Does Goku Need Ultra Instinct To Beat Broly or Fusion?

 Hello guys, in This post I want to discuss something many fans have been heavily speculating about, ever since the upcoming Dragon Ball Super Broly movie was announced.

The release of the first poster in the trailer for the movie revealing that Broly will be its main villain.

This question has become even more prevalent and that question is. Does Goku Need Ultra Instinct Beat Broly in the new movie?

Now, going by the movie trailer it’s pretty clear that Broly is going to push Goku and Vegeta to use Extreme Measures.

As we first see with base Broly dominating a Super Saiyan Vegeta, and then we see him in his legendary State. Facing off against Goku as a Super Saiyan blue and as Goku said at the end of the trailer.

Broly is only continuing to get stronger which is likely playing up the concept that he had in the original films. So as a result, Goku is not going to whip out his Super Saiyan blue Kaioken to beat Broly.

It may even be something even more extreme. So what exactly would this extreme measure have to be.?

Does Goku Need Ultra Instinct
Does Goku Need Ultra Instinct To Beat Broly?

The one possibility that many fans raised is that Goku and Vegeta will fuse. As we once saw with the Buu saga and the fight against merge Zamasu. The fusion of Goku and Vegeta as Vegito is more powerful than the two fighters by themselves.

Does Goku Need Ultra Instinct
Does Goku Need Ultra Instinct To Beat Broly?

This would be even more so considering that Vegeta now has a new form of Super Saiyan Blue Evolution. So this perspective Fusion would be even greater now than ever before. However, this doesn’t only have to be Vegito as there is also the possibility of it being Gogeta.

Does Goku Need Ultra Instinct

Does Goku Need Ultra Instinct To Beat Broly?

As we’ve seen in the past Gogeta’s fusion that only existed in the Dragon Ball Z movies and Dragon Ball GT. If they can make it an early part of the current Canon continuity. Then they could certainly have Gogeta being in the movie too.

I think this would be a cool way to end this fight as Goku and Vegeta combined their bodies once more. Using a different kind of fusion and then finally defeat the main villain using it.

If they went to use Fusion to end this fight Gogeta is certainly the one to do it, because Vegito has constantly come up short. I have to admit it would be pretty awesome to see Super Saiyan blue Evolution Gogeta with Kaio Ken times 20 on top of it.

Especially if he’s beating down one of my least favorite villains in the franchise. But of course, even if it does happen and considering just how much Vegeta was nervous in Dragon Ball super.

It’s possible that Gogeta would just diffuse after they use their strongest form. I really don’t want them to waste yet another Fusion like that. I mean just look at what’s become of Gotenks at this point.

Does Goku Need Ultra Instinct

So with that being the case, then that leaves the alternative of Goku being pushed to the point to where he uses his Ultra Instinct. After all, as we saw in the tournament of power. Goku Ultra Instinct was brought out by greater and greater threats. We saw this with Jiren the first time than Kefla and then Jiren once again where Goku Master it.

At least until it was convenient for him to no longer use it. So considering the escalation of the franchise where each Villian is typically stronger than the last.

Does Goku Need Ultra Instinct

I can see Broly and his growing powers to trigger needed to push Goku to use ultra instinct. Unless Broly pulls a Jiren and makes himself strong enough to be able to fight Goku Ultra Instinct.

But I just hope that the writers learn from the tournament of power and don’t do that again. Because if you’re going to use this then you might as well just have Goku straight up dominate Broly.

Rather than once again making the form seem like something that can simply be overcome with pure power. If Goku using it does, in fact, happen to also raise the question of whether or not it actually should.

After all the build-up to this new form, considering just how much Goku is pushed in order for him to actually attain it for his entire universe would be erased.

If he didn’t will using it against Broly devalue it Even further.?  Will, taking this Ultra Instinct that you can argue much of which super built up to and having Goku once again achievement over the course of a movie.

To just use it against the rehash of an old villain from Dragon Ball Z make this form seem even less. Or as a result, will it perhaps trivialize When it took for Goku to attain it. Or the difficulty he had at the end of super trying to use it again.

They completely when out of their way to say Goku completed and mastered Ultra Instinct. So it never made much sense that he didn’t have it at will after the tournament was over. But it was certainly a nice concept that could have allowed us to see future fights without Goku whipping out his most Op form yet.      

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