The History Of Broly In Dragon Ball Super and Movies

Broly is one of the most popular characters in all of Dragon Ball Z. Already the star of three DBZ movies. The time has now come for Broly to become the focus of the addition of Dragonball in-depth of Broly.

I’m going to tell you everything you need to know about the story of Broly. From his Origins to his battles with the Z Fighters, to Goku defeating him, and to his constant comebacks in video games.

This Dragon Ball in death is all about the Legendary Super Saiyan Broly.

Broly was born in age 737 on the exact same day that Goku was. That morning his Destiny would forever be linked with Goku’s in a very weird way.

The History Of Broly
The History Of Broly

As they both lay there at The Cribs side by side. Baby Kakarot endless crying irritated and traumatized Broly.

Creating an uncontrollable hatred for Goku in his adult years. Every time Broly sees Goku or somebody who resembles Goku.

He goes into a rage screaming his name. Now, how a newborn child could somehow remember or know the name of the newborn next to him is never really been told.

It kind of makes no sense. I guess Broly was just a prodigy and could somehow remember bizarre details from literally hours after he left the womb.

Broly would seek Vengeance on Goku for the rest of his life. Never forgetting the torment of hearing another baby crying next to him.


Never getting over something that many of us in the real world would consider a little bit insignificant.

But it’s Dragon Ball. Broly was immediately tested at Birth like everybody else born on planet Vegeta for his power level.

And it was read at a shocking 10,000. This means that he had power almost equal to that of a fully grown male Bardock as a baby.

The History Of Broly
The History Of Broly

Which was very unusual. Fearing that the baby was too dangerous and could possibly cause problems in the future.

King Vegeta, the ruler of the planet ordered the child to be executed.

Broly’s father Paragus pleaded with the King telling him that Brody could be a great warrior for the entire race.

The History Of Broly
The History Of Broly

But King Vegeta’s paranoia about the incredibly high power level made him fear that one day Broly could be out of control.

I find it rather ironic considering you know that guy Frieza who he also didn’t trust would later that day.

Kill King Vegeta and blow up the entire planet, but hey, no sense in playing Monday Morning Quarterback on that one.

The History Of Broly Movies

Starting with the first Dragon Ball Z movie in 1989. It became a tradition in Japan to release two Dragon Ball Z theatrical Motion Pictures per year.

One in the spring for spring break and one in the summer for summer vacation.

Toei Animation produces these films with a slightly bigger budget than that of a traditional Dragon Ball Z anime episode.

The films were released at side stories that didn’t normally fit with the main story portrayed in the anime or Manga.

This in addition to the very limited input from series. The Creator Akira Toriyama is a reason why these original 13 DBZ movies are considered Non-Canon by many fans.

So the Toei animation writing staff would come together and construct the storyline for the various DBZ movies.

Which led by lead story writer and screenplay writer Takao Koyama.

He is typically credited as being the Mind behind the DBZ movies.

Every villain from the DBZ movies. Every movie itself is a take-off of some sort from something that’s going on or has gone on in the series.

When it came to the 8th Dragon Ball Z movie Takao Koyama would cultivate his most popular creation.

Broly’s History In Dragon Ball Movies

No! guys, no matter what you may have read on the internet from misinformed fans Broly was not created by Akira Toriyama.

The History Of Broly
The History Of Broly

 However, Koyama did commission Toriyama to draw the concept. But the actual character and concept backstory was Koyama, not Toriyama.

The idea of Goku fighting a member from his own race was already somewhat touched upon in DBZ movie 3.

But never quite a character like Turtle, it was a low-level Warrior like Goku.

A character that represented what would happen if Goku never hit his head.

This was in a way the original evil Goku. But with Broly how would the Z Fighters contend against a hulking brute of legendary proportion conceptually Broly.?

He was meant to be bigger and buffer than anyone else. In fact, when it comes to muscle mass super 13, from the previous movie is probably the only one who close to Broly.

Garlic Jr. was pretty damn buff back in the day too. Now Koyama wanted Broly to look intimidating.

At the same time, the most intimidating transformation we’ve ever seen in Dragon Ball up, up until that point, was in the battle between Cell and Future Trunks.

When trunks Unleashed what would be called Super Saiyan grade 3.

Known in the western world as Ultra Super Saiyan. This became the basis for Broly’s Uber muscular transformation with no pupils.

Which he basically turned into Broly’s legendary form. Although visually based on the look, Future Trunks does have some differences.

Broly retains the huge muscles and white layer pupils, but his hair has more of a greenish blueish type of tent.

Also at times, it goes back to gold, he seems noticeably larger in size. However, unlike the Great’s reform, Broly’s speed is not diminished.

In fact, Broly is impressive defensively as well as just being a tank. Who can take a considerable amount of damage?

Broly’s Power Level Dragon Ball 

He literally walked through a Kamehameha from Goku at point-blank range right to the face.

However, even though it appears like Broly can summon an unbelievably high level of power.

From this exclusive transformation and yes it is stated to be a transformation in the guidebook.

it appears like the form can be a bit unstable. However, when Broly returns for his second movie.

His appearance he doesn’t show any sort of instability, but of course, he is much stronger.

Broly is the latest of the legendaries like a Pokemon I guess. The last one was seen a thousand years before the fight with Goku and Frieza on Namek.

According to Vegeta, but there is a lot of debate about that statement and that is a controversy.

Which I’ll end up probably discussing at a later date. As far as name puns go, Broly’s father Paragus follows that same vegetable name puns game.

Like Vegeta and Bardock. Broly, of course, is broccoli and his dad Paragus is obviously asparagus.

This really would prove to be very popular and would be the featured antagonist in three films.

More than any other villain breaking coolers record. Of to Broly’s first appearance was DBZ movie 8 known in the west as Broly the Legendary Super Saiyan. 

But its original Japanese name is “Burn Up” a close fight violent fight super Fierce fight.

He would return in DBZ movie 10 Broly. The second coming otherwise known as the “Dangerous Duo Super Warriors Never Rest.

Finally, I guess a version of Broly makes his final movie appearance and named “Defeat The Super Warrior I’ll be The Winner” also known as Bio Broly.

Takao Koyama the creator of Broly is such a fan of Broly that I feel like he thinks his entire Legacy is Broly.

The History Of Broly Takao Koyama

When really it isn’t. I mean literally thousands upon thousands of Broly fans. Koyama himself seems to be the biggest one.

In July of 2013, Koyama was interviewed about Dragon Ball Z Battle of Gods the latest DBZ movie at the time.

Featuring the introduction of Beerus into the Dragon Ball world, and in this interview. Koyama himself came off a little bit salty.

Stating that his creation Broly was scarier and more frightening than Beerus.

He also says that he was unable to come up with an opponent stronger than Broly.

Which is kind of horseshit, because Janemba and Hirudegarn both villains of movies that he wrote.

all are not stronger than any version of Broly that we’ve seen in any of the movies. He appeared to the Japanese fandom has referred to this interview as him dissing Beerus.

So the creator of Broly is also his biggest fan. 

Written by Gregory

Hello, my name is Gregory, I am a huge fan of Dragon Ball and I hope you like it here. If you have any questions feel free to contact me via Email Cheers!

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