Cell X In Dragon Ball Games And Dragon Ball Online

Cell X In Dragon Ball. The monstrous version of cell X actually began and was rooted in the predecessor to Dragon Ball Heroes. That is, of course,e Dragon Ball online, the Korean MMORPG from many years ago. Dragon Ball Online is the game that began the Rivalry between the Time Patrol and the Time Breakers.

Cell X
Cell X

That became the main storyline the main core story of not just Heroes but also Xenoverse. It does all begin with the time Breakers many years in the future Towa who was a scientist as well as a warrior. He wanted access to Goku’s DNA. Why he wouldn’t get it from one of his children who knows.

What he wanted was Goku’s DNA and the way or best place to do it from his perspective was through Cell X. Towa resurrected Cell and modified Cell into what would be known as Cell X. of course, Cell X is a boss character in Dragon Ball online.

You do fight him in the game but it’s actually what happens is in the Dragon Ball online video game. There is I guess you can say a distant relative or something we don’t really know. The relation to Bacteria, that’s right, the smelly guy from Dragon Ball and his name is Captain Bacterian.

Cell X

And no it’s not the same guy at all, but they look very much alike. So Captain Bacterian actually had a pirate clans sort of like Luffy I guess. You could say his job was to collect energy for Cell X to recuperate him quickly enough so he can become more powerful.

So as Captain Bacteria and his Pirates were gathering up energy, Cell X was essentially a prisoner on Papaya Island which Bacterian had a dungeon.

Cell X In Dragon Ball

Now, Papaya island is actually the same location as the original Tenkaichi Budokai tournament from Dragon Ball. There’s a pretty cool connection there, what will wind up happening is that Cell X grew tired of just sitting there and waiting.

Cell X
Cell X

So he escapes the prison and created a bunch of clones of himself to collect energy. Of course, in the game you fight the Clones then eventually you fight Cell X who’s this big giant spider mutation version of Cell. Which looks absolutely ridiculous and I mean that in a good way, Cell X is awesome in dragon ball Online.

That would not be the last time that we saw Cell X, he was in the Dragon Ball series. Dragon Ball Heroes brought him back during the Dark Demon Realm, the dark dragon balls.

Dark Demon Realm
Dark Demon Realm

There was an alternate timeline version of the events of the Cell games where Cell was fighting Gohan in Super Saiyan 2. But in this version Cell fused with the Dark Dragon Ball to become extremely more powerful to the point where he actually beat Super Saiyan 2 Gohan.

Now, I did Cover the Dark Dragon Balls and what they actually do and what they mean in a separate post. So you can check that out I’ll leave a link right here. So anyway as Cell was about to kill Gohan God Gravy shows up.

God Gravy
God Gravy

God Gravy is one of the dark demon Wizards who want the dark Dragon Ball. But of course, him being a member of the dark Empire would mean that the time Patrol would show up as well. So everybody shows up in this alternate timeline to try to fix things. Gravy ends up succumbing to Super Saiyan 3 Goku power.

Cell X In Dragon Ball Online

But then Poutine appears. Poutine is gravy’s partner and another member of the Dark Empire.


Specifically, a wizard and thus to help combat against the time Patrol, she then power Cell up. He once again transforms into Cell X that’s their official return of Cell X. That’s who it goes in the video game. The Manga version of the events is a little bit different in the manga version. Back in the Cell games again things are kind of similar except this time Vegeta is there and so is Trunks.

And they end of fusing to create Vegex whom I did Cover in one of my post about the fusions of Dragon Ball Heroes.

vegeta trunks fusion
Vegeta trunks fusion

The fusion of Vegeta and Trunks ends up being extremely powerful and ultimately destroyed Cell X once and for all. But of course the demon God Gravy also helped out with it, that being said I will bring this post to an end I hope you enjoyed it and let me know what you think about Cell X. Thank you!

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