Super Dragon Ball Broly Character Designs Spoilers

Hello, guys, we have new spoiler images for Dragon Ball Super Movie. We just got a bunch of new images for Broly for the movie along with a big promotional poster image and character designs.

So let’s talk about the images. First of all, here is the legendary form of Broly.

Broly Character Designs
Dragon Ball Super Movie Broly Character Designs

It looks amazing I think it’s clear to everybody this looks very awesome. It’s very reminiscent of the old Broly with some minor changes.

The animation supervisor Shintani gives us a new vibe to this Broly.

Now, he has scars and battle damage. He does have a big scar on his chest a couple on his arms and one on his face.

Notice it is two gradients of shading, the traditional Broly was insanely High detailed.

This one has a softer approach to the muscles and the curves, and the detail should be a lot easier to animate.

But still, it’s still pretty dang intensive detail wise with all the muscles and everything.

I mean I think it’s a little bit helpful and creating a more fluid approach, but it’s not going to make it super easy here.

Here we have the base form of Broly he kind of looks like Yamcha a little bit.

Broly Character Designs
Dragon Ball Super Movie Broly Character Designs

What’s weird here about this character design is actually his shoes and his pants or a different color.

So it is very very possible that Broly is going to join it Frieza Sama in this movie.

I have a feeling that perhaps Frieza may even find Broly like on some random planet, that he is trying to conquer.

And this is what Broly is going to look like what he finds him and Frieza going to recruit Broly to come to and help him.

Dragon Ball Super Movie Broly Character Images

Then give Broly the armor and his full moon look with the armor the purple leggings and all of that jazz.

So all these colors are a little bit off. I think that they could be like this the beginning of the movie.

 I got the frame of Goku here until he transforms and Broly just comes at him like a freaking monster.

Broly Character Designs
Dragon Ball Super Movie Broly Character Designs

Then we get these promotional images of Goku and Vegeta I believe this is drawn by Toyotaro. It definitely looks like his work.

We can see Goku and Vegeta in Super Saiyan blue. Super Saiyan Broly somehow he’s able to take on two Super Saiyan Blues as just a bass Super Saiyan.

I have a feeling it’s something like this may actually happen, and it doesn’t really make too much sense, to be honest.

Power scaling wise to be obvious, but I have a feeling that once he actually does Go full transformation.

Even if Goku uses Kaioken, even if he goes Super Saiyan God Super Saiyan Evolution.

Broly Character Designs

His legendary form is just going to be too much for them. I think the only way to Goku is going to win is with Ultra Instinct.

I think they are going to juice these characters to power up so much that pretty much we were singing lol.

This picture is Broly’s based Super Saiyan and he can take on 2 Super Saiyan Blues.

So the art looks exceptional to a two gradient shading, which cuts down on the detail. This should add a lot of frames.

I think it’s pretty clear that we can expect a super-high Kombat movie coming this December.

By the way, the movie will be coming in January 2019 in theaters in the US.

I think it looks great. I mean honestly, it’s it’s pretty dang close to what he used to look like.

Broly Character Designs

Broly Character Designs
Dragon Ball Super Movie Broly Character Designs

I really like his armor and his base look like we got from the image of the figurine.

There is also a lot of other breaking news that just came out. I also have to make the post and cover these things as well. 

Lot of things to expect make sure you stay updated on this blog.

Huge week for Dragon Ball news.  We also just got Dragon Ball Heroes episode 2 and we’re going to get a new trailer for this movie coming out very very soon.

make sure you follow me and leave your comments below I’ll be talking to you very very soon.

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