Cell Vs Goku Dragon Ball Z Episode Fight Who Would Win?

Cell Vs Goku Dragon Ball Z Episode Fight Who Would Win? I’m going to be discussing one of the biggest questions I’ve seen people continually ask.

This question revolves around Goku and more specifically a pivotal event that took place during the Cell Saga.

That question is: Why didn’t Goku use the Instant Transmission to escape from Cells explosion.?

Not for context here, during Goku Son Gohan versus Cell fight, he transformed into what we know as Super Saiyan 2.

This gave him an overwhelming power advantage over the bio Android Cell.

After cells futile attempts to defeat Gohan. The 11-year-old Super Saiyan 2 kicked him so hard that spit out Android 18.

Could Goku escape from  Cell's attack

A vital component to his perfect form. Which caused him to regress back to his semi-perfect form.

Could Goku escape from Cell’s attack? When it seemed that Gohan had finally defeated him, he was desperate and make his move by expanding his body to massive size.

Turning himself into a bomb that would self-destruct and destroy the Earth.

However, at the last moment, Goku used his Instant Transmission.

Teleporting himself and Cell to King Kai’s Planet. It was at that point that Cell’s time had run out.

He self-destructed taking Goku King Kai and his planet with him. Not even bubbles the monkey or Gregory the grasshopper was spared in the explosion.

However, the question is why didn’t Goku use the same ability that brought Cell to King Kai’s planet to teleport himself to safety.?

I mean, after all, I doubt Goku wanted to die unless he didn’t want to deal with Chi-Chi’s nagging anymore.

I can’t say I blame him but I believe the key to answering this question lies within Goku’s abilities itself.

The Instant Transmission, instantaneous movement, or more simply teleportation. 

This ability allows Goku to Traverse planets, solar systems, galaxies, and even dimensions in an instant.

Cell Vs Goku Instant Transmission Attack

Goku first learns this move on the planet Yardrat during the time between the destruction of Planet Namek when Goku returns to earth.

Could Goku escape from Cell’s attack? The disadvantage is Goku described Instant Transmission by thinking of or focusing on someone’s ki signature.

It is not like walking onto it as a location and teleporting to his vicinity.

Now, this is different than many other forms of teleportation which allow the user to think of or physically see a location to travel.

This is why Goku teleported Cell to King Kai’s Planet, rather than a random point in space or into a Celestial body like a black hole.

Because there was a familiar ki signature that he could lock onto in a place that he had traveled to before.

Plus it was a place that had a much lower level of collateral damage as opposed to somewhere like new Planet Namek.

Although it would have been pretty ironic if Goku help saves in the Namekian’s.

Only to teleport another planet-destroying character he may be essentially finishing what Friez’s started.

Cell even has Frieza’s cells, it’s like poetry it rhymes. But you may be thinking well then if the move is truly instant.

Then why didn’t Goku teleport everyone to a person or perhaps a location who is he had a strong familiarity.

Such as someone on Earth or a new Namek? Well, ironically that comes down to time. Or more specifically the time it would take for Goku to set up the move.

Cell Vs Goku Fight Dragon Ball Z

Now, it’s was stated to Gohan before he was teleported away, the time before he exploded.

That time was ticking down and he couldn’t even stop it from happening if you wanted to.

Buy the time that Goku placed his hand on Cell only around 4 seconds remained.

Could Goku escape from Cell’s attack?

Then after Goku said his goodbyes to Gohan and teleported to King Kai’s Planet.

He had even less time, so if Goku was to escape. He would have needed to concentrate on a ki signature grab King Kai, Bubbles, and Gregory for using the anime.

Then teleport to his location all in a time span of fewer than 4 seconds.

Now Goku may be incredibly fast but that’s where this is beyond his abilities. To back things up in the Buu saga, and after Kid, Buu throws its giant Pink’s fear of death.

Could Goku escape from Cell’s attack? Which is hurtling toward the Earth at incredible speed during that short time. Goku is having trouble locating another ki for him and Vegeta to escape.

After quickly grabbing  Mr. Satan and Dende. He also stated that there is only enough time to teleport once.

Further establishing that using the ability takes time. In the end, Goku and Company were only saved when Supreme Kai uses his own special Supreme Kai version of teleportation.

To grab them and teleport away to the secret world of the Kai’s.

If you remember Shin try this again in the Baby Arc of GT, but that didn’t work out so well for him

So ultimately based upon the evidence, I believe that this is the answer to the question of why Goku didn’t escape.

The move itself may be instant teleportation but it still takes time for Goku to think of a person to lock onto their ki.

Then teleport to them but even though Goku died it worked out for him.

As he told his friends from the afterlife his presence had a way of attracting enemies.

And that’s why he chose to stay dead. Going to heaven with King Kai where he could keep his body, never age, and can’t rain forever with the greatest Masters who ever lived.

Goku’s sacrifice with Cell was one of the best scenes in the franchise.

Perfectly showcasing Goku’s character and giving him a great send-off where he got to go on a very different Journey.

Leaving the future in the hands of the son as the new protagonist. It was truly a great fitting ending to his character and then the Buu saga happened.

But that’s a post for another day, so what do you guys think why do you think that Goku couldn’t escape from Cell’s attack? Let me know in the comment section below.

Written by Gregory

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