ball Heroes.

Which unfortunately like I said it’s one of those things where it’s only gonna be in Japan.

So we’re never going to get to play this game unless we go to Japan to play it. It’s just how it is Bandai Namco of Japan does not want to release this game outside of Japan.

There are logistical reasons but it’s just not going to happen, but at the very least we can maybe enjoy this anime.

You know as it comes out now unfortunately because it’s Heroes.

I am not I’m going, to be honest with you guys I’m not going to BS you probably not. It’s going to be a Role or FUNimation.

I don’t think there will there be fan-subtitled versions, I’m going to say probably I don’t Advocate this but it’s going to be hard to watch.

Otherwise, you know what I mean like I don’t even know how we’re going to get to watch it.

We will see though, I mean hopefully, something can be worked out.

I’m not suspecting it but it will be good if this is not part of the same branches of Dragon Ball super it’s a side thing but it still Dragon Ball.

Nozawa will be coming back presumably to portray the Goku’s and of course you know Trunks and Mia.

All this stuff and just to clarify, this is Super Trunks that Fu captured not time Patrol Trunks.

with Heroes they are a different character in the heroes’ story.

So remember there are different Trunks there’s different from Goku’s and different from Vegeta’s. It’s a big battle royal and I can’t wait to see it.

Dragon Ball Heroes

My views on  Dragon Ball heroes 

Yeah I know it’s all fanservice but cool, You know golden Coolers it’s all like fancy and I just find it really interest That They’re doing golden Cooler.

Alright, Dragon Ball fans’ golden Cooler is not just fan fiction fantasy anymore. The golden Cooler is indeed coming to Super Dragon Ball Heroes. 

Or maybe in some other video games as well, I have a discussion about the new Super Dragon Ball Heroes trailer.

What is in this trailer with the implication that may have for the future of Dragon Ball video games.

Ball Heroes Heroes Universe Mission

They are introducing a plethora of new characters into Dragon Ball Heroes. It’s interesting because you know super as off right now.

Dragon Ball Super is not on the air and it may come back next year. We definitely have the movie coming out but in the meantime. It’s going to be so many different video games and so many different things coming out.

All these anime, series, video games and characters are going to expand this Dragon Ball world and manga and things like that.

So that when super comes back we may end up seeing tons of bigger things. I hope you all enjoy the post helps and be of good content to you all.

Dragon Ball Heroes Villains

Fu may be the villain of the prison planet Ark, but Dragon Ball Heroes been around for a very long time.

The primary villains of Dragon Ball Heroes existed way before Fu was even a thing.

In fact, they kind of existed before Dragon Ball Heroes was even a thing.

That is to say, the battle in Dragon Ball Heroes began with the MMORPG from Korea Dragon Ball online.

And really everything began with the arrival of Mirra and Towa. Which would end u, of course,e being the primary antagonist of Dragon Ball Heroes.

Then later Dragon Ball Xenoverse. 

Now this group would go by many names, The Time Breakers, The Dark Demon Realm Army, The Dark Makai Army, and now the Dark Empire.

So in this post, I’m going to tell you the story of the Dark Empire.

Also, the primary villains of Dragon Ball Heroes, and their battle with the Time Patrol.

Countless in a war that’s not going to end anytime soon.

So essentially, the time Breakers Mirra and Towa began everything with one goal. 

This goal was to gathering dark energy to break the seal of the demon realm.

With the seal being broken they can flood the entire universe.

Or even the Multiverse with demonic entities and have it under their control.

That’s their primary goal. There’s a lot of backstories here because of the time Breakers in Dragon Ball online.

The MMORPG that came out before Heroes had a lot of different affiliations in different sort of subgroups.

Those were also villains like the Red Pants Army and The Dark Namekian. I’m not going to get into because that’s Dragon Ball online not Heroes. But these concepts are ideas that I feel will be visited at some point.

Or at least they could be, I want to focus mostly on the more recent stuff that he was introduced and that is of course.

The rise of MehchicaBuddha and the Dark Empire. Now, we recently found out that even though Mirra and Towa time Breakers were in deep trouble.

Dragon Ball Heroes
Dragon Ball Heroes

They are just a small section of the Grandeur Dark Empire which is ruled by MehchicaBuddha.

So in many ways, this old man is kind of the lead evil entity, the lead villain of Dragon Ball Heroes.

He’s kind of like the big Mastermind, the Emperor Palpatine, so to speak of the Dark Empire.

I mean there are obvious parallels there. We find out that he has been essentially at war with the Supreme Kai of time for several centuries.

Then at some point in the past, he was beating.

Now, in Dragon Ball Heroes, there’s this huge huge battle between Demigra the Demon God and the time against the time Patrol.

I’m not talking about the same one that was in Xenoverse. I mean something much grander.

A battle across time, but like I said I’ll be covering that more in-depth in another post.

What happens is once the Migra is defeated. You know the time Patrol thought hey, we’re done with this guy.

We’ve saved all of space and time and then MehciaBuddha appears and he becomes the controlling villain of the series.

Now in the manga, Mehicabuddha was revived by Towa from Gathering tons and tons of energy.

Because remember and all these games the one commonality is that Towa was always Gathering energy for something.

Either to breaking the demon seal or resurrecting Dabudha, she is always doing something like this.

So Mechicabudda comes back and the first thing he tries to do is use the dark dragon balls to regain his youth.

Just like Demon King Piccolo and Lord Slug did in his movie. So he could get revenge on the Supreme Kai of time.

So, therefore, he wants those dark dragon balls. and I’ve already done a post covering the dark dragon ball. So that’s a good little companion piece of this post that you learn more about what they actually do.

Mechicabuddha actually succeeds in regaining his youth by summoning the dark Shenron from the dark dragon balls.

But what ends up happening is in a very desperate move the Supreme Kai of time uses all of her powers of the time.

To seal herself Mechicabuddha and the demon realm the entire demon realm in a limbo sort of space.

This limbo realm called the Time Labrinth and I know what some of you guys are thinking right now.

These storylines are a lot more than Dragon Ball Super.

I kind of agree in some ways. Anyways, back to the topic so what happens is we find out through ultimate Mission X.

that Mechicabudda’s actual goal is to become the Supreme Kai of time. He wants control overall time.

He wants her powers and it’s even described that when he was in his prime he was the strongest evil.

Obviously, everybody gets promoted like that and Dragon Ball Heroes, cuz it’s all hype.

But none-the-less his power is no joke and I’m not kidding about that.

So there are several interesting feats that this guy does in the manga and the game.

That to me or just absolutely crazy not only does he laugh at Broly dark powers because he doesn’t fear Him whatsoever.

He is also the source of evil that was able to upgrade King Vegeta and The Dark Mask King who could also gain an unbelievable amount of power.

And who also once a challenger of Lord Beerus himself.

Once he regains his youth he literally says that even those who stand before him like Super Saiyan 4 Gogeta are like children in comparison to his power.

Which is why the Supreme Kai of time, had to use the entire power of time to seal this guy.

Now as of this post we have not seen him since but knowing Dragon Ball Heroes and those things.

I’m sure he’ll be back eventually.

Besides Mechicabuddha and the characters that you already know like DaBuddha and the Demigra and other characters.

Like Mirra and Towa, there are other demonic Gods that work with the dark empire under Mechicabuddha.

They are exclusive to Dragon Ball Heroes and many of these characters aren’t necessarily physically strong.

Even though some are but they are in fact very dangerous and powerful wizards who may not be able to compete in fisticuffs with Goku.

But in some cases are very scary. and f course, in classic Toriyama fashion.

They’re all named after food, so the two main sorcerers whom you could consider the right and left hand figuratively speaking.

 They are God Gravy and Poutine. And of course, those of you who are Canadian know exactly what I’m talking about when it comes to Gravy and poutine.

Look it up if you don’t know. These characters are really interesting because not only are they powerful Wizards that work for Mechicabuddha.

They actually existed during the foundation of the creation of the dark demon realm. They’re very old and have been adversaries of the Supreme Kai’s for millenniums.

Hover, they were actually originally good characters who were Shinjin but were corrupted by the Demigra many years ago.

Dragon Ball Heroes Demigra
Dragon Ball Heroes Demigra

Demigra one of the main key players in this thing. So the feud between the Supreme Kai’s and the demons has been going on for like I said forever.

With both Poutine and God Gravy.

Dragon Ball Heroes
Dragon Ball Heroes
God Gravy
Dragon Ball Heroes Gravy

Now, when it comes to power from what we’ve seen they are able to compete against Super Saiyan 4.

But they could not beat Super Saiyan 4 Gogeta, that was just too much for them. But kudos to them for having the balls to even challenge Gogeta.

That’s not all, because the Dark Empire’s power stretches far beyond just these two characters.

We also have the character of Salsa who is Mechicauddha’s I guess you can say, servant.

Who is always taking orders from his master, now as far as Salsas power goes he’s not quite as powerful as Poutine and God Gravy?

However, we do know that he’s at least more powerful than Majin Buu, but if you want to talk about power what is scarier than a demon god?

What about the death of God? Let’s talk about Shroom.

Dragon Ball Heroes Shroon

Dragon Ball Heroes Shroom

Now, Shroom or Majin Shroom whatever you want to call him is essentially the Grim Reaper of the dark Empire.

He is much more rebellious in any of his but he also has abilities that nobody else has.

Except for maybe Towa and Mechicabudda himself. He has the ability to actually multiply soldiers to help him fight and battle for him.

Which is something that might sound great and actually is pretty great, when you think about it

But it really doesn’t do that well against the really tough opponent that he’s able to go against.

Dragon Ball Heroes

However, in the Dragon Ball Heroes manga. He does face off against not only Janemba but also Gogeta Xeno and fights pretty evenly against Gogeta.

In fact, the reason why they even had to fuse to make Gogeta was that Shroom has the ability to suck out your soul.

Thus lowering your power and so Goku and Vegeta had to fuse which is absolutely nuts.

In the manga, he was also able to square off again Super Saiyan 4 Goku.

I know relatively well even though Goku Xeno was kind of beating up still that to me says something to be brutally honest.

The next time that we see Shroom, he’s over here competing with just Goten. Not even Gotenks, Goten.

That seems a lot less impressive than previously.

Another high ranking member of the Dark Empire is what’s known as Kia Kumon The Great Devilman.

Now as far as I know great Devilman and Devilman from DragonBall are not the same characters.

They are totally different characters. It’s not just the old Devilman upgraded but he is joined by the Twins.

These aren’t takeoffs of the Majin race, the one that’s actually made up of Buu’s. But they’re evil of course and in addition to these guys.

Don’t forget that they’ve also got the destruction Kings, you know the modern Majins like Janemba and whatnot.

Plus the characters that wear the tiebreaker masks like King Vegeta and Bardock and dark Broly who get tons of power upgrade.

So the Dark Empire is and probably forever will be the primary villain of Dragon Ball Heroes.

I hope that now you know more about them. Thanks so much for being here sorry about my grammar.

I hope you enjoyed it and I love you all so come and share your thoughts down below.

I want to hear from some of my readers. If I missed somethinging in this post please feel free to comment or contact and let me know.

Written by Gregory

Hello, my name is Gregory, I am a huge fan of Dragon Ball and I hope you like it here. If you have any questions feel free to contact me via Email Cheers!

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