Dragon Ball Super Assassin Hit From Universe 6 True Power 

Assassin Hit from universe 6. From the Resurrection of Golden Frieza segment, the next Arctic Dragon Ball super brought us was universe 6 vs Universe 7 tournament.

Otherwise known as the Champa’s arc, and the introduction of who would become Goku’s next major opponent.

Someone who would challenge Goku in combat this, of course, would be the legendary assassin known as Hit.

Continuing on with our series on the strongest characters in Dragon Ball Hit from universe 6.

We’re going to examine Universe 6 is legendary mercenary Hit. What makes him so strong and so dangerous for anybody who dares step up against him.

Let’s talk about Assassin Hit on this post edition of the strongest in Dragon Ball Super.

So although universe 6 legendary assassin was introduced to dragon ball only during the third Arc of Dragon Ball super.

Most of the character’s backstory remains a mystery. There’s not much known about Assassin Hit but despite all of that or maybe because people love mysterious characters.

Assassin Hit
Assassin Hit

Hit quickly became one of the most popular new characters that Dragon Ball super brought into the universe arc.

What we do know about Assassin Hit is that although he may not be the strongest mortal in the Multiverse.

He is without question one of the tippy-top most dangerous beings, an assassin For Hire is already enough qualifications.

So that people should not mess with you, but somebody like Assassin Hit who is supposedly over a thousand years old.

Has not only incredible abilities that make him ridiculously dangerous against any foe or any Target him.

Being a thousand years old and having all those literal centuries of experience.

Being an assassin you’re going to learn a thing or two about the world or at least about Universe 6.

Hit’s incredible knowledge of all these different races and plants a must-have is mentally a great reason as to why he was chosen to be the leader of Team universe 6.

Assassin Hit

Assassin Hit From universe 6 Dragon Ball Super

He’s already got that department on lock but what about physically.? This is where it really becomes a problem for anyone who can challenge him.

Because if you’ve been an assassin for as long as he has, and he’s been able to survive this long. You have got to be quite the strong guy or at least somebody was quite resourceful.

Hit’s big signature technique from it is the Tokito Bashi otherwise known as the TimeSkip.

This is really what makes him who he is. Although he is a mortal and does not have matter manipulation abilities on the level of the Angels or the Grand Priest.

The fact that Hit has the ability to manipulate time and space is quite a huge achievement and accomplishment for a mortal.

With the TimeSkip, he can create pocket universes within a separate space-time continuum.

He can jump back and forth between these pocket universes giving you the illusion that he could actually Skip Time.

As was fighting Goku the first time he actually improved his Time Skip ability to make himself even faster.

Now when it comes to comic books and Dragon Ball and things like that.

You have to always remember never to overanalyze these things because even though Hit is all fictional pseudoscience.

It’s cool to have fun with a lot of it makes no real sense when you apply actual real-world physics to it.

But it’s still a fun power so Assassin Hit can actually skip time and beat you and hit you pun intended before you have a chance to ever even seeing coming.

Now, that’s already bad enough for when you combine that with the fact that Hit’s knowledge of years and years of being an assassin.

Assassin Hit Abilities To Hit Vital Points

His knowledge of the anatomy of the majority of humanoids in the universe. He knows where to hit your vital points.

Assassin Hit is extremely effective at attacking vital points in somebody’s body, specifically the heart.

He can hit you so hard and so fast that he can stop your heart instantly and put you in the freaking grave.

That to me is one of the scariest techniques that they ever introducing Dragon Ball just think about how freakish that is.

Let’s not forget that in the in-between episode after the Trunks Arc before the tournament of power.

Assassin Hits successfully killed Goku. Goku brings himself back to life by yes by shooting a blast in the sky.

Having his heartbeat again, but for just a brief second there Hit connected and killed Goku.

Hit focus all of the energy in his body into delivering one strike that is meant to punish you.

And if he doesn’t want to totally kill you. What he also does and we’ve seen him do it because he’s also a pro at that.

We would call him an American Western boxer because he certainly knows how to connect with shot fast and effectively to knock you out.

Only if he doesn’t want to kill you. So offensively Assassin Hit can use the TimeSkip to quickly take out an enemy.

Also, defensively Hit can use this move too quickly Dodges opponent strike. As well as used it to save his teammates from being eliminated during the tournament of power.

Assassin Hit TimeSkip Technique

The majority of his techniques are really sort of based off of a branched off of the Tokoto Bashi.

For example, as it progresses and becoming a better and more powerful fighter.

He learns to transfer his physical body into this alternate pocket Dimension and appear like he still in the regular world.

But just as you are tracking his illusion, Hit takes it to a new level.

When he creates his own clone these clones actually have duplicate energy that he leaves behind with this cologne.

That’s even when he faces off against the martial artist who is familiar with how to send ki sensing.

They get confused and they cannot track him because he has these actual clones with real energy.

Now, as I stated earlier the secret behind the TimeSkip is that Assassin Hit can create pocket Dimensions that have a different space-time continuum.

And hops in between them to Skip Time or at least give the effect that he’s actually skipping time.

So what happens when you combine that with its knowledge of pressure points and vital points.

You know him being an effective Striker when you combine them you’ve got something that is incredibly dangerous.

Hit has the ability to project invisible energy throughout that, he can send from afar and uses the time skip to sort of create a pocket Dimension to send it to you.

This is no different than if it were to connect with a shotgun with his fists right to a vital point.

He can use this from afar and get you as well, but wait there is more.

One of his most overlooked abilities is that Hit improves himself during the fight as he’s fighting.

This is sort of like a variation on what the Saiyans Zenkai Boost is where the Saiyan can become stronger when he comes close to dying.

Assassin Hit Zenkai Boost

As he’s fighting but in this version, it appears like Hit doesn’t even have to come close to dying or even have any real damage.

As he’s fighting the molecules in his body and his brain is reacting and getting stronger and stronger and stronger.

Sort of like a cosmic callus, so to speak and we see this during his fight with Goku in the universe 6 tournaments.

As he is improving more and more and more despite Goku using Kaioken blue Assassin Hit is still improving during the fight.

Assassin Hit
Assassin Hit

Not because we don’t know much about Hit we obviously don’t know anything about his actual race.

We don’t know what his race is whatsoever, so it’s unclear if the disability is one that’s inherent to his race.

Like with the Saiyans or if it’s one that he developed the technique throughout the thousands of years of fighting.

But it’s one that is interesting because even though he lost to Jiren.

Assassin Hit

I feel like he became a better fighter, because of that and should Hit return in the future Dragon Ball.

I think he will be stronger significantly than he was even during the universal tournament.

Because implied based on what we see that Hit’s Improvement happens quickly.

So it is going to get better and better as time goes on. Now, speaking of Jiren there are two more techniques that make Assassin Hit one of the strongest in Dragon Ball.

We saw these techniques during his fight with hit both of them in the anime.

Now, in the Manga version, I feel like Hit was tremendously depowered.

I feel like Toyotaro Rose version of the story was just not as impressive as he was in the anime version.

The new technique that he used when he fought Jiren was called the Time Lag switch.

To keep things really simple he just slows you down, he has the ability to manipulate time-space to wear when you’re fighting him.

he can slow down time around you and use an invisible bubble.

But we quickly see that Jiren surpasses even that and I’m sure we’ll do one of these on Jiren at some point in the near future.

Assassin Hit
Assassin Hit From universe 6

In the anime version, he did not have the time like he had the Time Cage or the cage of time.

Where with this technique he goes above and beyond any form of time with the exception of perhaps Whis’s ability to turn back time.

Assassin Hit Time lag Technique

So what he does is by creating and generating an endless loop of Tokoto Bashi.

He can create sort of an invisible force field where he can contain his opponent within an endless loop of time.

It is almost like you’re stuck in one spot you cannot move because time around you will not allow you to move.

He sort of in a very strange pseudo-scientific away removes you from the passage of time from the space-time continuum.

From the relativity of time and you’re stuck in this sort of endless loop of nothingness.

Or he can do what he wants with you and then we find out that Jiren not only breaks the prison of time.

Vados claims that he is above and beyond just time itself. Which yeah that’s one of the craziest Feats and Dragon Ball and I’m still stuck on how crazy that was.

But nonetheless, this is definitely Hit’s ultimate technique, is Trump Card.

he tried to do it on Jiren, he was not successful in defeating Jiren but it did work for a brief time.

So we know that this is what you can do to you if he really doesn’t like you.

Don’t forget that no matter what happened after he has a confirmed kill on Goku it was only a handful of characters that can say that so.

Because Only Gohan, Piccolo and Goten saw that with their own eyes.

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