The Dark Dragon Balls: Dragon Ball Heroes Masked Saiyan

Hello DBS nation Today on this post, we’re going to discuss the dark dragon balls.

Not to be confused with the black star dragon balls from Dragon Ball GT however, there are some similarities.

What Are Dark Dragon Balls?

The dark dragon balls are the centerpiece of the MacGuffin of a major arc in the Dragon Ball Heroes video game. As well as the Dragon Ball Heroes manga released in Japan.

Dark Dragon Balls

But it’s easy to confuse them.

 Even I’ve gotten them confused in the past. Because originally the Black Star Dragon Ball Arc and Dragon Ball GT was called the dark dragon ball art by many fans.

They are essentially dark dragon balls but no the dark dragon balls that I’m speaking out for Dragon Ball Heroes are exclusive to Dragon Ball Heroes.

If you gather all 7 dragon balls you do get a wish granted in this case the dragon that you summon is known as the dark dragon.

The Dark Balls Capabilities 

The dark dragon balls can grant wishes but the other purpose that they serve is that. These Dragon Balls can actually be assimilated or absorb into a character.

This gives them a ridiculous huge upgrade in power and while the concept is similar to what Omega Shenron in Dragon Ball GT.

When he absorbs the dragon balls into his body, to make himself stronger.

These balls don’t have to go into a dragon they can go into anyone and give them a huge upgrade in power.

Dragon Balls
Dragon Balls


These dark dragon balls unlike the Earth Dragon Balls with spread around the earth and then the Mekhi and one that spread around Namakian.

Nonetheless, we have the Black Star balls that go around the universe, and then the super dragon balls that go to universe 6 and 7.

The dark dragon ball goes through space and time which means that the balls go to a different timeline.

Dragon Ball Heroes Video Game

Dragon ball heroes vide game go back two different points of the series in anime and obviously, there have been changes made to the timeline when you go back.

You have to face off against an assimilated enemy a previous villain from the Dragon Ball series.

Defeat them and take the dark dragon ball away from them before they can gather all seven of the balls again.

If you’re already familiar with this kind of theory you know the video game storytelling having to go replay the series because Mirra and Towa screwing things up.

toa and mira
toa and mira

It’s the same thing here in Dragon Ball Heroes, it’s really the same concept except that the dark dragon balls actually serve a story purpose a bit more.

The Dark Empire Arc

MechiKabura is the main villain of the dark Empire Arc in Dragon Ball Heroes this is the art that preceded the prison planet arc.

He’s an old member of the demon race, he is ancient and he is a very bad villain.

MechiKabura seeks to not only control all of the time-space but become a Supreme Kai of time. 


MechiKabura Sama wants complete control prior to his appearance demon god Demigra was the main villain of Dragon Ball Heroes.

Super Dragon Ball Heroes Manga

The Dragon Ball Heroes manga it’s a little bit different because in the manga Towa has been stealing energy from strong Fighters.

Just like in the universe games and revives MechiKabura with that dark energy, but he’s really old.

So Towa says let’s use the dark dragon balls to wish for youth, which is totally a throwback to Demon King Piccolo.

Then he sends his dark Empire back throughout the timeline to secure the dark dragon balls, and then it’s up to the Time Patrol to stop him from doing so

How Powerful Are The Dark Dragonballs?

So you might be wondering how powerful are the dark dragon balls when they assimilate into an enemy?

Well, it’s very powerful, the dark dragon ball upgrade is crazy, so here’s pretty much the rundown of how it works in the game.

The one-star Dragonball goes to Frieza so we have to go back and replay the Frieza Saga except for this time it’s a little bit different.

Because they know Xeno Goku is there with regular Goku that was cool.

The two starts dark dragon ball is a replay of the Cell Saga Game which includes Xeno Vegeta fighting Cell. I will cover it later post, try to think of them as like levels in the video game.

So anyways the three starts dark dragon ball goes to Majin Buu or specifically Kid Buu.

The 4-star Dragonball goes to Turles who actually gets ridiculously Strong.

Xeno Bardock
Xeno Bardock

The five stars dragon dark ball goes to Janemba.

The 6 star goes to Lord Slug and the Seven Star dark dragon ball goes to Broly, who’s already got the evil mask, yeah and of course it’s crazy.

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