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Dragon Ball Z Cell Forms

Let us take a look at all the Cell forms in Dragon Ball Z. So, In my last post, I discussed Frieza’s Transformations and how his forms work. Also how he created other forms to suppress his power.

However, with Cell he is totally different than Frieza. Cell has two specific characters who changed his physical appearance when he absorbs them.

Dragon Ball Z Cell Forms and Saga

We find out that Cell does absorb regular humans to increase his power as well in dragon ball z cell saga.

Even in GT, they teased that he almost absorb Goku at one point. However, there are two specific artificial humans 17 and 18 were created for that purpose.


These two were not only created to specifically kill Goku but also to be apart of the master plan of the Red Ribbon survivalist.

That was to get revenge on Goku by becoming an essential part of Cell’s perfect body. So it makes you wonder if 17 and 18 were just created as a byproduct of Cell with Plan B.

I’m not going to get into that now but we’re going to go through Cells Transformations not in the order of appearance this time.

However, we can start from where he began his humble beginnings as a baby.

Dragon Ball Z Baby Cell Form

Baby Cell which we first saw in Dragon Ball Manga chapter 365 and Dragon Ball Z Episode 145 was lives in a basement laboratory.

This Cell form in the present timeline was, of course, killed by future Trunks from when he and the other Z warriors went into the laboratory and discover the blueprints for the Androids.

Baby Cell there and in the future timeline, of course, he whines up getting killed because they grow into imperfect Cell and Trunks kills him in Dragon Ball Z episode 194.

However, it’s essential that baby Cell was just an embryo. He’s just there like a fetus unaware of what’s going on.

So he had no idea about his until he actually grows into what I would consider being known as larvae Cell.

This was the fist tease that Cell was of another world the time we first saw this larva form in Manga chapter 358.

Dragon Ball Z episode 140 just five episodes before we saw baby Cell he was discovered by Bulma in the present timeline.

Cell was this unknown mysterious creature that left behind this big husk and would bury itself underground.

Biomechanically Engineered Imperfect Cell Forms

So even though Cell is a biomechanically engineered artificial human, he has the characteristics of a lot of insects.

Insects such as maggots and moths and butterflies and things like that. He would bury himself underground until he would finally rise up in his imperfect form.

We also find out that he actually wasn’t originally in this form.


What ends up happening is that one of the alternate timelines the Cell timeline. Cell kills trunks take a time machine and goes back in time.

But he could not fit in the time machine so he went into his larval form which I always found weird because I don’t think Cell was that teller then Trunks.

But whatever.


as a result of that, when he was backing his larvae form until he hatched once again.

Imperfect Cell Forms Dragon Ball Z

Now, that brings us to the form that’s called Imperfect Cell or first form Cell. So, this form of Cell many fans have thought is the coolest and he definitely has a very unique look.

Imperfect Cell had this that sort of an alien kind of look to him. Kind of a beakish mouth or whatever.

He had lots of green spots everywhere which seem sort of unusual looking character.

So, there and then he reveals to Piccolo his entire evil plot of how he went back in time and absorbing 17 and 18.

His first appears was in Dragon Ball Z Manga chapter 361 which correlates with Dragon Ball Z Cell Saga episode 141.

Understand something interesting, here’s a tidbit. If you only watch Dragon Ball Z dubbed, Damion Clarke changes his voice with each subsequent transformation of Cell.

However, whereas in the Japanese version, it’s the same actual voice in every form. So I’ve always found that interesting. Either way, he looks to be like a teenage runaway lizard-like not fully form.

Dragon Ball Z Cell 2nd Form

So now we have the second form of Cell which is the Cell that appears after absorbing Android 17 and a whole bunch of humans from town to town.

Dragon Ball Z Cell Forms
Dragon Ball Z Cell Forms

But of course, 17 was the one that triggers the Evolution. So, this version of Cell easily annihilates Android 16, something that imperfect Cell could not do.

Some fans have referred to this form as Semi-Perfect Cell yeah but it is fan-made. The original actual term used for Cell was 2nd Form Cell.

But either way, we first see this in Dragon Ball Z Cell Saga episode 152 in accordance with Manga chapter 372.

2nd From Cell is very powerful but he’s not a match nowhere close to being a match to super Veget. 

So, unfortunately, Super Vegeta took control of him allowed Cell to absorb 18.

Dragon Ball Z Perfect Cell Form

Now Perfect Cell is absolute perfection according to himself, he has the cells of Goku and many of the other fighters.

He is stronger than any Super Saiyan like Goku, Vegeta and, Trunks. He is so strong that when he first became Perfect Cell, he was referred to as a God of destruction by the narrator.

Obviously, this is before Toriyama came up with Beerus so you can take that as a literal title.

However, you can take that with the fact that Krillin through a full-power kick on at his neck and it did nothing. So this version of Cell is very strong.

So in Daizenshuu 2 this form was referred to as the developed form. However, we first see this form in Dragon Ball Manga chapter 382 and Dragon Ball Z Cell Saga Episode 159 after he absorbs 17 and 18.

Super Saiyan Cell Dragon Ball Z

So, the discussion of whether or not Perfect Cell was a Super Saiyan is one that’s been going on for decades at this point.

Perfect Cell does have the blood of various Saiyan and so it would make sense that he would be able to tap into a Super Saiyan type of power.

In fact, we see Cell power up and have Golden Aura quite a few times in his perfect form.

We’ve even seen him get really buff when he not only mosque Trunks but also fights Super Saiyan 2 Gohan.

Some fans have said this is Cell tapping into grade 2 and grade 3 Super Saiyan?

It could be, again we see this form in Manga chapter 387 and Dragon Ball Z Cell Saga 165 for the first time.

It’s up to you to decide whether or not this is an actual quote ‘transformation.’ I do think it is just Cell tapping into his Saiyan cells and sort of incorporating that power in his main Core Body.

That’s the way I’ve always perceived it and that’s the way I think it is.

Dragon Ball Z Super Perfect Cell/ 3rd From Cell

Dragon Ball Z had a real controversy with Perfect Cell otherwise known as Cell 3rd From.

What’s interesting about this is in the old Budokai games they were first this form as power weighted whatever that means.

Dragon Ball Z Cell Forms
Dragon Ball Z Cell Forms

This version of Super Perfect Cell is often referred to as perfect with the English words p.e.r.f.e.c.t Cell and not like Conn’s in time with Japanese kanji.

So, if you ever played Japanese DBZ can you may see this, understand if it’s in big English letters they’re referring to this Cell.

Moving on, this Super Perfect Cell came about when Goku sacrifices his life to teleport Cell away from Earth that he blew himself up.

When Cell blew himself up a single cell of a nucleus survived. That cell was able to regenerate and somehow was able to I guess get inside of his neural processor.

This makes him have the memories of his perfect form but also he was able to use what is referred to as a zenkai / Saiyan power.

Also, he was not only able to regenerate into a perfect body but actually got quite the power boost into becoming Super Perfect Cell.

Dragon Ball Cell Saga Episodes

We saw this form in Dragon Ball Manga chapter 413 which correlates with DBZ Episode 189.

A lot of fans throughout the years have theorized that super perfect Cell is of Super Saiyan 2 which makes sense?

I mean he’s a lot stronger, he looks to be a lot bigger, and he’s got the lightning bolts around him as well. So it is possible that sort of like is equivalent to Super Saiyan 2 by tapping into those beautiful Saiyans cells he had in him.

Those Saiyans cells make him stronger and more power including the ability to exploit Zenkai.

To me, this is one of the biggest Zenkai power boosts in the entire series. Even though it seems as if he was able to overpower and rival Super Saiyan 2 Gohan.

Gohan was holding back as Goku stated to him because he was afraid of the Earth being destroyed by him and Cell’s Battle.

However, Goku reassures Gohan that he needs to use all his power and when he does Super Perfect Cell got sent to dust. So no matter how much Cell was impressive but he was still below Gohan by 2nd from Gohan.

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