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10 Amazing Facts About Bulma You May Not Know

Facts About Bulma
Facts About Bulma

Here are 10 Amazing Facts About Bulma from Dragon Ball that you may not know.

This is a collective of a few facts about Bulma but is not limited to. Before we start, remember to share this in the post with your social friends.

Bulma researcher and the youngest daughter of Capsule Corporation’s owner Dr. Brief. However, She was also, Goku’s first companion.

So Bulma used to be the sweetheart of Yamcha, however, proceeded onward and, in the end, turned into the spouse of Vegeta. Bulma is also the mother of Trunks.

10 Amazing Facts About Bulma
Bulma and kid Goku

Nonetheless, Bulma is the most huge female character in the dragon ball series. Besides Goku, Bulma is the single longest-running character in the whole anime.

She is one of the primary characters of the Dragon Ball scene back in the day. Bulma kept up a noticeable job until the last section of the manga and the last scene of Dragon Ball GT.

1. Bulma Was a Smoker

At a certain point in her younger days, Bulma was seen smoking in the unedited Dragon Ball series and in the manga. She can be seen later smoking once more in scenes of Dragon Ball Z.

10 Amazing Facts About Bulma

2. Bulma’s Is The Longest Female Running Character

The Character Bulma is the single longest-running female character in the entire Dragon Ball series.

3. Bulma’s Repeated Character

Bulma is the most repeating female character in Dragon Ball. She is the hotspot for a large portion of the fan administration, as she can be seen uncovered in a sexual way in various circumstances in Dragon Ball Episodes.

4. Bulma’s Hair Color

Bulma’s hairs have exchanged between green, blue, and even purple tones all throughout the whole Dragon Ball Episode series and had 18 unique haircuts in one series.

10 Amazing Facts About Bulma
10 Amazing Facts About Bulma

5. Bulma’s Love For Strawberries 

She adores strawberries, and initially her desire and wish with the Dragon Balls was to have a lifetime supply of them.

6. Bulma’s Transformations

Bulma has been transformed into different food a lot of times in her life. First, she was a carrot once in Dragon Ball, and chocolate once by Super Buu in Dragon Ball Z.

7. Bulma Had Another Sister

She has a more seasoned sister named Tights. She showed up in Dragon Ball Super as of late.


8. Bulma’s Birthdate

Bulma’s Birthdate is August 18 and she is like 46 years old now in Super. She looks very youthful, however.

9. Bulma is Named After Underwear 

Her name, Bulma, alludes to Bloomers that are female underpants or some likeness thereof.

10. Bulma’s Bust and Waist 

Throughout Bulma’s teenage years gone, her bust was 85 cm, her waist was 58 cm, and her hip estimation was 84 cm. As a grown-up, her bust was 87.2 cm.

Hott Bulma
Hott Bulma

There you have it, 10 Amazing Facts About Bulma, Dragon Ball fans and Toriyama’s favorite girl. I hope you enjoyed this short post.

How many facts do you know about Bumla in Dragon Ball? Let me know down below in the comments section and I may just add them to this list. Thanks for stopping by.

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