Can Broly Be Defeated In The 2019 Dragon Ball Super Movie?

Will Broly Survive or Be Defeated.? Can Broly Be Defeated In The Movie.? Hello guys, I want you to talk about something that is related to the upcoming Dragon Ball super Broly movie.

More specifically it that topic is. Can Broly Be Defeated In The Movie.? Dragon Ball fans have largely been conditioned to expect their movie villains to die at the end of each film.

Can Broly Be Defeated
Will Broly Survive or Be Defeated

As in every Z movie with the exception of dead zone Battle of Gods in the first Broly movie. This is exactly what happened, although, in the case of Broly, his survival was a pretty clear reckon since we see him explode at the end of the first movie. Then is planet got smashed into by a comet for good measures?

But of course, Broly was popular so they wanted to keep him around for another one or two but we don’t talk about that one. However, as opposed to most of the other movies this story is meant to fit into the main continuity as those who follow the anime and manga. Toriyama was more lenient with who survived. We saw this happen with Piccolo, Vegeta, and even Majin Buu.


In fact, Toriyama was so lenient by the end of Z that Majin Buu got two lives for the price of one. We still haven’t seen much of that other one unless you want to count GT which I’m sure you don’t. With that being said,  they’re definitely is president for the main antagonist tourbillon surviving at the end of their Saga.

Even some president for Broly himself surviving. So with that being said, could the new Broly also survive his upcoming movie? I think that’s highly possible. Now according to various data sources, Broly is the most popular Dragon Ball Z movie villain.

Will Broly Survive or Be Defeated In The Movie?
Will Broly Survive or Be Defeated

Will Broly Survive or Be Defeated?

He’s so popular. In fact, that he’s constantly been brought back extra materials such as the video games and spin-offs like Dragon Ball Heroes Edition.

Broly before this movie was announced he had a 4D movie in Japan where he was the main villain. He even had his own God form. So considering his popularity and Toei’s insistence to bring him back. Whenever the opportunity arises, does it really make sense that they just have him show up, fight Goku and Vegeta and then be killed at the end of the movie.?

Not so sure, If done well it could make for a fun self-contained movie. When this is taking place in the main continuity, which is still an ongoing story. Does it really make sense for them to reintroduce Broly like this and then kill him off right away? Or perhaps will he live to fight another day so that he can become another recurring villain in Dragon Ball super & Beyond.

Will Broly Survive or Be Defeated In The Movie?
Will Broly Survive or Be Defeated

Looking at Dragon Ball super specifically. There have only been two main antagonists who didn’t survive the respective arc’s. Those villains would be Frieza and Zamasu. Zamasu was actually erased from existence because of how big of a threat he was.

The condition was seemingly no one Zeno Sama could stop him. However, Frieza, on the other hand, was brought back to life before the tournament of power ended. And as we know, Frieza is still alive, because we see him fighting with Broly on a volcanic planet.

Will Broly Survive or Be Defeated

So that Trend seems to be in favor of Broly surviving this movie, and being a recurring villain in the future. That brings up the question of how Broly would survive in this case. After all, if he’s engaged in an all-out battle to the death with Goku and Vegeta.

Will Broly Survive or Be Defeated In The Movie?

Then he actually loses. It would be hard for him to survive the scenario. For example, there are rumors that Gogeta may appear in the new film. So if Gogeta is the one who is able to defeat Broly. Which he very well could be capable of doing. Then would Gogeta simply go for the kill or would he spare Broly’s life.?

The same question could be asked of Goku if he’s forced to use ultra Instinct against Broly during the movie. This is something else I talked about in the previous post, which you can check out on my blog.

Now, as we know with Goku he’s a forgiving character and had spared a number of his villains in the past. So if Goku accesses this ultimate ability and has Broly beaten with the opportunity to kill him or let him go. Then Which choice would Goku make.? I think I Goku would seem more likely to spare him then  Gogeta.

Why? because Vegeta’s influence would be a factor and he isn’t someone who tends to Spirit enemies. Plus if we look at Gogeta’s original appearance. He didn’t exactly Spirit Janemba.

Will Broly Survive or Be Defeated
Will Broly Survive or Be Defeated

However, there is one possible topic which I have not yet raised and that is. The possibility that Broly survives at the end because he wins. It is possible that Broly survives at the end because his might seem unlikely. After all, Broly is a super-powerful villain whose first Incarnation was out of control and wiped out of Galaxy.

However, we don’t really yet know the motives of the new Broly. Maybe his goal, in this case, isn’t simply to destroy but to get revenge. Perhaps he simply wants to kill Frieza for destroying his home planet or potentially even Beerus. Since he’s the one who authorized Frieza to do it. Although I’m not about to open that can of worms debate about whether Broly is stronger than Beerus.

That would be like to Yamcha’s Dream Come True. in the age of movies like Infinity War with dominants Like Tanos. Who accomplishes his goals to defeat every hero in his path.

Could Toei and Toriyama take inspiration from Marvel and give us a Dragon Ball movie where the villain also wins. There is some precedent for this such as when Beerus defeated Goku in Battle of Gods.

However, in the case of Broly, if he were to win here. I could only imagine what he would have in store for the universe after this. While I’m not the biggest fan of the Broly’s character. I do think that It would be better if he survives at the end of the film. Because at this point the Dragon Ball franchise has really moved past these one-off nostalgic movie villains.

So why bring him back and give him a wholesale reboot if you’re not going to use him for some greater purpose at the end. I think having him win at the end would be an interesting move that many fans probably wouldn’t see coming. It is always to be seen so what do you guys think.? Will Broly survive or perhaps even win at the end of the new movie. Let me know down below.

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