Hearts Vs. Gogeta Dragon Ball Heroes Episode 17 Online

Godslayer Hearts has fused with the universe seed and become an Omni God in Dragon Ball Heroes Episode 17.

Godslayer Hearts appears and ready to fight. So, the majority of this episode is to Showcase how strong Hearts is.

Godslayer Hearts
Godslayer Hearts

Now he is fighting against a bunch of the earth warriors like Vegeta, Trunks, Android 17, Piccolo, and Goku and also Hit and Jiren.

While they are all there, Hearst literally has no issues just pounding on them with easy because of he the main boss.

They have to build up Hearts if you have to be this gigantic threat. However, I really find it hard to believe that he’s so strong and able to beat Jiren and Hit.

At least with Goku and Vegeta, they’ve been in many battles since the beginning of Heroes. they’re nerfing down their battle power.

Dragon Ball Heroes Episode 17
Dragon Ball Heroes Episode 17

You could explain that Heart being refreshed is able to take them out, but after watching Dragon Ball Super Jiren has an unbelievable level of stamina and durability.

We’ve seen Jiren fight for many many episodes straight and I mean fight long and hard against both Goku Kaoiken blue and Vegeta Blue Evolution.

Dragon Ball Heroes Episode 18 Release Date

Yet they have Hearts just dominating both Jiren and Hit. The big release date for this episode and the big teaser for the next episode comes in December.

So in December, we are going to have Hearts vs Gogeta. Finally, you know almost a year after the Broly movie came out we’re talking about Gogeta blue again. Well, he’s not blue yet but presumably, he will be blue in episode 18.

So Gegeta is the Dragon Ball Super Broly version of Gogeta. One thing I will say is that he looks different without it being a Shintani promo piece.

I think Gogeta still looks good though. There’s a couple of Animation Cuts in this episode with Goku like the one when he comes in with a fist punch.

I don’t think they’re terrible but they’re definitely not as smooth and silky as Gogeta look in the Dragon Ball Super Broly movie.

So even though I think we can get excited as fans or Fanboys that Gogeta is pretty undefeated in Dragon Ball. When you think about it he’s never really lost the fight.

Dragon Ball Heroes Episode 17
Dragon Ball Heroes Episode 17

Dragon Ball Heroes Episode 17 Fusion

No villains have ever beaten fusion rarely or lose, they usually defuse in most cases. Either way Gogeta blue vs Hearts is probably going to be fun.

I would hope but it’s not going to be as smooth or as just visually breathtaking as it was with Gogeta vs Broly in Dragon Ball Super Broly. 

However, there’s not much to say about this episode. I think Hearts being the final boss is one that kind of makes sense because he is somewhat Expendable.

While Gogeta coming in is an exciting thing but it’s not going to look as good as the Broly movie. However, it’s still Gogeta.

Gogeta blue is coming of course in December that is their next big card for the Japanese game.

So they have to promote Hearts While we see Goku and Vegeta fused into Gogeta at the end of this episode. Nonetheless,  it makes me wonder about the power scaling in this series.

But hey, this theses Dragon Ball Heroes series does not make any sense with power scaling. There are going to be people who try to make sense of it tough.

I mean, you can’t make sense of it. Presumably, Hearts is stronger than Cumber and we have other Fusion that failed again Hearts. They do that to kind of building Hearts.

So now we have Gogeta blue who is going to win? I mean we thought this is going to be the last episode of Heroes.

However, they have one more coming, so it’s just one of those things where if you try to overthink the power scaling on this thing it’s just you’re going to have a headache. You know because Gogeta blue is very strong.

But can Gogeta blue beat 100% full power Jiren in dragon ball heroes 17? What do you this about Hearts’ new transformation in dragon ball heroes? Let me know down below.


What I think will happen in dragon ball heroes episode 18 is that the fusion between Goku and Vegeta will run out at some point.

The other Z fighters will get their butts handed to them. Jiren and Hit will put up a good fight until Hearts get the better of them. then The Omini king will step in and save the day or the Grand Priest.

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