Potential Dragon Ball Arcs For 2019 and 2020

Potential Dragon Ball Arcs in 2019. Dragon Ball Super Created an entirely new world of characters, universe and transformations, and a lot of unanswered questions that could lead us into a plethora of various arcs.

If and when we get a continuation Series of Dragon Ball Arcs. So, on this post, we are going to break down all of the potential Dragon Ball Arcs, that we could see if we get a continuous series of Dragon Ball Super.

Which we probably will, we are going to talk about a lot of the unanswered questions and one of the characters that have not yet been revealed. Also, what Akira Toriyama could have in store for us.

The tournament of power was quite a spectacle. I know the majority of fans loved and appreciated this tournament.

As we got introduced to six new universes Fighters and it was an all-out brawl to see which Universe was the strongest.

Ultimately Universe 7 took home the win with a single fighter remaining. However, there were four universes that did not participate, the four universes which have the highest mortal levels.

Goku and Jiren were the strongest Two fighters out of the 80 that participated in the tournament of power

Dragon Ball Arcs
Dragon Ball Arcs

There is still for universe left which could hold Fighters even stronger than Goku and Jiren.

We know at any point Akira Toriyama could decide that he wants to take the franchise in this direction and lead into one of the new universes If not all four.


Goku loves to fight strong opponents, and knowing Goku at some point is going to want to explore those universes in search of some powerful opponents. One of the more likely for potential Dragon ball Arcs.

For Dragon Ball acres and popular fan, the theory is that at the end of Dragon Ball Super when Android 17 wished back all of the erased universes.

He also brought back the six universes that were previously erased by Zeno.

In doing so, we can get potentially 18 universes which could lead to a plethora of new stories, villains, and other potential ways to extend the show. This could give us tons of extra future arcs.

The Dragon Ball Arcs movie is coming up this December, and if Toriyama decides to take it in the direction that battle of the gods and Resurrection F did.

Resurrection F

Potential Dragon Ball Arcs For 2019

Where they were actually part of the physical anime, it is possible that the movie itself could lead to an entirely new arc.

Something to do with sayings it could be a Saiyan Saga 2.0 or there could be some sort of Chaos in time and space, opening the doors for Goku to fight some powerful ancient enemies.

Another option for future potential Dragon ball Arcs is different timelines and paradox universes.

This is something that we’re going to be introduced to in Dragon Ball Heroes.

The Goku Black Arc was pretty much a paradox Universe.

However, in this sense, if they ever wanted to bring back some old villains or characters like Bardock.

This would give them the ability to expand upon that. However, I do think they are going to do that.

They are going to save all these alternate timeline and characters for the Dragon Ball Heroes anime.

Considering we already sort of got this with the Goku black Arc.

it’s less likely that a future Arc will take this direction.

Uub Saga at one point in an interview with Toyotaro the Dragon Ball super manga artist.

He said that they were leading up to the end of Dragon Ball Z.  This led fans to believe there was a possibility that the next Arc after the tournament of power could be a continuation of Dragon Ball Arcs.

Potential Dragon Ball Arcs in 2019 

At that point, Trunks and Goten would be grown up and Goku who would have flown away with Uub to go train him.

As new enemies would approach, However, I don’t feel like this would be a likely future arc.

Since Goku and Vegeta are so much stronger than just about everybody else in the anime, including Jiren.

I don’t see how you Uub could compete with Goku and Vegeta who are so much stronger than everybody else.

If there was an enemy that could challenge them Uub would simply be way too weak to contribute to the story.

The next possibility for a future Dragon Ball Arcs is revolving around the dragon God Zarama.

Early in Dragon Ball super, the name was dropped about the Dragon God Zarama and how he was the one who created the super dragon balls.

That was all that we ever learned about the character. Who is he is he? is still alive? is he a good guy or a bad guy.?

Could we see him in the future and could they open the door for a potential future Dragon Ball arc.

Dragon Ball Arcs
Potential Dragon Ball Arcs 2019

Next the planet Sadala Arc. Universe 6 instead of a planet Vegeta, they have a planet Sadala and Vegeta has promised to go meet the Saiyan king of universe 6.

He made his promise to Cabba to visit and could be the introduction of an entirely new Saiyan planet with tons of characters.

This could open the doors for tons of different story and I’m sure that they don’t want to put all of that character development for, cauliflower and kale to waste.

I think this is a highly and likely a future Dragon Ball Arcs special.

Dragon Ball Arcs
Potential Dragon Ball Arcs 2019

Future Potential Dragon Ball Arcs

The evildoer arc, As we learned in the tournament of power. There was an evil-doer that killed Jiren’s parents.

Now, we were never told if Jiren defeated this enemy or if he’s still alive and in the case that he is alive, Jiren wants his revenge.

It could be a possibility that he would list Goku and Vegeta to assist him and taking down this evildoer and with a brand new evil.

That can lead to an entirely new story that character’s backstory what are their motivations and how will Goku and Jiren take them down.

Dragon Ball Arcs
Potential Dragon Ball Arcs 2019

Probably the least likely future art but how cool would it be if there was a war between the Gods and 6 verse 6 universes had to go up against each other.

What if the two Zeno’s got in a conflict half of the universes side with one and the other half sided with the other.

Everybody wants to see Whis fight, everybody wants to see the Grand Priest fight.

How cool would it be to get an arc where all of the Gods battle each other and Goku Vegeta and Jiren Stood Beside them.

Another potential idea for a future Dragon Ball Arc would be involving the original Super Saiyan God Yamoshi.

Dragon Ball Arcs
Potential Dragon Ball Arcs 2019

Now, months ago in an interview with Akira Toriyama, we’ve learned about Yamoshi.

it was this brand new name that was dropped, yet there is no story of him in the anime or the manga.

Akira Toriyama’s did an interview were he Yamoshi died fighting a bunch of enemies.

But it could be possible that he would come back via a wish of the dragon balls or something else of that nature.

There is still a very small chance that we may hear about your Yamoshi in the Dragon Ball Super movie this December.

If not we may hear about him in the anime, if we try to explore the origins of Super Saiyan God.

Dragon Ball Arcs

Dragon Ball Arcs

Then finally there’s always the option that it is none of these in Acura Toriyama could decide to go on a completely different path than any of these options.

That they’ve laid out for us, whatever the case is there is one major thing to keep in mind and that’s with all of the Arsenal’s and weapons that they have for the Z Fighters.

Right now between Ultra Instinct Vegito to even Beerus helping out.

It’s going to be very difficult to produce an enemy that can be on par or stronger than these things.

Especially with ultra Instinct and although Goku said he can no longer do it.

I think most fans are under the assumption that the next time he breaks his limits it will come out yet again.

How can an enemy fight an ultra Instinct Goku which was even stronger than Jiren?

Someone that can dodge all of your attacks and can also hit you multiple times in an instant.

The only way that I can think of is that a bad enemy has Ultra Instinct themselves.

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Hello, my name is Gregory, I am a huge fan of Dragon Ball and I hope you like it here. If you have any questions feel free to contact me via Email Cheers!

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