Dragon Ball 50th Anniversary Action Figure Son Goku

Hello guy, Dragon Ball 50th Anniversary Super Saiyan Goku Figure is out. So if you are a collector for these types of action figure I will leave a link here where you can go and purchase one.

First, I must say they did a great job with this Goku figure, it’s detailed in design and well put together. However, the main reason my this Goku figure is so cool is that on the back of the figure box there is an original picture of Super Saiyan Goku.

Dragon Ball 50th Anniversary
Dragon Ball 50th Anniversary Action Figure

Dragon Ball 50th Anniversary

So, that picture on the back was the first time we were introduced to Super Saiyan Goku of the Manga. This was from Shonen Jump when he went up against the evil tyrant Frieza.

We all can agree that the battle with Frieza and Goku was the most epic battle of all time. This Super Goku figure is not just a typical action figure for most, it was apart of our childhood bond.

I don’t know about you, but this Dragon Ball figure with detailed like this one is so cool to me. Also, if you did not know, this is not a Toei Animation figure, it actually a Shuasha figure. However, it’s interesting to know that is not from Toei. I guess probably because it’s from the manga.

Nonetheless, it does not matter because they are involved in the success of Dragon Ball. So if you have not purchased one of these Dragon Ball 50th Anniversary Goku Figure what are you waiting for?

Overall, we can all appreciate this Dragonball 50th Anniversary gift to us the fans. Even a lot of new Dragon Ball fans are not familiar with these action figure.

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