Broly Is Not Evil In The Up Coming Dragon Ball Super Movie

Broly Is Not Evil!” That’s right it has been the talk all week since trailer 3 of Dragon Ball Super Broly. This talk has been the discussion about whether or Broly is evil not.

That is the new version of Broly in the movie, that Toriyama has Rewritten and recreated. The line in the trailer where Goku says “I’m not sensing evil from you, you don’t seem like an evil guy.

Or something like that, I don’t actually have the line written down, but you know what I’m talking about.

Now we have an interview on the official Dragon Ball News website from the man himself. That is Bin Shimada the voice of Broly and also the voice of Dyspo from The Pride Troopers, Dragon Ball Super.

He’s been voicing Broly since the original 3 Broly movies from back in back in the day. And he also voices in really all the video games as well.

He pretty much stayed that in his interview and credit to her Herms98 for translation. Shimada says in this interview that Broly is Goku’s enemy in the movie, but he’s definitely not evil. As a result of that, Ben Shimada considers his role to be a little bit difficult.

Broly Is Not Evil
Broly Is Not Evil

Because he has to portray the same kind of energy and the same kind of Rage at the Broly had. He also has to play a more subdued role, and the same things go for Vic Mignogna when he does the English dub of this film.

Now in this interview, Bin Shimada talks about how surprised he was when he found out that Broly was coming back after 25 years.

Broly Is Not Evil
Broly Is Not Evil

After not being in a movie, and he says that he wasn’t really expecting to get this role even though he worked on super eager.

Broly Is Not Evil In The Dragon Ball Movie

But also, uneasy to see how he plays this character Also, he talks about how one of the problems he ran into was that, Broly even though Broly is the same age essentially as before.

Maybe probably a little bit older plus Shimada himself is older because you know the super movies was years ago.

His voice may not be the same as the voice for Broly, and he once again talks about how Broly is still tricky because Broly is very callous.

Broly doesn’t really have a lot of emotion, but of course, when he rages out you know what’s a different story.

That being said, he has to play an emotionless character. But he says the movies pretty much is one battle after another with Broly getting stronger in every fight.

We already knew, I mean that should be no surprise. He said that Saiyans never get tired, but Shimada himself did. So that’s how it is when you’re a voice actor. He even talks about been hyperventilated when he was recording the intense battle.

In other words, meaning he was breathing hard. I really hope that someday they release the actual recording sessions for both the dub and the subs.

I would love to see how these guys handle all the screaming. I think they’ve done it before for Battle of Gods though.

Finally, he talks about Masako Nozawa is still as pure as money, and that she used to play Goku 25 years ago.

She’s a legend and he did his best to keep up with her. Ben Shimada says that next week, it’s going to be a big interview on the official website.

Broly Is Not Evil In The Up Coming Dragon Ball Super Movie 2018

It’s a major player. So, Who’s that person.?  Maybe it could be Vegeta or Goku voice actor, but not Masako Nozawa though.

So that pretty much wraps this up, Broly Is Not Evil. That’s going to lend itself to a lot of people saying he is going to turn good. Or is he going to join the Z Fighters or whatever you want to call him, the super fighters?

Broly Is Not Evil
Broly Is Not Evil

It’s really interesting to see Broly in the future and what’s his take on the character is. As we know he’s not an inherently bad person like the old Broly. I’ve actually had Facebook fans. Dragon Ball fans try to tell me that the old Broly way before this movie was even announced.

The old Broly was actually a good guy. No, he wasn’t, he was an evil monster. Remember he blew up Planets and said he was the devil.

The old Broly was not a good person okay. This new Broly, on the other hand, is not evil the old Broly was definitely evil, he was a prick.

So we’ll see what happens. I’m guessing that maybe Paragus might be the guy who’s really kind of the problem.

When it comes to Broly he might be the guy who is influencing Broly’s attacks on Vegeta and to do all these bad things. But maybe Broly doesn’t really want to do it, but then again we’ll find out very soon.

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