Broly Revealed For Dragon Ball Super Movie 2018 – 2019

Broly has just been revealed in the Dragon Ball super movie. This is not 100% confirmed yet, (Updated it has confirmed that it’s Broly) until Toei confirms it on their official Twitter account.

But there is a very good reason to believe that this is a real dragon ball super movie 2018. Broly, yes the character from the teaser is not your Yamoshi, it is not some ancient Saiyan. It appears that it is Broly. Somehow they are bringing Broly back in Dragon Ball super.

This will be his fourth movie which is absolutely crazy. Now, here’s the thing we don’t have a hundred percent confirmation yet that this is true and confirmed. People do like to leak fake spoilers and news and things of that nature.

But usually, it’s pretty easy to tell when it’s fake. The thing is Toei actually did tweet that tomorrow the band on Dragon Ball super will be lifted. So more than likely this is an early image of what they’re going to officially announce and released. As you can see from the top. It has Broly there and it looks like Yamcha. He has a scar on his left cheek.

Broly Revealed For Dragon Ball
Broly Revealed For Dragon Ball Super Movie 2018

Then at the bottom, it looked hazy, the classic Broly eyes with no pupils and things like that. Goku and Vegeta are super Saiyan blue they have two gradients of shading so this can be the new art style. Things are pointing to that this is real guys, and the implications of this are just wow.

The fans of Dragonball are absolutely stunned right now because there have been so many theories for so long over who it could be. And to drop the rolling nugget after he’s got three movies after he came back as bio Broly and still got destroyed.

Broly Revealed For Dragon Ball Super
Broly Revealed For Dragon Ball Super Movie 2018

Broly Revealed in Dragon Ball Super Movie 2018

I guess the only way that he can be brought back is with the dragon balls. Somehow there could be some additional villain that knows of Broly. so they resurrect him in order to take on Goku and Vegeta.

Or there could just be some new villain who resurrects him. I don’t know anything besides the dragon balls. Maybe it’s some kind of Kaioshin or some other way.

I think we’ll be a little bit weird because we just had Resurrection F as the last movies. They brought back Frieza and I here, they are going to bring that Broly. It’s like you just going to bring back all these old villains using the dragon balls or what. Why is he wearing Saiyan Armor.?

There’s a lot that they have to explain. His clothes are completely different here that’s strange. This is supposed to explore the Origin of Saiyans power. We’re supposed to have some back flashes were supposed to fight on a new planet. It supposed to go back and forth as I guess through time and through different battles. And it just doesn’t really add up to me like how Broly is going to fit in.?

Unless there are some other villains to write some other villains that purposefully brought back Broly in order to take on Goku Vegeta. Who has an ulterior motive, but then why would the movie be called Broly. Now, it could be Broly son or I mean that’s a possibility he was a teenager. I guess he was old enough that he could have had a son at some point.

This could be his son coming to take revenge on Goku and Vegeta for killing his father. That’s another possibility maybe they just have the same name, and he’s Broly Junior.  The text here says, “Dragon Ball Super Broly the greatest Saiyan enemy“.  let’s take a look at the success of Dragon Ball super.

Broly Revealed For Dragon Ball
Broly Revealed For Dragon Ball Super Movie 2018

Broly Revealed in Dragon Ball Super

In Japan, Broly Revealed was not a huge hit over there Frieza was a big hit in Japan. Broly movie was really more of a global phenomenon, but in the Dragon Ball Room, I actually read an article last year I believe. It was when they were talking about the success of Broly, this is before they even revealed Kale.

Which is another topic I want to talk about? Will Kale go and fight Broly, 2 legendary Saiyans going up against each other. That would be pretty interesting to watch. Are they taking this approach because they know of the success of Broly and how is global Phenomenon.?

When and how well Dragon Ball Super globally gives us Broly, because if they know that it will introduce a lot of sales. I mean if it is Broly it’ will definitely do better than Resurrection F without a doubt.

How is Ultra Instinct going to go up against Broly.? That’s going to be interesting as well. There are just so many crazy things going on right now. I am appalled but I’m excited. I would have preferred to have a new Saiyan. Someone like Cumber. I’m really excited about seeing Cumber fight in Dragon Ball Heroes in the next episode.

I’m okay with Broly, and I think most people are too. I think the big question, the real question is. Why is he back, and why does he look different, why does he dress differently. How can Broly compete with Super Saiyan Blue Kaioken Goku, and Super Saiyan blue Evolution Vegeta.?

Potentially even Ultra Instinct Goku. I don’t see how he can even compete with that unless he has some kind of new power boost.

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