Broly Will Be Stronger Than Jiren In The Dragon Ball Movie

Spoiler alters guys, Broly Will be stronger than Jiren in the movie coming this December 2018. We have some Dragon Ball super Broly information that is going to be interesting to some people’s.

But nonetheless, we should not be surprised. Going forward this info is from Saikyo Jump magazine and the question that’s been brought up several times.

Since the announcement of this film, even before we knew it was Broly, is how strong will this villain be.

Then we found out it’s Broly. We already knew ahead of time that this version of Broly would be stronger significant than any of the previous Broly’s from Z.

Toriyama has to reinvent reboot his character. Thus scale his power up to match up with Super Saiyan blue and gold and Frieza and characters like that.

So the question is, of course, how strong will Broly be.? And will he be stronger than Jiren.? And will he be stronger than Beerus.?

Like where does this guy rank as far as the scale goes.? In the majority of the content that we’ve been discussing and putting out topics, we have put out.

Pretty much says that well we’ll find out in December. I could see Jiren being equally as strong or maybe Broly.

Broly Will Be Stronger Than Jiren

You know, maybe a little tiny bit stronger than him maybe not. It was difficult to say, but now we may have our answer.

Here are the quotes from Saikyo your jump editorial office. This again I’m curious to hear people’s thoughts on this.


Because it might actually bother them, but it really shouldn’t surprise you because of every new character.

Every new threat, every new opponent that Goku meet, is going to be stronger than the last. Here it is the translation quotes from Hermes98 on Twitter.

Will Broly be stronger than Jiren

Broly Will Be Stronger Than Jiren

So right here according to the Saikyo jump office editorial office. Pretty much they Point Blank says this from the office, not Toriyama himself.

When it comes to this from them, it says in the villain the enemy Goku and company are up against is the strongest.

They say that this is the strongest they’ve ever faced, and it once again hampers That home by saying.

This villain has a destructive power greater than a God of destruction. So we’ve already seen that Jiren has been able to surpass Gods of Destruction.

But also Jiren himself, it’s very interesting. Now it could also be that they’re really being a Sinister kind of evil.

Maybe Jiren is still stronger but Broly is just the stronger evil person.

Nonetheless, Jiren is not really evil, but I’m not buying that here.

Why.? because it says the enemy, Goku and Company rough again didn’t say anything about evil or motives or any of that.

Broly Will Be Stronger Than Jiren

It pretty much says here from Saikyo jump Broly is the strongest they’ve ever faced. Maybe Broly will be stronger than Beerus, and stronger than Jiren.

The question is is he stronger than Whis because they’ve never actually battled. Whis trained with them and he mops the floor with Goku and Vegeta.

But have they ever bought him? They have not, so maybe Broly’s not quite at that level yet. Surely not at the level of the Grand Priest and probably not Zeno of course.

This could be the case that he’s maybe close to Whis that’s a tough question to answer. We will find out when the movie comes out, but there you go, folks, Broly in this movie is the strongest they have ever faced

So let me know your thoughts down below. When you think about this is not much to report, but it’s going to be sure to see where this goes.

Also, another thing about this quote is it says Those Who Trust Goku Lose confidence. So I wonder if they’re actually going to go with a cliffhanger. There’s a chance that Broly could win and the movie End in a cliffhanger for it.

Broly Will Be Stronger Than Jiren

And then we have to come back to watch a new Dragon Ball Series/Arc next year. That would be a great way the start of Dragon ball Super again.

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