Super Dragon Ball Heroes Manga Chapter 13 English Translation

Dragon Ball Heroes Manga Chapter 13 – Hello guys, The Super Dragon Ball Heroes promotional anime coming out in September. I thought it’d be a good idea to go and take a look at the Manga version of the event. Also, to get some insight and a preview as to where this storyline is going in the anime version of the prison planet arc.

The Manga and Anime are similar but not identical, and a lot of the events do indeed mirror each other. They aren’t quite as drastically different as they are like the Dragon Ball super manga compared to the anime.

We pick up with Mai revealing that she has a capsule with Trunk’s weapon and clothing to fight. While Oolong implores them to stop flirting and bounced. While all this is going on, there is a battle between evil vs evil.

With the evil Saiyan Cumber squaring up against Cooler, Trunks does get involved and so does Goku and Vegeta. So everyone pretty much gangs up on Cumber and while Goku is no longer in his rage form.

He cannot go into Super Saiyan blue, so he’s been downgraded to the regular red-haired God form.  Fu is watching all of this godown and he surprised at the power of Cumber. That’s when they actually first reveal his name in the manga.

Dragon Ball Heroes Manga Chapter 13
Dragon Ball Heroes Manga Chapter 13

So it’s going down heavy right now and Mai hands Goku not only a Senzus but also the Potaras that she got from the Supreme Kai.

Dragon Ball Heroes Manga Chapter 13
Dragon Ball Heroes Manga Chapter 13

Then we witness The Rebirth of Vegito blue, so obviously you can tell that this first part of this manga chapter. These events pretty much already happened in the anime version of episode 2 of the heroes anime. This is pretty much where we left off at the end of episode 2, with Vegito blue.

Dragon Ball Heroes Manga Chapter 13 Super Saiyan Cumber 

Now, the fight with Cumber begins and we find out that few actually know about the Potara. So that’s interesting, and we also find out that Cumber has one of the Dragon Balls. So they will have to find a way to take it away from him. They have this really interesting fight with Vegito and Cumber.

That I really did enjoy reading in this Manga chapter. It was so much better than the one from last month like it was a huge Improvement.

As is going on we have our first appearance of Ozotto. So now I’m sure a lot of people have no idea who was out though is. I think I have already covered a post about him and his history. But if not I will do it over.

Dragon Ball Heroes Manga Chapter 13
Dragon Ball Heroes Manga Chapter 13

Ozotto is indeed in this Prison Planet arc. Trunks wanted to fight Ozotto but, Ozotto said that there’s no point and just having a pointless battle.

Dragon Ball Heroes Manga Chapter 13

Then he slips away through a portal with Cooler and Trunks goes with them too.

They’re going to a different part of the prison planet and now we’re kind of seeing a little bit of those are those personalities. He’s not just some dumb brain monster, we find out that this portal was actually created by Ozotto.

Fu says that he has the ability to move through space and time. So here we have a reality-warping character in Super Dragon Ball Heroes. He definitely seems to have been powered up.

Meanwhile, things get really really crazy. So Vegito blue and Cumber is fighting. Cumber has now become a Super Saiyan, and Vegito blue says well it’s time to get serious.

Dragon Ball Heroes Manga Chapter 13 Cumber Vs Vegito 

Cumber replies back by creating an artificial Moon. That’s right he is beginning to transform into a great Ozaru.

Dragon Ball Heroes Manga Chapter 13

Ozaru Cumber, I guess his other form is stronger than a Super Saiyan. I guess maybe he can control it.

It could be a GT type thing, and does this mean we’re going to get a Golden Great Ape version of Cumber fighting Vegito blue.

That’s going to be nuts, so we cut away to what is called the Area Chaos. Cooler and Trunks appearing out of a portal, there is no Ozotto.

Dragon Ball Heroes Manga Chapter 13



Cooler remarks that he thinks that Ozotto knows where the rest of the dragon balls are, but there’s no sign of Ozotto. Instead, what appears is the remnants of Frieza’s army, his father King Cold. Right there on the prison planet.

Dragon Ball Heroes Manga Chapter 13

Then we have a huge cloud of black smoke and out of the black smoke, we have Lord Slug, Bojack and making surprise appearances that I was not expecting.

Dragon Ball Heroes Manga Chapter 13
Dragon Ball Heroes Manga Chapter 13

Kid Buu, Perfect Cell, and Turles. Which really Turles is beloved by Dragon Ball Heroes they always bring him back for these different missions and new levels and whatnot. So having him here shouldn’t be a surprise, but it was. I didn’t think that would be happening again but it is how the chapter ends with that Cliffhanger.

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